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    @BostonThanatos this is the case of using data to mislead. Yeah, cities have more people too. The concentration of big numbers have certain effects, like more car accidents, etc. Crime, too, will happen when there are more people congregating. But, those who believe (with no good reason) that having tons of guns available for ..anyone isn't a factor in gun violence will never accept facts! Also, the map above shows a correlation not causation. [too hard of a concept for some to comprehend; much like the difference between the median and average] Cities indeed have Democratic administrations in the US [cities tend to be Democrat, urban areas Republican, and suburbs mixed]; they also have strict gun laws. But guns filter in from surrounding areas or states with loose gun laws. Here's a study that attempts to examine the relationship between local crime and supply (origin) of guns. In NYC, for example, most of the guns used in crime come from Virginia and other states. "firearms have a knack for flooding into states with tough gun laws from those without. (To cite just one example: Sixty percent of guns used to commit crimes in Chicago between 2009 and 2013 originated outside of Illinois.) A state's gun laws, it seems, can be undermined by those of its neighbors." When will the gun owners realize that they're being played by the NRA? The gun lobby is a front for the gun manufacturers to sell more weapons. The high price of gun violence is being paid by everyone, including lawful gun owners. And, here's a thoughtful article about gun violence in the US.
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    Lets give any past member of the NT a shot because according to u , finishing above bosnia and losing to Croatia means were nonexistent. Fortounis , Mantalos are better players than anything Greece had as attacking midfield since Tsiartas. Karagounis was an 8 in his good years with Ethniki. Ninis and Fetfatzidis could be so much but they desided to be nothing. They don't deserve a call up at all. This Roster , at least 20 of it;'s members are much better than anything we had in the 2008 - 2014 period. Look at the 2010 roster Spyropoulos? Vyndra? Malezas ? Pantelis Kapetanos? Prittas? Who the f* is Prittas? Look at the 2012 roster Fotakis? Makos? Malezas again? a 36 year old Lybe? We have a much better roster. Find me one Left Back as talented as Stafylidis offensively back then. Find me someone to pair with Sokratis, who is as good as Manolas. Find me an attacking midfielder like Fortounis. And someone with the career of Mitroglou. Find me a 6 who literally can run up and down the field like Zeka or a midfielder as mobile as Samaris. The problem. The only problem, is that the worthless teams of 2008 - 2014 had the luck to be pot 1 , pot 2 at worst on some occasions, so even when ending up in play offs, we d play with the likes of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Slovakia , Ukraine , Romania , no better team than those. Add the fact that competition has gone upwards. Where were Belgum , Iceland , Denmark , Sweden, Switzerland 5-6 years ago? Now these teams seem like they re unbeatable. Competition has gone upwards and we just didn't go that way as well. Hope we can make it to the 24 team Euro. Otherwise we ll be a pot 4-5 lock up for maybe the rest of our long lives.