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    Great win. One for the fans to savor. That 2nd goal, wow, text book counter attack. Great play.
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    If he tells them to piss off we might have a chance.
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    I'm willing to give Koulouris a few more games to see if he can produce. Mitroglou can still score and I still think he should be on the team. He would have had a couple last game with those opportunities that fell to koulouris. I think Van Schip should have called him up and used him to sub in at Finland. Sokratis and Manolas didn't say much after they let the Liechtenstein forward out pace them on the goal. I guess Sokratis can't blame Angelo that. I love Sokratis but he has to shut up and play and not worry if his pals don't get the call up to the Ethniki.
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    Koulouris seems to be turning into another Mitroglou for the NT....i.e. useless unless he's scoring goals....hopefully he'll be able to change those habits in France or better yet start scoring by the bucket load. Pavlidis seems to impose himself more making more runs off the ball and generally hustling a lot. Retsos has played a grand total of 31 minutes over the past year so if he can fully recover is anyone's guess....he has lost his spot at Bayer as a starter and will be hard pressed to get it back. Vrousai I'm not totally sold on...he seems to play second banana to Pavlidis. Truth: the Schippy will need time to sort out this mess of a team but he said all the right things and pointed out all the flaws in an honest manner....even Angelo deserved more time but was made scapegoat.....hopefully this doesn't happen again and btw the manner that Liechtenstein scored the tying goal should mean that we won't be hearing any more bu11$#it from Sokratis and Manolas again....nobody should ever get a free pass to NT if they're not 100% on board and totally committed....anybody who isn't needs to get dumped off the team.
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    A lot of people criticized Katsouranis back then and wanted younger players in the squad. Some of them already deleted themselves from this forum but I guess some of their posts could be found even now. Gekas, Vyntra and Tziolis also had their haters but Katsouranis literally was to blame for everything. And of course Santos who always chose his favorite mummies, created a boring defensive team that was painful to watch and thwarted the development of terrific talents like Nines/Tachtsidis/Fetfatzidis etc. etc.
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    Regardless of the goalie today, they should be able to win with any one of us in net.
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    The EPO are to blame for not extending Santos he wanted to stay back then. He speaks the language loves Greece and had a strategy at all levels but no the EPO forced him out and then goes and helps Portugal win there first major tournament Euro 2016. Then the EPO hire the joker Ranieri to replace him and the carousel of coaches that have since followed. Bravo EPO!
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    Where is that old footage from the 80’s when there was a pitch invasion and you see a fan with a box or something being held over his head. Those were the days.
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    Michel was hands down the best TD we had. Brought in some great players. He built the core of this team. I think Arnesen might have been just as good but it’s not fair to compare them as they operated under different parameters. Arnesen said he would bring in young players with potential and relatively cheap whereas Michel brought in older experienced players on much higher wages. Either way, I’m hoping by some miracle that Michel comes back as impossible as that seems.
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    Watching that too Italy are dominating possession and have had shots. Even without Verrati in the lineup. Finland are hanging on..
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    If we can get off the floor, and get within 3 points of Fins by the last game then belief will be stronger and we may have an outside sniff. While we have mathematical chance we should play as well as we can to win each match with best possible starting lineup. If Van’t schip starts experimenting too much in remaining matches indicating he is preparing for WC 2022 qualifiers, then any small hope will be gone. He can do this once mathematically there is no chance of qualifying for example we lose Liechtenstein and Finland beats Italy tomorrow.
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    0-0 με τον Ολυμπιακό Βόλου. ΑΡΗΣ (Τ. Τερζής): Κουέστα, Σόουζα (45΄Δεληζήσης), Μπαγκαλιάνης (45΄Βέλεθ), Τσαγκαλίδης (45΄Μενέντεθ), Κωνσταντινίδης (45΄Σούντγκρεν), Μπάσα (45΄Ματίγια), Αμπού Μπα (45΄Σάσα), Μπρούνο Γκάμα (56΄Μαρτίνες), Ντουάρτε (45΄Μαντσίνι), Μπακούτσης (45΄Λάρσον), Τόνσο (45΄Ντιγκινί).
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    I agree with you Emperor regarding the two names we have heard so far. Regardless of who they hire to coach, that individual will need to figure out how to get this team to score goals. He will need to be an out of the box thinker. I am hoping Haristeas will find a northern European since he has ties in that area. Having said this, I am with Neto, bring back Ronaldo Guiaro!!!!!
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    I've used my modly powers to edit the title, since Greece is home, to add the venue name, and the fact that you didn't quite spell Liechtenstein correctly. 😉 If we don't win this game, fire the Dutchman
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    Our performance: Barkas 6 - Torosidis 5 (Bakakis 5), Manolas 6, Sokratis 5.5, Stafylidis 5 - Bouchalakis 5, Vrousai 5.5, Kourbelis 5.5 - Masouras 5, Koulouris 4.5 (Pavlidis 5.5), Kolovos 4.5 (Pelkas 5). A wholly mediocre production. Defense was okay in the first half. Then they conceded a penalty. In midfield we missed Zeca IMO. In the attacking third, we did nothing, except for some flashes from Vrousai and Pavlidis.
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    Lol this team is struggling to score against a squad whose back 4 play for Montreal Impact, Pafos FC, Genk and BK Hacken. Finland are nothing to write home about guys.
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    Dean baby, if Toro, Sok and Manolas don't aim up in these two games, Skip will ask Valkanis and Winter to carry their bags to the bus stop. I don't know why, I would like to see Grammenos and Alefantos have a wrestle.
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    Any Highlights from the Larissa game?
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    There is an upside to Mantalos and Fortounis being injured if Schippnot calls up Donis who was initially left out and a lot of guys on this forum (you know who you are) are gonna cream their pants if Fetfa starts....which under the present circumstances seems to be a clear possibility.
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    How long do we have to wait until Galanopoulos gets a call up? Is it me or is he not that good to begin with? In my opinion Samaris shouldn’t play because of his poor performances. It shows you how limited we are in that role.
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    Νουρέγιεφ; Παίδες, δεν το κατάλαβα. Για ποιόν λέτε; Τον Γκάμα ή άλλον;
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    Looking back I think the way and the timing of Lucescu leaving the team clearly had an effect on the European results. It was going to be tough for the new coach to establish his style in such a short time and with the players that he did not pick. It will be important for the coach to receive the support so he can build his team for the next 3 seasons.
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    Finally Donis is healthy but yet he's not called up... I still would have called up Mitro at least as a bench option.
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    dude its 3 am in amsterdam. go to bed.
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    Για μένα όποιος ΠΑΟΚτσής δεν αγοράσει τα παιχνίδια είναι λάθος. Μεγάλα λόγια δεν θα πω, δεν είναι ΠΑΟΚ κλπ, αλλά όποιος το κάνει είναι πολύ λάθος. Ελπίζω να συσπειρωθούμε και να γράψουμε ιστορία!
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    No only Panaitolikos, Xanthi, Lamia and Atromitos.
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    3-0 ή 4-1 η πρόβλεψή μου! ΠΑΟΚΑΡΑ μου τρελαίνομαι! Ποιος θα πάει δεξί μπακ άραγε;
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    Disappointing start to the season dropping points against Lamia. Zahid and Molo not showing much in their debut. Boneheaded play Dioudis on the opening goal but in general a lackluster performance by all.
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    Τι λες για έναν ακόμα τελικό στο ΟΑΚΑ;
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    That was a flukish goal. I think Paok beats them comfortably at home next week.
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    Τα δύο κλαρίνα πέρυσι μέσα έξω δεν τα χώνεψες ακόμα, ε;
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    Swiderski in for Pelkas. He will score the goal that we badly need.
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    Every team that gets to the group stages is guaranteed 15 million and change. For being ranked 21rst among the team that have qualified so far, OLY would get another 13.3 million. Finally with PAOK not making it also gives us the whole market pool at about 5 million. link
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    These guys better be angry and ready to prove a point
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    If Var was used in this game most of Ajax goals would had not happened but coincidentally the use of Var was not yet approved for this stage, which made manipulating this match dead easy.
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    For U.S. viewers, this match will be televised on TNT.
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    My pre-playoff top 5 1. PAOK 2. OSFP 3. PAO 4. AEK 5. Aris
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    I'm keeping an open mind in regards to this coach....it doesn't take a footballing genius to do the obvious in regards to selections and team strategy. If he can evaluate the players in an honest manner and make unbiased choices in his selections that will be the first step and he seems to be really studying the available options. Midfield is where the real difference will be shown in regards to how he wants to play. That will determine whether the team will be able to play with pace and attack or if we will be sitting back and defending for 90 minutes. Personally I would put Mantalos smack dab in the center of the pitch so he can transition the play. He works hard and while he's not the player he used to be before the injuries he would be a better choice than Bouchalakis, or Taxtzidis who are too slow (defending or attacking) for any modern attacking game...or we can go with 3 DMs as usual and try to slow down the game and not give up any goals which hasn't worked for us in a long, long time. Either way I'm curious to see what players he selects....that will also show how much meddling is going on behind the scenes and if he will be working independently or if he is listening to the little voices whispering in his ear.
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    34 τελικές, 12 στην εστία 60+ κατοχή μπάλας… κι οι νορβηγοί 9 τελικές με 5 στην εστία. Κολακεύει την απόδοση όχι όμως και την αποτελεσματικότητα μας. Ήμασταν παραγωγικοί αλλά όχι εύστοχοι από τις τελικές. Οι επιθετικοί δεν έπαιρναν τις σωστές θέσεις στην αντίπαλη περιοχή. Μέτρησα μία μόλις σωστή μπαλιά στη πλάτη της άμυνας και ο Δεληζήσης ήταν εκεί. Στις 4-5 άλλες ούτε ο Ιντέγε, ούτε ο ...Τόνσο ήταν εκεί που πρέπει για να σκοράρουν. Πλην Ντιγκινί που δεν του βγήκε η τελική. Κι όλα αυτά δείχνουν αυτοματισμούς που λείπουν. Οι περσινοί ήξεραν και βρισκόντουσαν, οι καινούργιοι μαθαίνουν (και κατά τη γνώμη μου γρήγορα). Που σημαίνει πως σε ευρωπαϊκό επίπεδο θα πρέπει να έχεις μια δουλεμένη ομάδα για να προχωρήσεις κι όχι να πηγαίνεις ψαχτά για το σχήμα που ταιριάζει στην ομάδα. Αναρωτιέμαι: Το πάθος που είδαμε εχθές θα το ξαναδούμε; Γιατί δεν τελειώνουμε τα παιχνίδια από την αρχή και πετάμε είτε το πρώτο ημίχρονο, είτε το πρώτο ματς στα σκουπίδια;
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    My article for AGONAsport https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/aek-larnaca-sunk-in-belgium?fbclid=IwAR0NHYamKlUuTkLa-tYa1m4hIfsuOLLtCozC5l2JDBMle7n_mBGqDM9AvZI
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    Television rights for 2019-2020 Season Current situation for Superleague 1: NOVA: AEK, AE Larisa, Asteras Tripolis, NFC Volos, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, Panionios ERT: Aris, Atromitos, Lamia, Panaitolikos, AO Xanthi WITHOUT CONTRACT: OFI, PAOK The most recent developments are that Panathinaikos and ERT ended their contract for the 2019-2020 season and then Panathionaikos signed a contract with NOVA for next season worth € 5,500,000. At the same time ERT has informed the remaining teams under their contract that for the next season they will have to take a 45% pay cut despite having a signed deal. I expect legal action by the involved teams against ERT, which might delay the start of the Superleague 1 season. Also the rumored deal with PAOK that was supposed to be € 7,500,000 will also need to be cut even though there was never a deal announced. It’s certain that the deal between PAOK and ERT will not happen. It is also quite possible that PAOK will decide not go to NOVA, since NOVA colluded with Olympiakos and AEK to make sure PAOK does not get the high paying deal from ERT. Most likely scenario is that PAOK home games will be end up on OPEN TV in Greece and PAOK TV outside of Greece. As for Superleague 2, ERT has decided to cut the deal by 60% despite a guaranteed contract between the league and ERT as part of the professional leagues restructuring. Superleague 2 teams are threatening not to start the season unless the contract remains intact. ERT is also contracted to show Football League games, but this is now in question thanks to the budget cutting by ERT. The Greek Cup deal with COSMOTE expired last season. EPO is looking for a new contract for the next 3 season, but nobody has shown any interest yet.

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