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    Things got more complicated as Copenhagen was kicked out of CL by Qarabag, and were "relegated" to EL. We need 5 upsets now to go to pot 1, assuming we qualify (no doubts for me, though). I think we should stop "dreaming" of pot 1 from now as 4 was already very unlikely, as @kozi mentioned before.
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    i think papadopoulos will start since he's better in the air than retsos. also nt usually uses a 4-2-3-1 formation, i guess we'll see something like that karnezis torosidis manolas papadopoulos stafylidis samaris zeca (or tachtsidis, kourmpelis) mantalos fortounis donis mitrogloy (or vellios) as i said athanasiadis would be a welcome addition if he finds his form