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    Ηρακλής such a sad story... I remember when I was very young (I am still young, just then I was younger) in the late 90s and early 2000s I liked that team. Even though we used not to win them, I would be mad on them just for a week and blame my own team. Deeply inside I liked them and I liked the fact that they were in the A Ethniki and they would make some big wins against the Athenians. The last decade (almost) this Autonomi Gate 10 rise which I think is equivalent to Super 3 for the skoulikia. Their only concern is to fight PAOK, beat our fans after games, and screw up even more their own team. They are pathetic and miserable. That's why they are only 2,000 or so left. I like the memories of having Iraklis in the League, but I sure as hell think that they get what they deserve all those years. And the only thing that is left to them is that PAOK didn't succeed on winning them at their home since 1997.
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    Remember the old saying in qualifying for major tournaments you have to win your home games, failing to beat Estonia at home may cost the team a chance at qualifying for the world cup. Tziolis ruined so many offensive attacks in both games by not playing the right ball or giving away possession. Almost everyone here and in the Greek media who follow this team agree that he should not be selected let alone be in the starting 11 plain and simple!
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    karelis is expected to be back in a few weeks, other than that we don't have any other player injured at the moment.
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