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    Not necessarily. The deal is exclusive between PAOK and NOVA and is not part of the Superleague collective agreement. It's only for one year (the SL-NOVA deal is for two). More importantly, as far as I know, the deal is only the TV rights in Greece. The international rights deal is separate and has not been announced by Superleague yet. It's quite possible that PAOK might opt out of the international deal (as they did for the past two seasons) and present their games on PAOK TV. We shall see.
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    Klaus to Maccabi Haifa. Almost a done deal. On free transfer, but we retain 35% of resale. All this according to inPAOK. Only Ivan's blessing is needed to complete the deal apparently.
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    Bosnia was settled first by the Slavic people, that's a fact....they fell to the Ottomans. The smart ones resisted, Serbs, Croats, and the rest mostly the Bosnians surrendered their true culture. NOW LETS LEAVE THEM ALONE.....they chose Mohammed. Lets get back to soccer.