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    It's great that people agree that this is ridiculous but I have seen Tzorvas hit with flares and nothing written up in game sheets and what not. I never condone these actions, but until all teams are treated equally the same thing will happen. All team supporters need to step up and clean up their houses. Also, let's not lose sight of the corruption investigations going on in Greek soccer, as until action is taken on this end the fan violence will continue. PAO fans acted like animals today, but the entire product is rotted to the core and it starts from the top.
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    I can't believe people are trying to put some sort of rational scientific explanation on this? the country is run by radical terrorist sympathizers who support N17 leaders..... this is a reflection of the culture that has terrorized Greek society for 40 years..... this is not confined to football..... on another note....the sooner PAO stop playing derbies at Leoforo the better.... PAO are isolating their greater fan base by limiting capacity.....playing this game in front of 40000 at OAKA minus the organomenoi sends a strong message..
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    Also, let's not forget the two flares the gavroi threw on the field in verioa this year! Hahahahaha, last year I believe prajnic an zeca were both hit w flares. How easily we forget. F$&@ epo, f$&@ marinaki, f$&@ the Greek league, politicians and bastard cops. This league is an absolute joke, and tonight will be the last time in a loooong time I ever waste my time again.all these fans wanted to see was a match, no one inside was there to start problems.
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    I repeat, this canceled this game over one flare an hour before the game. Chicken sh$&.... Marinaki is the plague of Greek football. These cops who were spraying tear gas at the fans 2 hours before the game work for him. One flare
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    To be honest... does this even sound far fetched? Imagine you're gavros and have no morals and know that no one will investigate or look into these episodia. Would you risk injury to your players in a high intensity derby a few days before a major Champions League game where 1 point in 2 games will get you to the next stage? Pointless points in the GSL which you've already won vs millions in CL money. Years of this bs in the league and the only thing they've done is make money off fining clubs.
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    This happens both at Leoforos and Karaskaki difference we go out and play Olympiako will use any excuse to delay and get PAO punished Our coached got smoked in the head last year where was the Delay?
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    as a club we have to make it impossible for these hot head trouble makers to get tickets,simple as that.
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    getting on the same page requires everyone being treated the same,koskotas,saliarelis,did anyone pay back the 10 million dollars for detaris transfer from the stolen money?what about ethnikos were they treated he same when it came to karaiskaki? lets talk about debts and olympiakos,yes lets do that. like I said I want my team punished to the hilt -20 points ,all games for the remainder of the season in an empty stadium and a 1 million euro fine,but lets have the same punishment for every law breaker. when anastasiou gets hit in the face by a projectile what sort of punishment does that warrant?you tell me sherrif.
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    Great then why not let the teams build their stadiums and debt likeAEK and PAOK want too. Seems only one team can move ahead and everyone else has to stay behind. This is the problem only a select few in Greek society can prosper everyone else gets to suffer. This always causes issues.
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    At some Pao fans in here that believe everything they hear: Wake the F*** up!!
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    this has nothing to do with 'corruption'.. as if a bunch of radical anarchists give a s%$#! about a sport being run with proper governance... these thugs have been 'educated' by a system that promotes distabilising systems/structure/authority/law and order.. the last thing these guys want is proper run Greek institutions at GSL/EPO/Government etc....they will then need to get a job and be accountable..and explain to their friends and families why the act like morons.
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    ^ how dare you bring these pics up!?!? Doesn't fit the beeeeeeeee narrative!
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    1- Family is not an option. They brought us on the brink. 2-PAO should NEVER play in lower divisions. NOT an option.
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    Reaper they attacked after the game was called off. Doken was on the mic all night letting everyone know not to throw a dam thing on the feild. And all of gate 13 applauded when he said that. I will repeat myself again, from 630-815 there was not one issue. I repeat not one issue. U keep talking about the flares thrown at 6:05. And I agree whoever threw it should be banned. But why not call the he game then? Why wait till 815 when the stadium has filled up?
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    The Supercoach has done it again! Leicetser City sit at the TOP of the EPL ladder. Not long ago they were at the foot. Ranieri with players that want to play, has shown his class again! Goes to show what experts we all are, ah ha ha ha. His current players don't own mirrors or curl brushes and are banned from smoking cigars and telling girls they are national team players and post selfies. True facts!
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    This was a set up from the beginning. May started spraying tear gas first. I was right there when s%$#! went Down outside. Every entrance was blocked off by police busses. The gates were supposed to open at 6, but at 6:15 we couldn't get through cause the police busses would not move. Then the madness began. I was standing next to a 10 ur old kid and those F***ers from May were blowing us up w tear gas. They started it. The crowds were not rowdy, they got rowdy when the tear gas was blown off.
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    The stuff that happened outside had nothing to do w the game... 95% of the fans were entering the stadium from the other side of leoforos... The stuff that was going on outside did not put the players at risk nor did it affect the game. The stuff going on outside was going on between some idiots who had nothing to do w the game. What I'm asking is, the two flares were thrown at 6:05 pm. There were only 4,000 people in the stadium at that point. If it was so dangerous, then why not call it at 6:05, send the rest of the peoe home, and u don't have this stuff go down inside the stadium? But instead they let in another 12,000 fans, trapped them inside the stadium, none of us even knew why the game was on hold cause the atmosphere was amazing. Why put our lives at risk, keep us in the stadium till 8:15 then call the game and have those untrained animals from mat spray innocent kids w tear gas? What did they expect was gonna happen?
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    Better careful what you wish for.
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    I have a question. The flare was thrown on the field at 6:05 according to the news. There were only 4,000 fans in the stadium at that time... After that, there wasn't one incident. The game was called at 8:15 by the ref claiming the playing conditions were deemed unsafe. If the flare was such a threat, then why not call the game at 6:05 instead of letting in 16,000 people and have them sit inside the stadium and risk there lives?
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    the olympiakos punishment for the flair at veria,was rigged to set the platform for punishing pao at the derby the first chance they get.
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    a lot of derbys In the past were played under much worse conditions,but the ref did his job and called it off soon as kyr savvas complained.
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    I agree with what you say Athinaios, as long as all parties are punished equally... Which as witnessed many times before, isn't the case..
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    suarez scores and celebrates in front of 80.000 Madrid fans who take it on the chin.i hope we get -20 points ,the rest of the season empty stands,and a 1 million euro fine. but lets be consistant with all other teams.
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    Only in Rizoupoli, or when they are attacking panathinaiko players, or when they try to destroy nea sminrnh is it okay for games to commence, and be "played on the field" as a famous apateona once said. They did the same exact s%$#! with AEK last year in OAKA. Even before the match EPO was taking the gauro baby sitter role of making sure to warn us that even ONE flare would end the match. Of course when we play in the tigani, there is no mention of any of this. Olympaiko is able to bring giant penis banners to the stadium, make baboon noises, and throw bananas, but teams like AEK get a fine almost every week for virtually no reason. How funny now that in the last 2 derbies in leoforo Olympiako won the game on paper, the same way they won the AEK match in OAKA on paper last year, when their coward team ran off the field. How ironic that this only happens with Olympiako.......
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    Look, if our fans were idiots I'd say ok. But from the moment I walked in till the moment the game was called, there was nothing wrong. Our players took the Feild twice, the gavroi sat in the tunnel and were told not to take the feild. This was planned. Another smooth move by marinaki
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    Unbelievable. Shame on the pathetic epo for calling the game off. Rizoupoli was 10x worse. Didn't they know a cancellation would cause so many more problems?!? I just called my syndesmo in Sparti and they had 20 guys at the game that said the police provoked from the start! I believe it! Gia 1 fotovolida...
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    Doxa, you do the same here in this forum. We do not condone this, no matter which fans do it. OK? I'm going to say this to you in public as well: I've been sensoring/deleting your provocative language. Next offense, and you'll be tosed out. You may get off with incidiary language, but this will stop now. What we witnessed today (and sadly too many times in the past) at Leforos is a disgrace to Greece, its history, and its (most) people. This is a sport and not tribal warfare. This forum will not deteriorate into an arena for immature persons to lay waste. Most of us come here to have fun, exchange views and hang out among friends who may support other teams and have different views on all sorts of subjects but we do it in a civilized and mature way. And, for this, I'm thankful to all of you who make this hang out time a positive experience.
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    Greek football will never move forward with the gates 4, 13, 21, & 7 in existence, they are a parasite to football. We need a complete revamp, like Englad had many years ago, whipe out the ultras. Sorry ultras is probably complimenting them, i meant criminals.
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    Oly never wanted to play today.. They get to rest b4 their game vs Bayern... Bitches.
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    The truth is you need to be strict for this to stop in Greek football. I don't care if rizopouli was much worse, this is 2015. Why were we throwing flares at there players? What would happen if a player got injured? The same happened last year and we got deducted points. Never Learn.
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    Guys, we should stop comparing ourselves to the worst. Rizoupli was a disgrace but no one should act based on that disgrace. This kind of behavior belongs in the jungle, among animals, not among people who want to call themselves civilized! Once again, Greeks show that they cannot improve their own affairs.... Anyone looking in from the outside, must be shaking their head. A bunch of primitives with no life other than exhibiting the worst kind of tribalism. Savages.
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    Problem is these double standards cause the issues. Unfortunately you can't move forward. Too bad the season is already over.
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    Anyone can take this any way they want but Olym club is this biggest bi...es I have ever seen as a football club scared to come out and play DISGRACE
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    The ref called the game have no fking clue why Supa league is a joke Rizoupoli was a war zone and you call this for 2-3 flares We lose this game 0-3
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    He's signed!!! Makis Aggelopoulos is a freaking god to me, 1000% times the owner that tigrako is.
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    I don't think he'll sign for Cosmos, he's simply there to attend a nearby hospital and train with them to get his fitness levels back up. Once his rehabilitation is finished I should imagine he'll start looking for a new club again.
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    Whats the obessesion with this guy? He wants to live in New York and this team will pay him more then a MLS team. In Europe nobody rates the MLS so nobody cares if he plays in a MLS or a 2nd League team in the USA. Leave the guy alone.
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    ^^Auta eipe opados eglimatikis organosis!
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    Nice little video on UEFA's site about PAOK and Europa League:

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