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    Well this is a surprise! Pelkas, El Kaddouri, AND Biseswar in the lineup.
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    I find it interesting that many Greeks believe Belgium will not try v Bosnia...yet believe Cyprus will go all out to beat Greece.. The logic in this 'conspiracy theory' baffles me.... I doubt that EPO will approach CFA to roll over...Too risky if leaked... You need to essentially have some players or coach on board..coach is a foreigner the risk is magnified... again way too risky.. Most likely scenario...Individual Cyprus players are fully aware of what is at stake..I guess their own 'patriotic duty' will prevail....they will chase balls at 80%...they will jump at 70% ..they will 'forget' to deploy the offside trap.... They will over hit a corner...they will go for the 30 yard shot..instead of playing a team mate in...
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    i am in Athens i will be in Rizoupoli ante PAOKARAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!