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    And EPO was doing what in the meantime? In the Netherlands we had a club, Wageningen, who were taken their license with a deficit of only 300K Dutch Florins (136K euro) what was absurd. But allowing a club to go this far without action?!?!
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    I agree with you Rockafeller, an open Cyprus vying for the will get beaten. Greece is superior on every square of the pitch so if they try to fight fire with fire I don't see how this game will even be close.
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    Just an interesting fact. Of Cyprus 10 points in the Group 6 are from beating Gibraltar twice. at the 2nd placed teams ranking Cyprus would have 4 points and a GD of -7. Cyprus are mathematically out if they even draw us, and they are officially realistically out right now because no way they score 11 goals in their last two games. The only reason I can find for Cyprus to fight for a win is to just claim higher elo spot(s). After their win vs Bosnia I expect them to be motivated to "PUSH FOR THE WIN*. And we both know that our team doesnt struggle vs open teams hoping for a win but from teams that park the bus more than us. One more thing Id like to Mention: Oldest players in the squad vs Belgium/Estonia: Karnezis/Torosidis/Tziolis at 32. We ve developped a pretty decent squad agewise.
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    i am in Athens i will be in Rizoupoli ante PAOKARAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!
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    We never thrash teams anyway and 2-0 would be a godsend, a very good score even for our goal diff. I don't think Cyprus will give this match to us but they are more than beatable regardless. In a post-match interview Hazard said he hopes that Greece qualify and they will be playing for the win in Bosnia. I believe Belgium will take points out of this match. It's up to us to get the job done.