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    Lyko is most interesting. Like to see Bouchali in there along with Taxi. Donis keeps coming up with the goods, CF might actually agree with him if Mykon is out.
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    I don't believe Donis would be as affective in the number 9 strikers position as he is when used in the 2nd forward/winger roll similar to what Karelis or Salpingidis used to play. Greece have to be very tight defensively at the back & in the midfield & hope for a goal or two by I don't whom if Mitroglou is out. Stafylidis cracker from a distance because I reckon Kyriakos Pap would have more or a chance scoring than Vellios or Diamantakos at the moment if he was given the strikers duty. One positive for Greece is that Belgium only know one way to play & that is direct & attack, attack, attack which means at some stage(s) Greece will get chances to score on the counter attack.
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    Cyprus 3-2 Bosnia-Herzegovina FT I can't believe I was at this game!