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    Just finished cleaning the mess I made after we scored...
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    You can to Agona sport and Watch the game for $7.55 they will be offering this for every game..
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    Calling people gypsy c***T's because they are simply unhappy with the teams performance is just plain wrong. This is a forum, you will have people who will always look at the positive, and have those who are angry/disappointed...what ever.. I am in the camp where today's performance, is simply not good enough. I am not going to start pulling the opponents cock. We have done great in Europe this season so far, yes, but we're talking about today here m
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    That was one heart attack of a second half but we did it!! Apparently Livaja also got a red after the game... frankly that does not surprise me and further backs my point that we need to look and buy a bloody in and out striker!! It’s a big day for AEK though, 11 years later we are back in the Champions League!! Squad needs investment
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    it should have been tachtsidis and samaris in the middle but they s%$#! the bed in terms of form. those two also huge reason why we didn't qualify for euro 2016. they were supposed to hold the torch after katsouranis and karagounis retired
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    GREECE 13 Barkas(GK) 4 Manolas 5 Bouchalakis 10 Fortounis 11 Mitroglou 15 Torosidis(Captain) 16 Kourbelis 18 Pelkas 19 Papastathopoulos 20 Mantalos 23 Lykogiannis BENCH 1 Karnezis(GK) 12 Gianniotis(GK) 2 Kolovetsios 3 Tzavellas 6 Tziolis 7 Christodoulopoulos 8 Zeca 9 Koulouris 14 Bakasetas 17 Donis 21 Giannoulis 22 Oikonomou Manager: Michael Skibbe(GER)
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    game can be viewed online here: https://www.epsilontv.gr/live/
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    13k season tickets will probably have AEK averaged around 16k on regular matches, not including the derbies. Going on those numbers that will probably be in line with PAOK and OLY give or take a couple of thousand, so I'm not sure where you are getting turning your back from. Now when it concerns the CL matches I'm sure AEK will draw closer to 50k. That said if they get hammered 2 games, and if the fans stop turning out then we can make a better judgment call on club loyalty from the fans. At this point I think it's still too early to judge. Now back to the point I made on fans expecting a couple of big names after qualifying for the CL, I'm certain they were and are disappointed.
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    If I had to guess, the AEK fans believe they deserved the championship. The reason for poor attendance is probably related to the fan base expecting big name players. That said I don't believe AEK will change their strategy simply because spending big and chasing OLY and PAO all these years was the reason they went belly up, and also poor management. What I see is a new trend, build from the youth, establishe a self efficient healthy club which will insure future success. Hopefully we have seen the last of the big clubs getting into financial ruin. I believe Greek soccer will bounce back strong and Looking good IMO, nothing wrong with selling 13k season tickets, considering what the fan has been through.
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    don't pay for the game yet, i will provide to you guys a link and if it doesn't work then do it. i always watch every game i want to from this site so it will probably work for you. regarding the game, the squad i hope. karnezis or mparkas mpakakis sokratis manolas lykogiannis kourmpelis zeca lazaros fortounis donis mitroglou
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    No he is not. He's very sleek equating free speech with editorial control. The issue is not whether to prohibit him from uttering his garbage >>>> in the public square<<< but whether everyone (indeed private companies) have a right to not giving him a platform to spew his nonsense. Indeed Faux News exercises lots of editorial control (being a propaganda machine for the right) as to what they allow to go out. Carlson is a hypocrite just on this count alone. As if we are obligated under the free speech principle to give Alex Jones the Phantis platform.... Or, that.... (pick your religion) I claim the right to have access to your church audience to tell them that they're idiots for believing in fairy tales.
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    I like how every time jvc points out our idiot fan's faults, he uses such dramatic language. "LOOK AT THE POOR CHILDREN! LOOK AT THE CARNAGE! OOOOH THE HUMANITY!" But yes whoever lit that should get raped by a gorilla. They need to be slapped down, hard, every friggin time.
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    Noooo.....he's really bad.....Holebas quit so that has nothing to do with it. To me it's his in game strategy that sucks....when you see things are going south yet he refuses to acknowledge it and act....as well as his preparing for games....simply amateur time so far. You think it would make a difference if we qualified and Tziolis and Tzavellas played? No one would be able to tell him anything....but we didn't qualify for the WC so we can crap on him all we want cause his decisions put the NT in a position to fail.....not Tziolis or Tzavellas....they just wanted to contribute but can't anymore.
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    As i said before, i'm also a PAOK fan and i will support you in Europa League. This year you will finally Won Greek League and next year you will be on Champions League. A lot of lizzards (sporting fans) came here saying that they will support you, but they are just interested on Benfica losing. LIZZARDS this is PAOK not your shitty high class fans, you are losers as always!
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    PAOK played a very disciplined first match in Portugal. Today they completely lost there composure.
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    You guys are happy with being thumped at home? For some context benfica lost all 6 of their group stage games last season, hardly the form of a "top 20 european club" Like I said there's a way to lose, just frustrating to see the same thing happen
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    WTF are you guys talking about? We eliminated two group stage type CL teams so far in this campaign. One quite convincingly. Today we are facing one of the best European sides and it shows. We were never favorites in any of the six CL qualifying games. Much worse teams made the group stage just by going the easy champions route.
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    At the time when he walked off the team we were leaking goals from his side....Tzavellas and Staf were both viable options "at that time" but the fact that he put conditions on his callups made him persona non grata for any NT manager....you can't put yourself ahead of the team, its that simple. He walked away, no one told him to leave or that he wouldn't be called or played...so I blame him for not respecting his teammates or the NT shirt.
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    We know soccer games are sometimes used to bring up non-related issues. This from the Panionios - OFI game over the weekend:
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    What a complete disappointment that we don’t have a guy like this playing for us.. Skibbe was a complete idiot on this one..
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    A PAOK game in Toumba, televised on a well known US TV station. Say it ain't so. I hope they have another large banner about Makedonia to provide the neutral watchers with a bit of a history lesson lol.
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    I've been a fan since just before the 2004 euros so quite a lot. I just can't recall the PKs against him except the costa rica game pasxalakis is very good at pks. he has a great acrobatic style. underrated.
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    That is correct pash, so Matos can now restore order and get his mandatory silly yellow.