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    Can we just get a new subforum made that's exclusively for these two? Yeesh
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    Listen, I love you yiannaki, but you are triggering my OCD by starting the match thread in a different way to normal. this is my safe space where I come to marvel at the stupidity of JVC and ponder the next Machiavellian move of the great Ivan. Let blackhawk open the thread and then go hammer and tongs at the skoulikia.
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    Bittersweet from our captain. The last kick at the can for a generational Greek talent. Looking forward to seeing him with the armband and hopefully lead us to the EURO.
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    hehehe, well said, my bad, I shouldn't have responded in the first place. And stopping right here right now.
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    Angelos and his assistant Angelos (Basinas) were on total football over the weekend. Some interesting topics covered, worth a watch. The ethniki chat starts just before the 17 minute mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuKsU1v2oy0
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    Ninis and Vlachodimos are full Greek. They were born in different countries. Holebas is half and born in a different country. I don’t really like putting in foreigners in the team. It’s sets a bad image to all of Greek football. It shows that we can’t produce our own players. Lamprou is in form and should be in the team. If we don’t see this then I don’t know what to say. Limnios is off and on at PAOK. I’m not entirely convinced of him yet. There’s one player I like and who I think can help this team and that’s Bouzoukis. Very talented in my opinion and has something special. These players I just mentioned should be ahead of Bakasetas. I find Chatzigiovannis too weak physically and that’s where Masouras would be the one to edge out Chatzigiovannis in the call ups. Galanopoulos should be in the team and starting but he dosent score goals. Same goes with Kourbelis. Zeca can pop one in, Samaris If given the freedom to I believe he can score himself. If we can get it right in the middle of the field first then I believe the wingers and strikers would benefit. We need faster thinkers and also faster players physically in the middle.
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    Lamprou just keep scoring at every match. He isdefinately ready. Chatzigiovanis and Bouzoukis I want to see more of them with a more decent team to decide. Limnios is ready for sure. Id like to see Lamprou - Mitroglou - Limnios and fortounis as attacking midfielder. Quick team but new team. We ll see how it goes. Based on form I think Samaris , Fortounis , Mitroglou (assisted over the weekend and scored previous one), Sokratis, Manolas(probably will be okay on time), Vhachodimos, Zeka, Donis are gonna be the 8/11 starters. Sure call ups probably include Siovas,Torosidis, Koutris. Stafylidis and Retsos are injured and Im sure we would totally need them in our campaign, they would be probably starters. So I think the other 3 spots, Winger and fullbacks are probably gonna be between Lamprou, Limnios for the wings and Koutris,Tsimikas,Torosidis for the fullbacks. If Stafylidis and Retsos are back on time I'd take them instead especially at the match vs Bosnia. Tachtsidis playing well in Serie B. Hopefully his team promotes so he can get back to Serie A level. Id love to see some youth in these call ups. I think Tzavellas, Maniatis,Lampropoulos being out of the picture and Pelkas,Mantalos being injured will open up space for other players to come.
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    I heard Yaya banana might get a call up.
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    I agree, For me Socratis comments don't give me or who ever reads the article much optimism. He's pretty much saying we are not good enough and the Greek players don't care as much for the NT. That's not what you want to here or read about from a so called leader. Also he should keep his comments about this being his last go around with the NT to himself as the team does not need anymore distractions around them. Also how are the young guys going to listen to him when they know he wont be here after this tournament.. The problem is I truly don't believe Socratis thinks they are good enough to advance and if that's his mentality and thinking then we honestly have no chance because that vibe will trickle down to the entire team. You would never hear Kara or any of those guys excepting defeat never in a million years. As far as retiring he should want to wear the NT jersey for as long as he can play the game and when he gets older he should want to be a veteran presence and a guy coming off the bench rather then a guy that says "I'm tired and this is my last tournament"
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    The Lamprou not being called up is a mystery to me.. if you go down the list of call ups he deserve a call up over the majority of our guys.. Not sure what the thought process was behind not calling him up..
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    Maybe he will end up at A.R.I.S.
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    The following players who play in foreign leagues have been called up for the qualifiers which start in 2 weeks. Good to have Donis back, hopefully he gets through the next few games unscathed. We don't need any of these boys injured heading into these games Βλαχοδήμο, Μανωλά, Παπασταθόπουλο, Σιόβα, Σάμαρη, Ζέκα και Μήτρογλου οι οποίοι μαζί με Κολοβό και Δώνη. http://www.novasports.gr/podosfairo/europi/european-championship-qualification/article/441110/ennia-oi-legeonarioi-tou-aggelou-epistrefei-o-donis/
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    Good points, Lamprou should definitely be on the team. Bouzoukis reads the game well and can hit the ball from distance similar to Karagounis, he has a bright future and will be a huge asset to the Ethniki for years to come.
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    J1078 it seems like its been an up hill climb ever since we started Euro 2016 qualification and we had to play the first home game without fans vs Romania.. The NT needs to catch a break..
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    This will not work to give us home field advantage... Playing in a Stadium where the fans don't want you to play is a horrible decision by the EPO. Such a disadvantage for the NT... Its always something with our team from always having an injured line up, to the bullshit suspension of Manolas, Getting rejected to playing at kariaskakis… This team has the worst luck IMO.... Cant we just start a tournament with no obstacles for once..
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    That’s true @georgelaz our difference makers are always injured. Papadopoulos heading can be a difference maker. Stafylidis long shots are dangerous and Donis speed and skill is very good. @Ellada2004 We always show up against opposition better than us. Though we drew against and lost against Belgium and we drew twice to. Bosnia. Not good enough in my opinion of you want to make tournaments. It was a great effort though on those 2 matches. @J1078 I agree with what you said. Our players aren’t good enough and haven’t adapted with the time and other aren’t simply good enough. Our midfielders are slow and are not creative. Fortounis is our only hope in this department and even he is not all that. With goal scoring we are relying on Mitroglou because he is the only one that score and no else. Also maybe Fortounis aswell but he is trying to create most of the time. Our wide players are not wide players and aren’t good enough as players to play there. Our actual wingers are still young. So I don’t see any inspiration really from our side. Our defence is good but they can only do so much.
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    Oly played much better second half but yeah missed a finisher. Fortounis subbed off was a mistake because he could have made something out of that free kick that Tsimikas took The game was more lost in Karaiskakis. Dynamo are experts at shutting things down in freezing cold Kiev.
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    Had the chances. Team simply lacks a predator in the box to put chances away. Missed opportunity.
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    I’m thinking there’s more to this than just injuries.
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    Dont forget also back when Karagounis was playing the national team were being successful. Who’s not to say that Karagounis wouldn’t feel frustrated if the team was going under. Same with Katsouranis. They always had a solid defence behind them and they were experienced and smart with how they played them selves. Our current group players can’t seem to handle the pressure and look lost out there. It’s up to them now to prove everyone wrong. Also look at it in Sokratis eyes he has played in the golden generation in the national team and has played for top sides like Milan, Bremen, Dortmund and now Arsenal. He plays with very talented footballer that know how to play. When he pays now for Greece he is fustrated as the midfielders and attackers in front of him can’t get the job done the team is always on the back foot defending and Sokratis is defending. Then when we concede he is like for F*** sakes. It’s been happening now for 4 years. Also against teams that we shouldn’t be losing too. He has a lot of pressure because he loves Greece with all his heart and want the best for Greece.
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    embarrassing for the whole ethnos
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    Yiankos Greatest Hits featuring ukworm.
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    Tzimikas I think is injured. Bouzoukis and Limnios got called up to the U21s. The core group he's picked are from 2013-2015 U21s who are now in their mid 20s. I can understand the logic. I would have liked to seen Lamprou and Chatzigiovanis, but they are just 21 and will get their chance sooner or later. The pick I like is the Aris LB Valerianos. Strongly built lad, takes players on, pacey and can get in a good cross. That's what we need.
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    Vlachodimos Bakakis Sokratis Siovas Koutris Samaris Siopis Masouras Fortounis Donis Mitroglou This is what I think will happen but if you want to be a bit creative this could work Vlachodimos Sokratis Siovas Samaris Mavrias Siopis Kourbelis Koutris Fortounis Mitroglou Donis
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    It actually doesn't make sense (or does it???).... I live in Mecca of football, here is all the elite, top flight teams, millions, billions, gazillions spent, I will watch Premiership on Sky, I will go and watch Chelsea games, and yeah, it's OK, but really it's like going to the theatre or something... I will be happy if Chelsea wins and then forget about it. Oh they sold Morata. Well, meh..... Now, when ARIS are playing, well, that is a totally different matter!! If Aris loses that TOTALLY ruins my weekend, if we win, OH THE JOY! And in football terms really, Aris (and every single Greek team) is a pretty average team by world football standards! Do you guys feel the same way, or shall I book an appointment with the doctor? 🙂
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    Bro I’ve been thinking the same thing, for some messed up reason I’m worried we are going to over look this game.. we have a horrible habit of giving these minnows points.. if we don’t get by this game with 3 points it doesn’t matter what we do against Bosnia our tourney is over.. they better come out and play this game like it’s a do or die as we are not a confident or good enough team right now to take these teams lightly..
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    Σε ότι αφορά τον Γιουνές εγώ συμφωνώ με όλους σας. Πράγματι θέλω τον Λάρσον στην κορυφή στην αρχή και τον Μαρτίνεθ επιτελικό από την αρχή -για την ταχύτερη κυκλοφορία στην επίθεση. Ο Γιουνές κάνει για τις γιόμες προς το τέλος του αγώνα όταν (και αν) θα έχουμε αγχωθεί με τις σφικτές άμυνες. Για μένα πρέπει να πάρει συμμετοχή κι αυτός και ο Τόνσο για τα παιχνίδια που ακολουθούν. Όλα όμως εξαρτώνται από την έκβαση του αγώνα και το πώς θα αντιμετωπίσουμε τον αντίπαλο. Πιστεύω πάντως πως ο Γιουνές θα σκοράρει και σε αυτόν τον αγώνα και τον επόμενο. Και τούτο θα ανεβάσει την ψυχολογία και του ίδιου και των άλλων. Θα πρέπει σε αυτόν τον αγώνα να δείξουμε πως η ήττα από τον ΟΣΦΠ ήταν απλώς μια κακή παρένθεση. Να δείξουμε πως η ομάδα έχει πλουραλισμό επιθετικά και πως δεν είναι προβλέψιμος. Η σταθερότητα στην απόδοση του είναι μια άλλη συζήτηση.
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    It's a natural reaction, 4 yrs. away from the SL is a very long time. Abreu was, and still is, a character. Some guys have a knack for scoring and he was one of them, always in the right spot. Nothing to do with Aris but the best forward, in my opinion, who had the ability, for what it's worth I couldn't stand him, was Filippo Inzaghi. Every time I would watch him play I'd ask myself how does this giant boob play top level futbol and then he would proceed to score a hat trick.
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    Ah re Elladistan... forever going backwards it seems
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    We are the first team in Europe (not being a summer championship like in Norway, Sweden and other Northern European Countries) that is qualified for next years European season through the league. Man. City is qualified too, but through the League Cup. I was aware we were qualified but not we were the first. Saw it here: https://kassiesa.home.xs4all.nl/bert/uefa/qual2019.html
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    Toro injured Stafy injured I am telling u aderfia go hard or go home 3-5-2 SMELLS LIKE TIME FAWR SOOM 3 [email protected]@CKING 5 [email protected]@CKING 2 Vlachodimuller Sergio Siovas - Papapapapapasokrates - Kostas the not so injured Manolas Lamprou the quite promising - Portuguese dark skinned dude - Samaris the Reborn - Masouras the sorta promising Fortounis the pretty much all we got with creativity Mitroglou the hot guy - Donis the "I only score vs Bayern" LETS GO BOIZ A SIMPLE 6-0 VS LIECHTENSTEIN AND MAYBE A NARROW 1-0 VS BOSNIA AND WE IN THE EUROS. Simple as... Also does anyone know if I can buy the match from anywhere? I live in Lithuania currently.
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    Ajax absolutely smashing RM right now. Kind of regretting not watching that game. Wonderful result for them.
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    I saw highlights. It was one way traffic for Aris and you gave them a beat down. Very good win. It has taken a little time but maybe the new coach isn't so bad, but I still think the firing of the ispano was outrageous. Let us see how the team does for the rest of the season and hopefully they strengthen and improve (except against PAOK of course when you should always lose 4-0 ha ha).
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    Pantelidis has proven he can coach against teams that like to attack, if he can improve his coaching at home against teams that park the bus and defend we should be fine going forward. Hats off to Diamantopoulos for the winter transfers,.
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    I think Bakakis can help us in transitioning from the back to the front because of his quickness. But he is weak in defence. Torosidis still has dangerous crosses but is slow and gets tired easy. So they are both not good enough really. I hope Masouras the RB makes a career for himself because we don’t have anyone else there. You could put the player from Asteras Kotsiras. Decent player.
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    This game topic is brought to you by a special sponsorship from our friend Yiankos VS MATCHUP: P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki – Aris Thessaloniki COMPETITION: Superleague – Round 22 DATE: 24-February-2019 TIME: 19:30 EET (17:30 GMT, 11:30 CST, 04:30 AEDT next day) CITY/STADIUM: Thessaloniki - Toumba Stadium (Capacity: 28,703) REFEREES: Tore Hansen - Jon Michel Knutsen, Morten Jensen (Norway) TELEVISION: Novasports1 (Greece, Cyprus, Albania), Sport Plus (USA, Canada, Australia), PAOK TV https://tv.paokfc.gr (worldwide except Greece, Cyprus, Albania) P.A.O.K. – Aris championship history: Superleague 2014-2018: Aris played in lower divisions 2013-2014: 3:1 (Lucas, Athanasiadis, Vukic) - Attendance: 19,440 2012-2013: 4:1 (Lawrence, Katsikas, Fotakis, Athanasiadis) - Attendance: 20,440 2011-2012: 0:0 - Attendance: 16,041 2010-2011: 0:1 - Attendance: 20,084 2009-2010: 2:0 ( Ivic, Savini) - Attendance: 23,412 (PLAY-OFFS) 2009-2010: 4:1 (Muslimovic 2, Ivic, Vitolo-p) - Attendance: 23,034 2008-2009: 1:0 (Contreras) - Attendance: 26,019 2007-2008: 3:0 (Balafas, Christodoulopoulos, Salmon) - Attendance: 22,000 2006-2007: 1:0 (Melissas) - Attendance: 10,393 2005-2006: Aris played in B’ Division Alpha Ethniki (Professional) 2004-2005: 2:2 (Salpiggidis-p, Karypidis) - Attendance: 10,975 2003-2004: 3:0 (Giasemis, Salpiggidis, Koutsis) - Attendance: 13,950 2002-2003: 2:0 (Giasemis, Theodoridis) - Attendance: 3,339 (played in Trikala) 2001-2002: 1:1 (Okkas) - Attendance: 23,756 2000-2001: 2:0 (Ekgomitis, Okkas) - Attendance: 11,969 1999-2000: 3:2 (Nalitzis-p, Konstantinidis, Kafes) - Attendance: 14,603 1998-1999: 1:4 (Kafes) - Attendance: 22,798 1997-1998: Aris played in B’ Division 1996-1997: 2:1 (Vryzas 2) - Attendance: 28,038 1995-1996: 1:0 (zouboulis) - Attendance: 15,995 1994-1995: 2:0 (Zouboulis 2) - Attendance: 19,734 1993-1994: 1:2 (Luhovy) - Attendance: 6,051 1992-1993: 2:0 (Pitsis, T. Dimopoulos) - Attendance: 1,554 1991-1992: 1:1 (Alexiou) - Attendance: 23,025 1990-1991: 2:1 (Skartados 2) - Attendance: 10,505 1989-1990: 2:0 (Alexoulis, Karageorgiou) - Attendance: 15,259 1988-1989: 1:1 (Lagonidis) - Attendance: 14,563 1987-1988: 3:1 (Bannon, Borbokis, Iordanidis) - Attendance: 25,246 1986-1987: 2:0 (Borbokis, Mavromatis) - Attendance: 26,282 1985-1986: 1:0 (Skartados) - Attendance: 24,179 1984-1985: 2:0 (Skartados, Paprica) - Attendance: 30,890 1983-1984: 0:1 - Attendance: 12,453 1982-1983: 0:2 - Attendance: 21,026 1981-1982: 1:0 (Dimopoulos) - Attendance: 26,499 1980-1981: 1:1 (Siggas) - Attendance: 28,157 1979-1980: 2:0 (Kostikos 2) - Attendance: 42,795 Alpha Ethniki (Amateur/Semi-Professional) 1978-1979: 1:0 (Guerino) - Attendance: 36,567 1977-1978: 2:1 (Kermanidis, Koudas) - Attendance: 23,693 1976-1977: 2:0 (Guerino, Orfanos) - Attendance: 41,950 1975-1976: 2:2 (Sarafis, Apostolidis) - Attendance: 42,296 1974-1975: 5:0 (Koudas 2, Sarafis, Paridis, Tsiligiris) - Attendance: 36,025 1973-1974: 0:1 - Attendance: 41,428 1972-1973: 1:0 (Sarafis) - Attendance: 44,486 1971-1972: 0:0 - Attendance: 37,869 1970-1971: 2:2 (Stavridis, Aslanidis) - Attendance: 29,890 1969-1970: 0:0 - Attendance: 28,516 1968-1969: 0:0 - Attendance: 29,442 1967-1968: 2:3 (Foundoukidis, Lados) - Attendance: 28,748 1966-1967: 0:0 - Attendance: 20,177 1965-1966: 1:1 (Koudas) - Attendance: 11,804 1964-1965: 0:2 - Attendance: 21,655 1963-1964: 0:1 - Attendance: 17,912 1962-1963: 3:0 (Leandros, Papadopoulos, Marvakis) - Attendance: 3,840 1961-1962: 2:1 (Giakoumis, Vasiliadis) - Attendance: 8,850 1960-1961: 3:0 (Sidiropoulos 2, Vasiliadis) - Attendance: 8,048 1959-1960: 0:0 - Attendance: 9,983 Panhellenic Championship 1958-1959: 1:0 (Kouiroukidis) - Attendance: ? 1956-1957: 3:1 (Havanidis 2, Kouiroukidis) - Attendance: ? 1955-1956: 4:2 (Kouiroukidis 3, Papadakis) - Attendance: ? 1935-1936: 2:0 (forfeit) 1931-1932: 0:3 - Attendance: ? 1930-1931: 2:4 (Pazaroglou, Biblis) - Attendance: ? GAMES: 60 WINS: 35 TIES: 14 LOSSES: 11
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    Guys....Retsos is injured and no one knows when he'll be back and at what level he'll be at. The only good thing is that his thigh injuries have been to different legs. Samaris has been getting game time of late starting the last 6 league games (most recent game as CB) so although I don't personally rate him I would include him in the team ahead of.... say ......Tziolis . At leftback Koutris and Tzimikas have been inconsistent for Oly and thats why they keep switching back and forth between the 2....one day they're tagged with 30 mill transfer price and the next they're ridiculed as incompetent. Both are defensive liabilities but both are young and can improve. Lykogiannis hasn't been getting much game time of late but Staf has worked his way back into the starting rotation at Augsburg so he warrants consideration. Kourbelis/Zeca in the midfield seem to be our most solid options although both lack quality going forward but they can provide coverage for more offensive minded FBs like Koutris, Tzimikas, Staf etc. RB position is admittedly problematic. Koulouris seems to be having the break through season providing the NT with viable option to Mitroglou....Factor in the youth and the options are there in every position so its up to Angelo to put together a line up that can perform well together and the players to put in the effort to get the team back on track. Personally I'm mildly hopeful.
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    Can you imagine what would've happened if it was a Greek referee ? Mafia Marinakis would've been blamed for everything. Fans rioting etc. No thanks. I'd rather have a foreign referee even if he is twice as bad as the Greek referee. Because at least that way when a mistake happens, people can just shrug their shoulders and say "it was a mistake" and get over it.
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    Η ομάδα μπήκε λες και παίζει με Λεβαδειακό. Που με Λεβαδειακό παίζει, αλλά τα σκουλήκια παίζουν το ματς της ζωής τους. Πρέπει να μπούμε πολύ δυνατά στο δεύτερο ημίχρονο να τους πατήσουμε. Στο 45' δίνει κάρτα για θέατρο στον Μπίσεσβαρ ενώ υπάρχει ξεκάθαρη επαφή και θα μπορούσε να δοθεί πέναλτι εύκολα.
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    Slightly sobering but I think we don't have the players good enough to qualify unless we get a lot of luck favoured on our side. Our wings and cm are simply not good enough for the modern game. We're 'okay'. Best Greek players right now are Manolas, Sokratis, Holebas, Fortounis, Vlachodimos 5 decent players is not enough for knock out round tourny football. We will simply be 'competitive' in qualifeirs. The euro 2004 team was much better and Greek league was much better too. AEK/PAO/OLY were all competitive in champions league. This is first time I'm saying this as I'm often more optimistic for qualifying. Italy/Bosnia/Finland will all give us troubles.
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    Paok is definetly going to grow and become a more expensive team (with the limits of Financial fair play), probably becoming the most expensive Greek team ever (100 mill isn't what is was back then). But that would be all for nothing if the league is gonna be crap, Paok will have an easy time in the league and nothing is going to prepare them for Champions league, not to mention the road to champions league is gonna be harder if nothing is going to gather points in European matches. So yeah I want a big Panathinaikos, I want Alouzofos to get the F*** out of Panathinaikos, and give it to Ginanakopolous or whatever, instead of being so butthurt, arrogant and proud. I want a strong Aris, a competitive Aek, a good league generally. A league that is won by various strong teams.
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    They struggle with teams that pack the back, they cant do one two passes in tight spaces... lucky for us Dynamo sucked on the counter attack.
  45. 2 points
    Yup OLY had there chances they were the better team over two legs. However they should have put the game in Athens away at least 3-1. It's a shame they are out at this stage.
  46. 2 points
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    Pelkas with Mantalos doesn't work that's for sure. Mantalos has to pick up his game for AEK before getting any game time with the NT. Laz could come off the bench when we need an offensive spark. I agree no more Bakasetas he can't cut it for the Ethniki. A healthy Donis will give us an added dimension in attack and if he stays injury free I think he will produce big during this campaign.
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    Στο έχω ξαναπεί - χρήζεις ψυχανάλυσης... Τέτοιο μίσος, χολή, κόμπλεξ και υβρεολόγιο... Goes to 11..... Προχθές οι υπόλοιποι είχαν ανοίξει σοβαρό διάλογο και αυτός εκεί, ασχολούνταν με τον Παντελίδη! Άσχετο... Σήμερα πάλι δες από τι ενοχλείται το ανθρωπάκι ρε.... Μπαίνει στο φόρουμ του Άρη και ασχολείται με το ποστ του Emperor και γιατί συμπεριέλαβε τα ματς στο Χαριλάου στην προιστορία! Ξεκόλλα dude, get a life.
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    Thanks, I thought this was a new thread and I read the below.... Overall I would say the season has been disappointing but I remain optimistic A mouth full of coffee is now all over my desk.
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    Massive blow for him. Not a massive blow for the national team really. I wouldn’t of played him. We need to move on and I think Anastasiadis knows that. Donis, Chatzigiovannis, Lamprou and Masouras should be fighting for those wide positions. Pelkas and Mantalos have not worked there and I really hope we don’t see it again.

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