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    As much as I criticized the coach for the mistake to start the game I give him full credit for making in game adjustments and changing the style to at the very least give us a chance.. Hopefuly now he sees unless we are playing a superpower we need to come out with speed and creativity and not just sit back and take the pressure..
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    Full of excuses! You sir drag Greece down to the lowest level on any international competition. Greece should be playing in League D with such BS performance. Greek fans deserve better! At least in Greece our track and field athletes brought us more joy than this hot garbage!
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    I had the pleasure to be in Leoforos with Gate13 during the first leg vs Brondby
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    Greeko, calm down and have a Beer (no pun intended) W out threats to refs, Oly continues to prove that they cannot win. It's the same crap every year, At best, oly seasons usually last till Christmas and then it's over. Panatha has left a name for themselves in Europe. What our eyes have seen, u will never know the feeling. Just because the years of corruption is finally catching up, don't run and blame others. Have a nice day.
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    Congratulations for the great comeback and in general good display in 70 minutes of the game. We had furious 20 minutes and that is all. Unfortunately, football should be played for 90 minutes. I cannot say we understated Greece, as we have some kind of rivalry and full respect for the Greece team. We even expected good display from you side because of few missing players, as the new players always want to prove quality. But at end we have to be more than satisfied with result and probably Greece was closer to win. After 20 furious minutes and 2:0 lead we have started to believe that Greece have no attacking potential to come back. We had played on counter attack waiting for Greek's mistake that have never came. Our coach completely misjudged the game, and after red card he even did not know what to do. Leaving injured Dzeko to chase defense and huge gap in the middle with so many tired players resulted at end with huge disappointment. Anyway, this is not first time we got a lesson from Greece that football should be played for 90 minutes, sometimes and 95 😊. However, this is pretty much Bosnia new team. We have lost Lulić, Ibišević, Misimović and few other older players, and definitely we will need time to create solid competitive team. After two games, in my opinion we do not have what it takes for second place. Good luck in next matches. Greetings from Sarajevo.
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    Can we just get a new subforum made that's exclusively for these two? Yeesh
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    Skibbe/Tsanas seem to just pick players based on the jumper they’re wearing. Watch Fetfa getting call ups soon. Not that he doesn’t deserve it, but if you’re going to call him up now then you should’ve called him up earlier. Likewise Samaris who hasn’t played a proper game in 3 years and shouldn’t be anywhere near the NT (my opinion) but because he “plays” for Benfica he gets call ups. Tziolis is just a mystery. Good boy but hasn’t been at the level required for years now. The truth is our midfield is in a sad state. Samaris, Taxi, Tziolis sorry guys they are not NT quality. If I was an opposition manager and that’s your midfield, I’d be rubbing my hands together. That midfield is about as scary as a mouse. The only half decent midfielders we have are Zeca and Kourbelis. That’s it. Yes they aren’t technical but they run and fight and don’t need to have their hands held. They are just work horses nothing else. As for the forwards, that’s another story again. Yes Mitroglou is striking fear into the hearts of opposition defences ha ha. Sad to say but I miss the days of Samaras who could actually control the ball and have just a little composure.
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    After having my dinner my thoughts are straightened and this is how I see it. We lost together. Oh yes, Klaous should have scored more. Shakov should have. Leovac should have kept his hands from Viergever's body or positioned better. Ivic should have made another choice (a Mak-type for the tet-a-tet) or subbed earlier or not leaving Pelkas out of the squad. If If If, should should should. Tomorrow the sun will rise again. I will be PAOK again. Till the day I die. For better or for worse. And I will look again. And again in agony. It will hurt sometimes. And someday we will win a kypelo or protathlima, but we will suffer more. That is the essence of being a supporter of clubs of the people like PAOK, Schalke or Liverpool. Even Atletico, where the supporters are called the sufferers. Friday the sun comes up again and there will be a draw. With our next opponent and next dreams etc. etc. Keep your heads up. PAOK imaste!!!
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    My wife is Portuguese. My father in law explained to me what happened to portugal. They never qualified. In World Cup 66 they finally made it and finished 3rd. Then they never qualified till Euro 84 and world cup 86. In soccer mad country they knew they had to change. So they fired everyone in the federation, invested heavily in training facilities state of the art. Hired the best youth coaches. Got a youth blueprint made up to follow. Also the teams improved their facilities because they new the only way to survive was to produce great young players and sell them. Win situation for them and also the national team. What it produced was youth under 20 World Cup winners in 89 and 91. Plus champions in all age groups. Since qualifying for Euro 96 they have only missed out on the world cup98. That's 11 tournaments qualified for. Well 10 because they were hosts in 04. They have gone to 3 finals winning 2, plus they were semifinalists 5 times in tournaments. This from a country of 11 million people and financial problems like Greece. And they look like qualifying for 2020. This is what Greece need to do. But won't happen. And it's not just portugal. Many countries have done it and its paying off. But there's to much corruption in Greece.
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    The game against Turkey has been officially announced by EPO. It will be played on May 30, 2019 at Antalya Stadium in Antalya at 21:00 EEST. Also between May 22-29 the national team will take part in training camp in Apeldoorn, Holland before getting back to Athens for the two EURO games against Italy and Armenia.
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    Wow wow wow. I’m so happy I went and was part of that. So so emotional. I am just taking off from Athens back to Edinburgh and it was amazing walking through the airport in my PAOK top. Some people not happy with me and others even congratulating me. This weekend has been like a dream. I can’t imagine what it has been like for some of you that have been waiting a life time for this.
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    PAOK dominated from start to finish, congrats on a much deserved championship.
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    I think Kolovo is on the upswing in his career. That was a gutsy, hungry header. I'll wait before I pass judgement on him. He saved us today.
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    Bosnia should be embarrassed to have come out with even that point. They had no right. Red card or not, the tide had turned a while ago. Their goals were both flukes. We cannot start scared anymore. Get the right players on and make a game out of it right away, for god's sake! How many times will we concede early before we wake up. Same thing vs Croatia last year.
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    The one thing I will say about the way they play is that this version of the ethniki def hustles more than the one from the past campaign..
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    Samaras was also the man, as much as people hated him and called him lazy and useless, he really did offer us that little spark in creating goals.
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    Listen, I love you yiannaki, but you are triggering my OCD by starting the match thread in a different way to normal. this is my safe space where I come to marvel at the stupidity of JVC and ponder the next Machiavellian move of the great Ivan. Let blackhawk open the thread and then go hammer and tongs at the skoulikia.
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    I'm surprised everyone thought we would finish first lol yes the problem is Skibbe, but also the FA and the players. For me the players are at fault. They stink. No coach in the world could turn this team around. Someone mentioned a few pages ago about the 2004 win and how we didnt capitalize on it with new training centres. F&[email protected]&$) bang on. We won the Euros and just coasted. We didn't Qualify for 2016 2018. And now you can forget about 2020. I have said countless times in this forum. We are back to the dark ages again. We need to invest. The FA has to be cleaned out. We need infrastructure, coaches, schools. Look at Portugal for F***sakes. Look at the players it keeps producing. The other day with a 2nd string team took care of Scotland 3-1. They are first in group A with 6pts. We can forget about going to anymore tournaments. It till drastic changes are made. Changing coaches everytime won't help us lol Get rid of Skibbe, but what will the next guy do with the vast talent pool in Greek soccer 😂😂😂
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    Anybody who tries to derive anything positive from this match should be insta-banned fromthis forum. After EURO 2004 and the subsequent 10 years, Greece should have invested in things like a national academy to grow the game. Guess not.
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    Just finished cleaning the mess I made after we scored...
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    There have so many good players Skibbe has not called up. Not even once. Like Paschalakis, Vasilakakis, Kone, Siovas, Marinos, Fetfatzidis and so on. All I know is the Tziolis call up doesn't do us any favours. You ate right in saying these younger guys are not ready. We've learned that now. But it also doesn't help by having slow midfielders like Taxi. The defence was nowhere near as aggressive as our actual defence. Players like Limnios, Androutsos and Giannoulis could benefit us down the road. Players like Retsos and Donis who are young but have established themselves already in the team and it makes you wonder why the u21s are not ready. Why hasn't Siopis been given a chance? He is 24. He has gone through the youth teams and has matured. He is ready now. Just like Kourbelis and Pelkas. Risvanis is not good enough as he is the same age. Nikolaou has long way to go. Lambropoulos looked better. I would be much happier if Tziolis wasn't called up ever again. Same with Maniatis and Tzavellas. Our experienced players should be Sokratis, Manolas, Siovas, Torosidis, Zeca, Lazaros, Mitroglou, Samaris, Kone, Papadopoulos, Paschalakis, Karnezis. These players are 26 and over and should be the ones to lead this team. Mixed in with players like Fortounis, Mantalos, Stafylidis, Kourbelis, Karelis, Bakakis, Donis, Retsos and Pelkas. With players coming in and out of the team like Tachtsidis, Siopis, Lykogiannis, Barkas, Vasilakakis and Fetfatzidis. Galanopoulos should be integrated slowly. While having Kourbelis already there. This is how you should run the team. Also if the u21s players are in hot form eg. Tsimikas then he should be called up.
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    I'm sick of hearing negativity on this forum of our beloved national team. Seriously what is it that makes people bash our own team. Be positive. Even a Croatian journalist said that how is it that we do so well but not have one top star in the team. I want everyone to have a look at the video and specifically that question. Sokratis couldnt have said it any better. Have some belief for god's sake. I always hear we don't have depth, our players are not good enough, we have to play like this, we have to play like that. Enough! We are not a perfect team we will probably never will be. But as Greeks we have heart and the one thing we know is pulling through when our back is against the wall. Just be positive and if we don't succeed accept it and say something positive about it. This goes to everyone who is always whinging and complaining, im to blame as well but some people just don't stop. I believe we will win both matches. Be proud and look forward to the match!
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    Sport-fm and Gazetta both reporting that Sokratis said it is not serious and he will be fine for the matches.
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    Pirated Pirates: 4 3 3 Rockafella Skank (scores) NIck the Greek George Laz DJ (Fetfa) J1078 Blackhawk Argy Molon Lave Akritis (vc) Red Sherriff Boxou La Mendell (c) Bench: Ausgreek
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    v Croatia Games won: 2 Games drawn: 3 Games lost: 1 Date Match Result Score Competition 10 Nov 1996 Croatia v Greece D 1-1 FIFA World Cup 30 Apr 1997 Greece v Croatia L 0-1 FIFA World Cup 10 Mar 1999 Greece v Croatia W 3-2 International Friendly 25 Apr 2001 Croatia v Greece D 2-2 International Friendly 07 Sep 2010 Croatia v Greece D 0-0 UEFA European Championship 07 Oct 2011 Greece v Croatia W 2-0 UEFA European Championship
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    LOL who's Greece? Oh only the team that beat you to the top spot in the Euro 2012 qualifications undefeated
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    Greece vs Gibraltar, To all my Greeksters enjoy this game on Tuesday. To all those unwavering fans that understand Greek soccer, I stand by you. To all of those negative Greek fans that have been hitting the argile, or drinking "bomba" drinks at a very sketchy skiladiko and aren't making sense.......relax. Everyone must understand we are not the coaches, or the players. We are simply the fans. In the end, do your stavrouli, Make a Fredo cappuccino, wear your brightest fanella, and eat a delicious spanakopita as a tasty snack. Remember SO MANY OTHER TEAMS WOULD KILL TO BE IN OUR POSITION. So we'll take Gibraltar for our final do or die match.
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    Scumbags of Partizan. Having 2.5 mill debts, most of that Tax-debts. While all the other clubs and citizens of Serbia pay nice at scheduled time. That should learn them!!!! UEFA are just a bunch of rats. Always picking on the smaller teams. The Real Madrids, Barcelona's, Atleti's, Roma's of this world all have enormous debts. All Spanish clubs about 3 billion all together. Italian clubs 1.5 billion (figures from 2015). The debt of Partizan is pocketmoney. By excluding a big fish UEFA would set a real example.
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    You cannot compare Red star to Man City, because Man City have actually done some of significance in football since 1991. Bosnia has done nothing of significance since 2004, when we won a major tournament. What`s Bosnia`s most significant win? I can give you 10 Greece wins in the last 10 years that are bigger than that. Just 2 years a go we were a hair away from World Cup wuarter finals and Bosnia was at home watching the game on TV. I mean you are trying to compare Greece`s success this generation, with things that happened in the 70s. And if you want to belittle our 95th minute goal, I can say you needed an own goal to draw with us. Come now, you burrying yourself in a hole. It will take years and massive leaps in the international stage for Bosnia to come close to Greece`s pedigree. A good place to start in this campagn. Let us talk in June.
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    Until proven otherwise the gap between Olympiakos and "the rest" is still very large. I get that Olympiakos look weaker than previous seasons, and yes PAO, AEK, PAOK all look a little stronger. Even though PAO lost against Ajax and Celta (I watched both games in full) they played well. Good signs. I saw my perpetually disappointing PAOK actually go into Piraeus and play some good football for the first time in a very very long time. In previous seasons we played like scared kittens and hoped for a goal on the counter, then defend for our lives. Again, good signs. But where is the consistency ? PAO, AEK, PAOK all drop points easily. PAO, AEK, PAOK you don't know what you're going to get from week to week. They aren't there yet. All this talk of winning the league is just crazy talk. First, see if they can actually play consistent football for say 10 weeks in a row, and then go from there. All 3 clubs still have a LOT of work to do and should just concentrate on playing solid, smart, consistent football instead of getting outfoxed by teams with 10 times smaller budgets. I would prefer to lose all the derbies 10 nil but win all the games against the "small" teams. Until you can do this, forget talk of wining the league. Fu-k me, it feels like 1000 years ago the GSL was actually competitive.
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    Amorgos, it's that time again! I've searched long and hard to find an avatar for you. If PAOK wins, will you make this your avatar for a week ?
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    Yes. Mitro is the leanest I've ever seen him. He must have dropped 10lbs easy. i think fourtounis was the 10 as well. Mandalos showed quality and gianotas speed from width is very welcome.
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    We've come a long way from bending over to the foroe islands twice. Let me dream lol
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    Whether you agree with anyone who expresses an opinion in this article, it's a great example how reasonable, mature people should argue. ;) You can make your point, severely criticize the ideas and actions of others, while keeping it civil..... and, actually set the tone for a discussion not a cursing match. Even though I may seriously disagree with some of you on a variety of issues, I do appreciate your civility in arguing your views. Thank you.
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    I think the excitement levels are just very high. Last year we were stuck watching prajnic, ajagun, Lagos, the list goes on... This year, first time in 5 years, we have something to be excited about. Obviously we are not what we are used to w "europao" but 3 wins in 3 matches w 3 clean sheets and guys like Leto, lademsa, Lucas, berg, moledo will make us a little bi polar and excited!!! Not to mention it is only August!
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    The day Pao would get an owner like Marinakis is the day i stop following them. How can you be proud of having a drug dealer owner?
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    All these years in the Champions league Marinakis did nothing for his team and the sheep who clapped for him. Now, after he destroyed Greek soccer being a member of a criminal organization, has his team playing qualifiers and had since last Christmas to make it happen and what did he do? NOTHING. TZIGGER # 2. Only for himself! KSEUTILES OUT!
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    Kseutiles are out. Beginning of the end The older posters will remember what i predicted a couple of years ago...Let's see what happens with Marinakis now KSEUTILES OUT
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    Off course. As I am not going to Greece this year and the team is in the neighbourhood I must go "na chortaso". Hope to talk to some players again and take some photo's with two of my kids (The eldest one only likes to be in Toumba for the atmosphere, as he doesn't like football), like last year:
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    The NT has always had Greeks not supporting them, that's the norm go to a Euro or World Cup and you will see it yourself. We will also always have players we don't agree on being selected, every nation has this issue not just us. I just don't see how turning your back on them when they at their lowest helps anyone, but when they are winning games we all love them, that mentality needs to stop, you either support your national team win lose or draw, or don't support them at all.
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    Bougatses by Pablo. There's a Groupon for Vazelia. Buy 2 Bougatsa, the FAPA is FREE.
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    Just woke up take a piss. 0 - 2. Bravo paixtronia. Back to bed now.
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    This is without a doubt a tough group... However, if Greece has a team that can pull through it is PANATHINAIKOS. I believe that the team overcame the pressure of qualifying as a favourite for the group stage of Europa Cup. Now, as an underdog, the team finds itself with no pressure. In this group, we are expected to get eliminated and that's when PAO has historically pulled off some its best triumphs. If they go in "diabasmenoi", and with nothing to fear, I fully expect the team to progress to the knockout phase. It won't be easy but definitely achievable. Forza acrostia!!!

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