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    I'm sick of hearing negativity on this forum of our beloved national team. Seriously what is it that makes people bash our own team. Be positive. Even a Croatian journalist said that how is it that we do so well but not have one top star in the team. I want everyone to have a look at the video and specifically that question. Sokratis couldnt have said it any better. Have some belief for god's sake. I always hear we don't have depth, our players are not good enough, we have to play like this, we have to play like that. Enough! We are not a perfect team we will probably never will be. But as Greeks we have heart and the one thing we know is pulling through when our back is against the wall. Just be positive and if we don't succeed accept it and say something positive about it. This goes to everyone who is always whinging and complaining, im to blame as well but some people just don't stop. I believe we will win both matches. Be proud and look forward to the match!
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    Sport-fm and Gazetta both reporting that Sokratis said it is not serious and he will be fine for the matches.
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    Pirated Pirates: 4 3 3 Rockafella Skank (scores) NIck the Greek George Laz DJ (Fetfa) J1078 Blackhawk Argy Molon Lave Akritis (vc) Red Sherriff Boxou La Mendell (c) Bench: Ausgreek
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    This is the first time I've been able to bring myself back to the forum after we went out! I opened my laptop yesterday and it was still on the stream from the match in the 85th minute (when I stopped watching) and it started to play it, I was like nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In retrospect I think Skibbe should have played with two strikers and dropped a few of the 'invisible players' (Tziolis, Bakesetas, Tachtsidis) he chose. This is the line-up I would have gone with: __________________________Karnesis ____Torosidis_____Sokratis_________Manolas______Retsos Lazoros___________Zeca____________Fortunis______Stafylidis __________________Mitroglou________Pelkas I really think the penalty decision going against us was the turning point in the game, if we'd have got the penalty then the players would have had a lot more belief, and it would have rattled Croatia. Its just a shame dodgy and corrupt officiating again screwed us over. I also think our crossing really let us down on the night, a game Stafylidis would have really excelled in, I can't understand how Skibbe couldn't see this and at least bring him on for the second half?
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    score line is almost the same if we'd lose 2-0. we'd still need a 3-0 victory. just go out and get it, croatian players think they're already in russia do it in a barca-psg or man utd-oly style.
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    it's alright. come back of the year baby. 3-0 hellas next game pame!
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    Go fook yourself, Come back when you actually have some silver wear, which will be never. Lets take a look at Croatias trophy cabinet!
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    I understand what you are saying but how about the fact they they let almost a month pass and only until Manolas was cleared to play and chosen on the squad was the suspension then brought down 6 days before? Also a suspension like this has never been given out before. Do you honestly think If Ronaldo did the same thing that Fifa would suspend him from a playoff game? Not a chance in hell does this happen to another top end player on a big team.. This is absolutely bullshit... The fact that Fifa didn't even reach out to the Epo to let them know they will review what happened within a few days after Monalos received the yellow stinks even more.
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    Here is a really nice video about Greek Football in general, its history, culture, club football, the national team etc. Really well done and definately worth a look! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jyXa8lIrI4
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    Unbelievable!!! Corrupt FIFA at it again. They have it out for the Greeks and how is it they can determine that Manolas did it purposely or not and why did they wait this long were they still looking at the footage? Gianniotas got his tooth knocked out by a Bosnian coach and all they got was a stadium switch!!! In the end it won't matter as we can put in Kyriakos or Retsos and still keep a clean sheet and take care of business and they'll still have to watch our boring play defence and hit them on the counter attack brand of soccer in Russia. We'll be in Russia with our Orthodox brothers and so will Mantalos! Makynia out!!!
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    here we are waiting and praying to see if Manolas is fit and once we find out he's cleared Fifa screws us to benefit Croatia ffs..Manolas not starting for us in Croatia will make it very difficult for us to keep a clean sheet. I'm sorry but Vellios does not deserve a call up at all that is a horrible decision by skibbe as the guy doesn't get regular playing time at all. I still think a Karelis at 60% is worth a call up over Vellios just to have as an option if we need him.
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    You dudes are really asking for it. What does Greece havE? Good defence. How we gonna line up? Karnezis Torosidis - Siovas - Manolas - Sokratis - Retsos - Papadopoulos - Tzavellas - Stafylidis Fortounis Mitroglou Either you like it or not , 8 - 1 - 1 is what peak performance looks like in modern football. Educate yourselfs.
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    ella RS, u make some valid comments but u miss my point entirely. dont say "its impossible" because it isn't impossible. it's UNLIKELY that we go through given this coach and the players we are missing etc etc etc. BUt its not impossible. ANd, its not gonna hurt -- at all. I am an objective soccer fan who know a thing or two about soccer and team sports in general, and although i bleed blue and white (see the connection ? BBAW) I am not unrealistic nor am I blindly believing without some sort of rationale. I follow the NT for decades. I know our limitations here, and the big mountain we have to climb. who expected faroe to beat us? the unlikely events do happen. and tomorrow, just a few things have to break our way and its on... if u think its imposible go bet 100,000 euros on the game. if i thought something was impossible thats what I would do. we have pride, w r infront of the home crowd, and the greek "pisma" and "kserokefalia uperifania" cannot be measured. our guys were embarrassed and now their backs are against the wall. we are not faroe islands (thorugh we looked like them game 1) i expect a good showing ---like u say if we fall short and play well, it will be a mental boost ---agree..... 97 times out of 100 we dont qualify tomorrow. but its not impossible. that was my only point. have SOME faith...its huge game and can be one of the greatest moments in NT history, dont you think? if they dont make it, they dont make it. I turn of the TV, go to the gym, have dinner with my family and go to work Monday... but lets try and enjoy tomorrow and hope for the best..
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    Who I play Sunday..and yes I believe there are plent of goals in the Croat backline Mitro missed 2 headers and got one shot fingertipped Sokratis should have dne better with his 2nd header whol net was there for him..WE CAN DO IT ................Anestis (KARNEZIS 7 goals in his last 120minuts Watford Greece).... ...................Retsos.....Sokratis.......Manolas......... Toro...............Zeca..............Tachtsidis................Lykogiannis ...............................Pelkas......................Fortounis.............. .......................................Mitroglou............................. Anestis is a must start in any sport with a goalie..the team must have full confidence..WE cant ask our players to open it up with the way Karnezis is playing and for some reason a fresh golaie always gets a team to work twice as hard!! We need goals Stafylidis or Tzavellas offer zero going forward put WolfJohn in he is in form and more the modern back than Tzavellas I love stafylidis but he ha ZERO confidence. He showed it last game on the 1st goal he got the ball on a switch of play and was 1v1 with there RB rather than take him on and creata chance or get fouled he bottled it back to Tzziolis to the back breaking goal Donis Giannotas Lazaros Lyko would have bombed forward, Pelkas Fortounis give us 2 #10 style players who can create. If Skibbe doesnt make major changes Sunday and goes wit the same clowns then we know EPO call some shots.
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    3-0 isn't impossible but it might be the biggest miracle since Euro 2004 κάνουμε προσευχή
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    At the end of the day, Greece is not ready for the world cup. We took steps forward, now I believe it's time to only play the new generation players....we have a good mixture of veterans and younger talent. Let's not overkill this thread by super analyzing the s%$#! out of it. There's nothing really to say more. Team took steps forward, not ready for the world cup....showed potential with the generation players. THERE'S NOTHING MORE!!!
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    As bad as we played today (we gifted Croatia most of those goals), we did create chances. If we can sure up our defense on Sunday, bring Monolas in and actually play a proper RB. I think we should win the return leg. As crazy as it sounds I don't think this tie is as dead as people think. Croatia's defense is garbage and we need to just actually believe in ourselves and push forward. Impossible is Nothing!
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    defensive "boring" style of football........... its funny, in every other team sport - defense is prized and sought out..."defensive player of the year" awards are given out in acknowledgment of this difficult skill...... yet Greece ALWAYS gets knocked for it. Itlay played "catenachio" for decades and yet you never hear anything about Italy playing boring soccer. such a hypocritical, double standard.....
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    That's right, I am not worried about this all that much. Is it corrupt garbage, yes, but KPap is more than capable of replacing Manolas. It's how this all played out that is the issue.
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    So Manolas out because FIFA would like to see certain teams go through to the world cup. Fair play my ass. Conspiracy is more like it.
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    It's just sad to see us miss the World Cup and will sting once the draw is held and in the coming months before the tournament kicks of in Russia. Croatia is a talented team but not a powerhouse like Germany, Spain or even Belgium whom we battled very hard. So to go out 4-1 and look totally unprepared in Zagreb with our solid defense looking in shambles is hard to swallow. Skibbe and I like him personally and during the campaign had done a fairly well in some matches, but what was he thinking during the first leg starting Maniatis who could not keep up and going with 3 at the back and the team looked so confused. Throw in Tziolis and Samaris and a rusty Karnezis who had not played much recently up until the week before in Watford were he made another horrible mistake coming out of his net for a ball not getting there and getting beat for a goal. Then he sets us up to play for a draw in Greece when we need goals or we are OUT of the World cup? Most of his call ups and selections were wrong a long with his tactics. The only thing out of his control was the ridiculous suspension of Manolas, but there is no way we should allow Croatia 4 goals in one match they had scored less goals in qualifying than us.
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    Santos and Karagounis and Katsouranis have nothing to do why we suck now.... its football culture and a losing mentality. Also Greece does not have professional structure for development. Iceland population is 335,025... Croatia 4.29 million. Whats our excuse? Maybe the passion to act like a hooligan at SL games needs to be converted into playing pro football....
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    j, i have seen enough as well....but we are stuck...and what concerns me even more is that the players are gonna quit on him...remember he threw them all under the bus after the first game claiming " i did nothing wrong"........ meanwhile the players are on the side YELLING at maniatis and tzavellas to get in position..... i mean seriously.
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    i m not going to take for serious someone who says we are done because we couldn't get past croatia. we'll bounce back be sure about that.
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    Wow. Anyone just listen to Skibbe's interview? They asked him if he would be the coach for our next campaign, and he said "Of Course." In a very confident way. They ask him very light questions in these interviews. I'm surprised the Greek media doesn't grill him they way they grill coaches in the Superleague haha. My question, "Why did Tziolis play two full 90 minute games?"
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    the formula should be, Feed Mitroglou If he gets service he scores.
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    "This Croatian side is better than they're showing. Playing with ease" SHUT UP!
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    I really hate what FIFA did to Manolas. What a valuable player he is.
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    RS, i'm tired of the "we played well but lost" mentality....YOU DID NOT PLAY WELL, YOU LOST .... U KEEP SAYING NO CHANCE TO GO THROUGH...thats easy to say....but the fact is there is a chance, though its a big thing to ask THIS team to do, there is achance...why play the game then? if you fancy yourself to be a good team, shut up, put on your big boy shorts, and go win that game 3-0, 4-1, 5-2 or whatever it takes to get it done. good teams WIN --- they dont "play well but lose". as i said, I predict (because I dont see anyone here making predictions - and u saying we wont make it is not a prediction its the safe thing to say) i predict tommorows game will have alot of surprises. as i said before, if betting sports was that easy we would all be millionaires. so long as skibbe does the right thing, and the team plays their "A" game. you dont think a quick goal wont rattle them? then we have some momentum and grab another? its 2-0 with 45 to play...you dont think thats possible? then what? 45 minutes to score another goal? if u think this is impossible then you are seriously mistaken...... based on last game it SEEMS unlikely, but remember we HANDED them three gifts....3.....even with that crap lineup we could have kept is much closer without those three gifts....three mistakes that unfortunately all happened in one game.
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    Karnezis: 31 minuets of EPL game time all season. Stafylidis: Not a single league match all season. Maniatis: Sporadic appearance for mid table Turkish club side. Tziolis: Sporadic appearance for a Saudi side in relegation. Greece’s biggest match in three years & they all start.
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    Probably mistaken you for someone else in here....lots of Santos haters. Let's all chill out. It's not over yet. If we get eliminated, let's focus on the positives for once.
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    ... and another thing is im sick and tired of greeks taking club football so serious. this is where it counts for Godsake world cups & European cups. Club football comes no where near national team football. As an ethnos we hugely have problems amongst ourselves I couldn't care less who wins the championship it means nothing when you win it with 10 foreigners produce some players.
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    If your gonna park the proverbial bus please have players who will RUN and tackle THAT had to be the slowest 11da we have put out. Our keeper wa terrible but those back to back stops give us a punchers chance Sunday. The back line was a shambles Sokratis was the only CB who performed KPaps and Tzavellas were bad. Both outside backs were terrible hard to pick who was worst between Stafylidis and Maniatis. Both CDM were horrrible Samaris and Tziolis should not have been starters the pair of Zeca Taxi was easy guys who win tackles and can spray the passes. I had no problem with Zeca Fortounis and Mitro we created 5 decent chance scored on one Mitro should have scored on 1/2 headers and Socratis will look back on the 2nd header. To defend takes EFFORT you dont need talent just the will to play the managers tactics and F***en excute and run tackle win headers block shots I saw ZERO of that been watching the Ethniki since the late 80s and this was as lackluster a performance as any!! Skibbe coaches not to lose we saw that vs Estonia we saw it today. Yes we were missing 4 starters in Toro Manolas Donis Mandalos but to start that horseshit group is embarassing. To have players out of position gifting goals showing no spirit...Im sorry I believe a team reflects its manager there was NO Otto fight or Santos grit never say die..this team capitulated and had no balls. Retsos is a CB why not play HIM with Kpaps and Sokratis and play Lykogiannis RB who is used to going touchline to touchline as a LB ( dont use he is left footed Toro patrolled the LB position) he is miles better than Maniatis. Im sorry Giannotas Pelkas help on the outside and you can play Zeca in the midle of the park where he is more comfortable . Tachsi is slow but not slower thn Tziolis and he plays te ball way better than any #6 we have. Why isnt Bouchalakis on this squad! Why is Gianniotis from Atromitos not here having agreat year. TO the EPO now DROPEE that Tzavellas and Maniatis still get called after the fiasco in Brasil with the PAOK OLY bullshit!! Those 2 should have been gone right there instead they are inour lineup in a HUGE game. We never bleed the young ones instead when will we learn. Karnezis Stafylidis not playing 1st team football and it shows Samaris barely playing and it shows Kapino not playing CALLED up WHY..where is the backbone the fish smells from the head...if you dont play WHY are you being CALLED up. Worst part is I still have hope that an early goal in Athens..and ya never know..going to watch this disaster again this time with Englis announcers.
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    Mate the game was over with that karnezis blunder! To be down 1-0 after the first 15 minutes doesn't work for us! I actually don't know why we didn't play a diamond 5-4-1
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    hahaha your dreaming. But I like that dream. But won't happen
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    We must face it: our Golden Generation was the 2004-2014 team. Especially our midfielders are far far worse than key players of our All Stars Team, Zagorakis, Basinas, Giannakopoulos, Karagounis, and Tsiartas. Katsouranis was the last one among them. Now we have glittering mediocrities (Samaris Tachtsidis Christodoulopoulos Mantalos + Ninis Kolovos) and hard-working nobodies (Maniatis Tziolis Bouchalakis + Petsos). We should reactivate Katsouranis and Karagounis (I know it isnt possible, but the team must have leaders who have authority because either of their achievements/experiences or their abilities). Among our players of today, only Sokratis Papastathopoulos has the qualities of a leader. Those F***heads who didnt give Santos in 2014 the greater salary he wanted are among the main culprits. With that great coach at the helm, we would have somehow continued to overachieve like before 2014. One cannot win games without winning the midfield (as perhaps tantra said before the game), and since 2010-11 we did this with basically crap players. How Santos was capable of such a feat like two second rounds with Katsouranis & Karagounis who were actually mummies in 2014 and with the likes of Maniatis, Ninis, Holebas, Kone, Samaris etc. etc. thats beyond me.
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    We defended like a team canada it was disgraceful. Every goal except one was a gift. It’s like we had a bunch of Lovrens on our side. We give up 1 goal in Belgium to a superior team down a man for 30 mins and today 3 goals in a half hour. Just unacceptable.
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    are you in pain that mighty dzeko couldn't score against a team who to faroes?
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    bosnia euros PARTICIPATIONS = ZERO Greece Euros' WINS = ONE
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    Greece definitely under performing. Croatia's playing its best match since the EURO. When one sees Kalinic's performance, Mandzukic absence came as a blessing. Greece scoring the 2nd goal and match ending 3:2 is the only way I see you guys qualifying.
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    Will be on Sportsnet. I like to watch it at home because I pace around like crazy during these matches :)
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    Sokratis should respond to this by saying...."he's absolutely right and we'll see him at game time" Make the guy think a bit.
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    "don't talk too much, go to the pitch and try to do your best"............well said / no nonsense H MANGES DEN MILAN POLI............ love this guy, Skibbe one word answers -------- not too much blah, blah, blah....
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    The motive behind fifas decision to ban manolas could be to give Croatia an advantage. However, there could another reason(s). For instance, maybe fifa wants to disuade players from intentionally getting yellows for time-wasting and, consequently, getting suspended against minnows like Gibraltar. Unfortunately, manolas was used as an example. There are many other possible reasons.
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    I can't imagine sokratis being out. he's built like a truck and usually quickly recovers from knocks. Siovas should have been selected though. Dude has NT experience and was playing in our playoff win vs Romania. With Sokratis and Kpaps at the back we should be okay.
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    This is a surprising result. First time Barcelona got shut out in the group phase since 2012.