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    eeeeee oooooooo pandou tha proskinate ton olympiako!!!!!
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    Rijeka can keep firing shots from the outside since they suck at finishing.
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    in bosnia the cypriot side broke down in the 70th minute and after a huge individual mistake, don't be that sure they're going to win easily.
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    Bilbao coach after today's Europa leagues game: Ο Παναθηναϊκός έχει σημαντικούς παίκτες. Έπαιξε πολύ καλά και επαναλαμβάνω ότι ο Ζέκα είναι φανταστικός παίκτης Good to see that he is starting to get some recognition. Today he was very very good.
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    The match that Virus played was outstanding. If he follows that up, he would then be proving he is a big match type of player. These players are not always 'killing it' at club level. The coach identifies such players and knows they can rise to the required elite level. Virus's experience is invaluable too as a 28 year old. Does Fortounis have the motor to play as a box to box? Would Mantalos be an asset there instead? Might be best to leave Zeca with Samaris/KPapas in midfield. Thio Spiros feels the latter option is best.
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    Matei a breakaway, all alone on Kapinos, and HE MISSED THE NET!