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    Ang needs to go for more reason then the starting line up the guy is unstable.. A few examples. -Starts players in a position they are not use too. Example Siovis told the coach he’s never played that position and doesn’t feel comfortable but the coach ignored him. -Saying we lost because Armenians might be better people then the Greeks and god gave them the win. -Instead of watching video of how Armenia play he put a champions league match on. -When Socrates asked the coach how does he want them to defend set pieces the coach said “god will decide” -He almost came to blows with his goalie coach and assists during the Armenia game.. -He said he doesn’t believe in positions players can play everywhere. -he choose not bring Toro or Mitro and used an experimental line up against Italy. -He’s used 3 different goalies in his last 3 games. How can someone build chemistry with the team. -Since his been coach the team has allowed 9 goals against in his last 3 games. Which goes to show you based on the above information that his team is not prepared and the players are left to make decisions last second on the field.. I saw positive signs at the beginning when this coach first got hired but I was way off this guy is nuts and has no business coaching this team. He is a a guy that hasn’t coached a competitive game in 5 years, he has no sense of the modern football game and he leaves a lot of what happens to “god”. He needs to go ASAP. I’m not going to Bash anyone on this form like some people do for having an opinion but guys you can’t possibly think this guy deserves anymore chances..
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    "O PAOKtzis einai griniaris" -Aristotle (338 BC)
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    Anastasiades pulled names out of hat to play them in different positions on the field, along with his subs. He lied to everyone that he had a knowledge of Greek football. He had No Idea about the players and Greek football. He was an old hack! Part of the criteria that must be in the next interviewing process for a prospective coaches, is to name 3 best Greek players for every position, and to write out 2 hypothetical teams he would choose and what subs he would use in different situations. Just to give the EPO an idea how he thinks.
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    I am leaving my work in about 30 minutes. Go home. Take of my suit and put on my jeans and PAOK-shirt and heading for the game with my wife and the two youngest kids. Yeahhhhhhh.
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    They can be. That’s if they can get a full season without injury. Especially if they are playing for their clubs right through. Next season will be big for them, hopefully they can stay injury free and get to that next level. Same can be said for Tasos Donis.
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    You made a couple good points, but I want to touch on a couple of the other things. Not all players can play anywhere on the the pitch, that's just a straight ignorant statement from him, as is putting the game in God's hands... Putting salpi isn't soem incredible tactic, he already plays the right side, so he just moved him back and asked him to be a bit more d minded, salpi is a vet so it wasn't a mind blowing concept for him. Looking at all his call ups and asking siovas of all players to play rb is straight f'd. Playing a lb at rb would have made more sense at that point. Rb didn't even end up being our issue in that game, we had no connection between the mids and our forwards who were left out to dry, by who? Our coach! The Italian were coming at us in waves, and we couldn't sustain possession. So seeing all that, he subs on a rb and another dm lol yup, that oughta solve the ball possession problem. So I guess we needed to defend our 3 goal lead at that point? Guess there wasn't a need to switch the tactics at all right? or bring out a couple players to assist the attack? God had us covered, the Italians were more God worthy that day as well. Nothing to do with continuously sticking too many dm's on the field. I don't care about the musical goalies, cause it really didn't matter who was in net with the chances we were giving up. No hes not at fault for the players individually, but yes he's very much at fault for who he fields and weather or not they're able to assist in attack or how they're able to distribute the ball. The points you did make made sense, but for some reason you fail to mention anything about his tactics or subs/decisions on player personnel, which are all in his hands. Losing 2-0 to Armenia at ht, it doesn't make sense to keep the dms in tact, especially if your job is on the line, but like clock work, he took off pelkas. Then subs a dm for a dm down 3-1 lol guess he thought Greece was up 3-1? Its 2019, you can't play 2 tall oafs at cdm who can't distribute and hope to get results. And you can't try to stack a wall against itlay, they will come in waves and eventually bag one, doesn't matter how good your d is, you cant sustain that for 90. You put 3 tall oafs at dm in the Italy, is anyone surprised they broke us down, or that we couldn't get the ball up to the forwards...or excuse me, just fortou cause Mas and Kol were running back and forth defending so they weren't even up there with him. Like honestly if you're gonna make an argument for him, don't be selective and cherry pick only certain thing and leave out everything else, cause then it just falls short.
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    Football has changed. You can no longer just sit deep and counter those days are gone. Teams like Armenia press high up the pitch and make it hard for you to move the ball from the back. How many turnovers did we see in the first 20 mins of the game? We move the ball slowly anyway, so the Armenian press made it near impossible for us to get out of our own half at times. It's like the Greek players had never seen a press before. Greece had done something similar to the Italians at times before we went 1-0 down and then it all feel apart (ironically we were left so open because we had pressed so high and won the ball back in a dangerous spot) I will agree it is strange we look so openly defensively, teams just cut through us. Probably a little tactical, midfield not shielding the defense adequately and perhaps the players trying to get a certain manager fired.
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    Samaris, and Tzioli$ are plodders, looking for the coins they dropped on the pitch. Not going to break a game open or save a situation. Siopis and Zeca play like someone is trying to steal their girlfriends and are right in the thick of the action. I prefer the latter two. Actually, I prefer a Latte!
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    14,015 after today Is there such a thing as StubHub in Greece, where if I had season tickets I could sell the individual games?
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    While it is true most of us were hopefully leading up to the Italy game, we were quickly disappointed. The loss themselves are not what did it, it is his lack of tactical awareness. How does a head coach have a three week camp and not talk about the opponent? How he plans to play a slow cb at left back when he never played that position before against our toughest opponent. How the player told him that he didn't feel comfortable? Did they not practice this formation? This is why the tide turned against him.
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    That’s it! The revelations over our prep to these games is astounding - lack of prep I should say. You can’t run a NT like this, I’m also surprised this happened with Giannakopoulos & Basinas in the coaching team
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    PAOK athlete with special needs Stella Smaragdi broke the world record in triple jump with 9.95 meter during the Track and Field Panhellenic Championship for athletes with special needs. She also won the long jump competition with 5.21 meters.
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    Gold medal for Tentoglou in the U23 European Championships in the long jump with 8.32 meters.
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    The state of emergency is declared in Halkidiki after freak weather. 6 foreigners were killed.
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    To be honest voting in Greece is like having to choose who takes your wife home at the end of night. Joking aside, on one hand I am happy that Syriza's days are over but then I can't even imagine what Mitsotakis will do. Dare I say our very own Pablo Escobar (Marinakis) will become even more powerful now (Olympiakos to win the next 8 championships at least). There is only one type of regime that would sort Greece out. Nearly everyone in Greece believes the same but nobody ever says it out in the open.
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    There are rumors that Biagio (the u21 Italian coach) is being looked at. He just resigned from the u21.
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    Good luck to him. Hopefully he can get us more money later on with the resale option.
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    I honestly don’t know who we should get rid of. To me the first person should be Samaris. Reason being he has been given too many chances and isn’t trustworthy. It’s been 5 years and we’ve only won 14 games. He can be on the bench for now. I like Masouras , I think he has something to offer. His determination and work rate is great and is needed in this team. We shouldn’t be criticising him as he still has room for improvement. Stafylidis is not the best defender. But he can be reliable outside the box and set pieces. Shouldn’t really be our starter. I don’t fully trust him yet. Koutris has lots of speed and can whip them in well. He needs time but I believe he will be useful for us in the long term. Lykogiannis was great when given chances I don’t know why he hasn’t been given another. I would like for Torosidis to step down but there is no one who can fill that RB spot. No one is good enough so Torosidis has to stay. Mantalos and Pelkas can only excel in one role. As Fortounis is our best attacking player. The areas of concern for me are at RB, ST and CM. Id like to we add we haven’t got quality wingers. As this I believe is the reason why we are so bad in attack. I don’t know why Lamprou and Limnios haven’t been tried yet as they are true wingers. They might be young and raw but your better off trying someone who actually plays that role. To conclude Samaris should not start anymore. Bakasetas should be out. No questions there. I would give Galanopoulos and either Lamprou/Chatzigiovannis a chance to see if they are upgrades in positions we need improving in. This team should be tried. Vlachodimos Retsos/Torosidis Manolas Sokratis Koutris Galanopoulos Kourbelis Chatzigiovannis Fortounis Masouras Donis This team has good balance and actual wingers. Retsos can fill in at RB of need be. I’d like to see how Donis would do with actual wingers supporting him. Koutris attacking play is needed. Zeca can come off the bench. Kourbelis and Galanopoulos can do the heavy lifting as I believe they could work well together. Both seem not afraid to make runs forward too.
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    Exactly! Let an actual coach come in and inject proper tactics and strategy, and if it doesn't work, then in comes Patrick Swayze from road house to clean house lol
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    The good old Golden Spike track meet in Ostrava. Used to attend this meet every year as a youngster when I was growing up in Ostrava. I have seen some very famous world athletes competing at this meet.
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    I have just renewed 🙂 22,000 is surely a given after the season we have had? It would be great to have near sell outs every game this season and have higher attendances than Olympiakos.
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    He better not get a call up period. Absolute garbage player who adds literally nothing to this team, no offense, no defense.... Just a dud.
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    Can you really say all this after everything that's come out in the last week? Ange got hung out to dry? What game did you watch? He can't even recognize what decisions to make in game, or who should or shouldn't be on together. He played Samaris 4 straight games, it didn't take a rocket scientist to see that was wrong. The guys another skibbe, doesn't watch game tape on his own players or the opponents, clueless in game decision making. We all have eyes and saw the moves he was making in game. The media isn't just magically all over him, they're all over him cause he's out to lunch in every way imaginable. Sokratis has had enough of 2 dollar coaches ruining the morale of the team and playing undeserving players or playing players out of position, then sitting them when they struggle out of position. This idiot played stafylidis against Italy who has barley played games lately instead of koutris who starts every week, and he played musical goalkeepers for 3 games. Let's not forget that the first thing this knob did, was come in and lose to Estonia, and he made stupid subs in that game as well. He took off masouras who was the only bright spot on the wing that game. And speaking of wing, he still to this point hasn't played 2 true wingers on at the same time in a formation that requires it. So the players are playing on their back foot from the start. He can't even recognize that the midfield struggles every game cause he has too many like players in dm who can't distribute. Yes its on the players to beat Armenia ect, but when you have a coach that won't allow the deserving players to play or play sensible tactics, team morale plummets.
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    If we can’t be beating teams worse than us on paper then you know there is a deep deep problem. I can’t wrap by head around how Samaris plays so bad for the national team. He needs to sit out for a few games. Our defence is not the same defence that won a Euro and made major tournaments. We have no striker. Mitroglou is made of glass just like most of our players. If we could get a new EPO with a proper coach and have 95% of our players available then we can be in the top 20. Retsos and Donis are our young stars coming up playing in a good league. Sokratis and Manolas are our best and most experienced defenders. Fortounis is in the form of his life. Siovas and Kourbelis are good back ups. There is something to be optimistic about. We have Galanopoulos and Koutris coming up the ranks. Papadopoulos when healthy can be vital for us. Mavropanos gives us extra hope for our future. It’s very frustrating at the moment and my patience is becoming very thin with some of our players. Samaris has to be dropped for me. Siovas and Kourbelis should sit the bench. Pelkas also. Kolovos is better off the bench. Donis must start for us whenever available. We have to call up some youngsters. Lamprou, Limnios, Bouzoukis, Galanopoulos etc. Masouras is ok he needs to improve but there is something there. Someone said it before whoever our coach is should be calling up players based on their skill set and what they bring to the game. Also form too. Not what agent they have eg. (Bakasetas)
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    Georgie's latest post on instagram (a black screen with LOADING written) suggests they've got a signing on deck. If it IS Bradaric, it's a pretty solid move.
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    Look guys, you can't pinpoint one thing that is wrong with the NT and you won't fix it by changing the coach or not having an injury to a certain player or any single remedy. The biggest problem is the players themselves who have developed many different ways to lose matches. As I've said before the loss against Armenia was the only real fail Anastasiadis had and it was purely on the players. Before the game against Italy, most fans were mildly hopeful that the team was turning it around....and that was being credited to Anastasiadis (rightfully or wrongfully idk). This team has to start at the beginning and first learn to not lose, and then figure out how to win....baby steps....because no one coach or players is going to be able to make the difference....and the garbage goals we've been giving up have to stop.
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    Maybe if the player himself wants to leave? And hes being a total dick to everyone around in Braga? Dunno... The football world is weird. And most articles are just click bait anyway; more clicks, more revenue, which means more bullshit.
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    J1078 it's very disheartening especially after our dramatic comeback in Bosnia. Now we lose Fortounis when we're going into the biggest match vs Finland. If we had our house in order from EPO to coach to the players then 2nd place in this group would have been ours. Only Italy have a better team overall talent wise but our coach pretty much gave them the win in Athens with his ridiculous lineup.. So frustrating.
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    Looks like they secured the worldwide rights so everyone can see it on PAOK TV. 👍 Yes it's the 2nd division Cluj. The good one played Wednesday in CL qualifying losing to Astana. We actually want them to eliminate Astana.
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    I don't see a topic devoted to this election, which takes place today... actually the first polling places are just opening now. So, what do you think of the result--which if polls are correct--a new government (or a winning party) will emerge soon after voting ends later tonight. As an ex-pat, I can't vote tomorrow since I'm not traveling to Greece and to the edge (near Galatsi and Perisso) of the city of Athens to cast a ballot. I confess that it wouldn't be an easy vote. I've been reading Nikos Dimou [or if you prefer, link in English] since I was a teenager, many decades ago. I also had the pleasure to exchange many thoughts, over a long time, with him and a bunch of other interesting people over a decade ago. Anyway, this is what he wrote in the last few days about the elections: http://doncat.blogspot.com/2019/06/blog-post_13.html#links http://doncat.blogspot.com/2019/07/blog-post.html#links
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    ^^^^That's a major loss for Oly who will have to rethink their plans which were pretty much dependent on either building around Fortounis selling him and getting a replacement.
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    AEK Larnaca begin their UEFA Europa League qualifiers at home to Moldovan side Petrocub Hincesti
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    Apollonas are in Lithuania to start their Europa qualifiers. I'm also covering this match for Agonasport
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    Miltos Tentoglou (7.80), Odysseus Mouzenidis (18.75), and Emmanuel Karalis (5.20) all have qualified for the finals. Both Sotirios Gkarragiannis and Kostas Zikos reached the semifinals of the men's 100 meters, but failed to reach the finals. Mihail Pappas failed to reach the finals in the men's 400 meters. Marios Anagnostou got a personal best of 29:36.64 in the men's 10,000 meters finals (18th place).
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    Remains to be seen as it will most likely depend on who we sign with for the rights in Greece. I still don't understand why they won't show the pre-season games outside of Greece, Cyprus and Albania.
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    Thought you would come over to the Netherlands to watch the games live😁
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    The Greek Legends of 04, beat Portugal 04 2-1 in Athens Katsouranis & Charisteas the scorers 🙂
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    Just wondering if anyone knows what wages Canas and Shakhov are on at their new clubs ? I wonder if they were able to better the offers they rejected from PAOK.
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    Good luck Koulouri! Hope he does well
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    Worst case scenario came through lol It was indeed though an impressive finish to the season by Lamia, see what they can do in the new season
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    Vellios & Charisis to Atromitos!
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    Overall the OSPF is both successful and (mostly). A different story ( dirty money) can be read in the Guardian Michel Platini, the banned former Uefa president and France football legend, has been detained in connection with a criminal investigation into alleged corruption relating to Fifa’s decision to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, French justice sources have confirmed. Platini’s detention was first reported by the news website Mediapart on Tuesday morning, with Claude Gueant, the former secretary general of the Élysée Palace under the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, also being interviewed as a “free suspect”. Another adviser to Sarkozy during his presidency, Sophie Dion, was also detained for questioning. The detention of Platini, who voted for Qatar to host the tournament, represents the first substantial public move in an investigation into the 2022 decision opened two years ago by France’s Parquet National Financier, which is responsible for law enforcement against serious financial crime. According to the judicial sources, the PNF is investigating possible “private corruption”, “criminal conspiracy” and “influence peddling and trading in influence” over the December 2010 vote, which are categories of corruption in French law. The soccer-magician Platini knew that he should hide the ball and eventually to pass the ball! The bureaucrat/personality Platini ought to have known that (1) the moolah must be hidden from the authorities and (2) shared with your team.
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    AEK start in Q1 with a homegame on July 11 against Petrocub-Hincesti from Moldova. The return will be on July 18th. The draw for Q2 will be tomorrow.
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    Yo JVC, sup? Let's wait and see what the "logariasmo" will be next time it gets publicized and what the next government has to say about Votanikos et al. Hopefully something starts happening soon and as I said the team can't afford to lose the young core players because they can't afford to replace them...and you need to field a competitive team otherwise what's the point.

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