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    Thank god this is the first game and not the 3rd game... Still very early and u can tell the nerves, urgency and pressure got to us. Maybe also a bit of cockneyness after the great start we've had this season. Scoring early was great but it also bit us in the a$$... We should've never sat back and let them have that much possession. Next game is massive. If we can sneak 1 or even 3 in Spain,were right back in the thick of things. W samba and imbarbo in the lineup, we will be a lot better. I also don't think we will continue to make stupid mistakes like today, which is number 1 reason why we lost. Still early, still a massive upgrade from last year. Just cause we're playing Europe, let's not try and make comparisons to passed pao teams. It's gonna take time to gel.
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    The game was lost in the midfield. Look at the amount of yellows accumulated. When the opponent is faster, technically better, you result to technically fouling them.
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    gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee day...............gooooo panathaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :D
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    Greece's 1st European star: Antonis Antoniadis He led all scorers in the European Cup in 1970-71 with 10 goals
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    '71, '84, '87, '92, '96, '01-'03, '10.... It's all here:
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    Gate 13 will represent.. Of this have no doubt... ;)
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    Found a video clip of the 2013 Mediterranean Games in Mersin, Turkey Kostas Douvalidis won gold medal in 110 m hurdle over the likes of Dimitri Bascou and Pascal Martinot-Lagrade. Wow!
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    Great point about the pressing. Their keeper was a rookie as well. Ibarbo would've made a big difference with his pace and his ability to get in the box. Notice on the goal, both lod and berg are in the box and they s%$#! themselves.
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    You could argue that we were lucky to finish the game with 9 players
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    Oly looks like a rejuvenated side... they might have an aging cambiaso in there but he oozes class whenever he touches the ball... not to mention his gas tank does not run out... the guy can go two full seasons without stopping... I'd favor cambiasso over Ledesma even though Mr. No-Smiles is 3 years younger AEK and PAOK are also contenders but I see PAOK faltering yet again... esp without a good striker AEK's coach is too much of a goofball to do anything in the league... I will vote for him to be the 1st one out Like I said a few days ago... the gavro is our main competetitor... I believe they are stronger but there are still a lot of question marks about them... if they are able to gel and not drop points till end of October... then they are big favorites
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    Ajax won the midfield and because of that won the game. The players tried hard but were running around like headless chickens. Steele might be at fault for the 1st goal but stopped 3 others. This game should be a lesson to the players to not get too high or too low on themselves. It is a long season and Celta and Standard drew so a positive result in the next match will get us back into it. I don't understand all this banter about Greek players and non-Greek players. Lots of great Greek and non-Greek players have played for our fanela. I would prefer Greek players in the past because we had the BEST Greek players available. Now the best ones go to other countries to play so I'm indifferent about it now.
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    Agori, please stop. Luck? Really. If ajax were a joke then what were we? It's no coincidence that they leave greece with another win against the best greece has to offer. Ajax aren't UCL quality, man city, barca, bayern would've hit them for 10 today but they are at least europa league quality. They have the talent, its the experience they lack. Last time they kept their players, they were in the quarters competing with ancelotti's milan. We have some good players at both end of the park, but it the middle we are hopeless to say the least. The difference in pace is so evident. The draw was bad for this reason- i would've preferred Italian sides. Historically, we have always struggled against technically quick midfields. It's no surprise, why we struggle against belgian sides. You mention berg playing deep. The reason for this was that he was coming to retrieve the ball. Every time you see a forward doing this, it means that behind him there is nothing. Reminded me of the game against brugge with koutorubi and that sapaki ninis, poor berg was burnt out after 60 min.
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    If the board have aspirations to do well in these competitions, then they need to learn from this loss. Last season we got knocked out by deadbeats, we improved the side to beat these smaller sides but not enough to compete with these midfields. ledesma coming off early in another european game, pretty much confirms my first thoughts that this guy is only for the league. Zeca has a lot of heart but he is so limited that he hurts the side, because you can't chase the ball forever. Wakaso is a good signing, we need another two solid signings. Imagine we had basina, kara and wakaso.... What's disappointing is that this ajax side is so so bad mostly due to their inexperience because some of these kids can be big players in the future. The fact that we lost, is telling as to how much work we have in front of us.
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    samba cement shoes hes slower than bulgarian sapio fetta cheese hes only usefull as a bodyguard see when that guy arched up to wakaso samba walks up to him and he got scared. and walked away hahaha
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    In other news, Beer Sheva beat Inter 2-0 in Milan.... Perhaps the gavro wasn't playing with such a joke of a team
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    Greekfreezer your such a ellina ffs. Didnt watch the game as paok was playing but F*** i hate ajax. They always seem to get reds and penalties
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    No i was referring to Standard Liege
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    Not to mention.... our foreign players FEEL for the team and fans MUCH more than the Greeks You see Steele as the game was finishing up? The guy was heartbroken.... You see the amount of passion Leto displayed when he screwed up a pass? You see many miles Zeca runs out there to cover EVERYONES space? Xouxoumi, Lambrou, Risvani, 30 and the other sapakia take every chance they can get to bury PAO and the organization that fed them and made them into who they are today
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    Thiam showed me enough with his touches and movement that he will be an asset to us this year...it was no coincidence that Rodrigues improved when he came on
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    The Greeks would rather fix their hair and pose on instagram than focus on soccer.... See Lambrou The team did just fine even if we lost... we put up a good fight but we just dont have a good midfield... its not very mobile especially when Ledesma is not having a good night
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    FT 0-0. Already one point against Viola. Therefore we can't do it worse than the other time we met them in the GS. Happy with this result. Key games are Slovan and Qarabag.
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    It's incredible that he could not find a team.... either that or Stramma has promised him a land of pussy, gold and bouzoukia everyday
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    never should be beaten on short side when the player is that wide coming in OMGGG what a save Steele we are stunned and look lost
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    Mak one goal and one assist for Zenit against Maccabi. He won 3-4 after trailing 3-0.
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    ^^Oh shut up... (With all due respect) Not again with that bullshit...
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    Will be onsite at Leoforos for the game. Should be exciting.
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    In the 1987 1/4 final appearance by PAO in the UEFA Cup, Saravakos finished the competition's top scorer. He scored this beauty vs Juventus and sent the old lady packing. The Italians wanted to buy him. Vardinogiannis said no.
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    Exactly Nick. A striker also needs to get in positions to score the tap in and as yet he's failed at that. He has the penchant for the spectacular strike. He showed that last season at Iraklis but he needs to do more than firing karaboles although if that's all he's good at it's an impressive trait.
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    ELLAS, Evropi, PANATHINAIKOS!!!! (for the Ellas part, kindly refer to 2:53 of the video above ) Mr ferguson's opinion on the matter:
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    Exoun kai oi gayroi toses stigmes na thimithoun...idiaitera ekeini tin 7ara apo ti June! Axehastes stigmes adelfia
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    Κοτσόλης, Στιλ, Ξενόπουλος, Κουτρουμπής, Μέστο, Μολέντο, Σάμπα, Κουλιμπαλί, Λουντ, Ζέκα, Στάικος, Βιγιαφάνιες, Εμποκού, Λέτο, Μπεργκ, Ιμπάρμπο, Ιβανόφ, Χουλτ, Γουακάσο, Λεντέσμα και Ρινάλντι».
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    PORNH!!!!! 1-Their goalie fouled Olisadebe in the box. Should of been a penalty.. As if to add salt to the wound, Puyol clears the ball off the line right after.. 2-All these years later: Th exase o Vlaovic!?!???? 3-Barcelona and there fans s%$#! themselves. The team never quit and almost pulled it on away goals... 4-Still BURNS!!!
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    It reminded me of the goal that Stoch always scored....

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