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    durdjevic is a done deal, he will land to athens after the partizan-red star game in 27th. and from what i've read ben will be utilized more as a winger. anyway the point is that vellios should move from nottingham sooner that later. but i don't see that happening so at least when karelis is back, he can be a reliable second choice after mitroglou, donis too under circumstances but i see him more as a winger in the nt. in that case vellios wil be third-fourth option in the rotation and that wouldn't bother me as he won't be playing if all out strikers are healthy. ps. athanasiadis moved to maccabi haifa after rejecting konyaspor. hoping for him to find his old self, that would be a big boost for our cf position.
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    I agree with Christo! I don't care about Greece's ranking. Or to set it appropriately, I care about Greece's ranking on the percentage that my team is responsible. There are four big teams who can make it to Europe, so I care for my 25%. I want PAOK to make me proud, first for myself as a PAOK fan and then as a side effect help Greece. If Greece wants to go anywhere near the standing where it was in the 2000s, every team should look themselves in the mirror and do something about it. Like once Olympiakos was winning the championships and was shameful in Europe, those past five years Panathinaikos and AEK are doing nothing but trying their best to sink Greece's standing. I, as PAOK fan, won't be sorry that my team cannot bring the points Panathinaikos and AEK are supposed to bring. We spent the whole summer with AEK making a big deal about Champions League... Stupid political tricks that are going on for so many decades... What Champions League you scumbags? PAOK didn't make it with way better team than yours three times the last few years. And you expect yoru team with nothing more than mediocre transfers to make it? Panathinaikos also is hoping for a miracle to make it to Europa League stages. I will remind you, that when we came back to Europe in 2010 we had to eliminate Fenerbahce to make it to the stages. And you are complaining because you are unseeded and you got Athletic Bilbao. Well, guess what... That's the kind of teams you have to play because your shitty European runs have ruined you. And you ruined Greece. And the same will be next year. Unless you wait to draw the weakest team of the seeded teams and by accident get past through it. Maybe in five years you get to draw the weakest team, but again, nothing is for granted. Bottom line, if you have no team, you have no chance. It's preseason so surprises happen, but you cannot bet on pure luck. PAOK has gotten what deserves from Europe the last seven years. Same for the rest. So, if you care about Greece then do something about it. But to my eyes, you care more about small politics, about political parties and referees, about killing opposite fans, hide the fact that players don't get paid (Panathinaikos), propaganda, and bullshit. My team is not excluded of course, but we are proud to have offered a handful of points and we are the most consistent team considering we always have played qualification matches to make it to the groups.