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    Lazio eyeing Bakasetas from Alanyaspor. 10 goals 5 assists this season, mainly as a second striker in Turkish Super Lig. His value went from 500,000 to 5 million in this slightly more than half season (pro coronavirus era). 10x the value he was bought from AEK Athens. Also Sebastian Vasiliadis, the guy who was called the last time in the NT ,Born and Raised in Germany, is eyed from Midtable teams in Bundesliga like Gladbach and Schalke. German fans tell me he had a huge impact in Paderborn being promoted and still makes good and decent appearances with the , pretty much relegated, team. Napoli and like 10 more clubs are interested in Tsimikas. Olympiakos won't sell low coz they don't need to, after selling Podence this season. If he leaves this year he is definately going to a team that can pay 15+ mills, so probably a big team.
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    has anyone used this site? https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
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    Big national record for Nikos Skarvellis in shot put. During a meet in Arizona he broke the record with a throw of 21.05 meters, making him the first Greek shot putter to break the 21 meter barrier.
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    Depends when matches are played and when draws take place. Just checked. Only that of Q3 as both draws of Q3 and PO are held before Q3 and PO are played and after Q2 is played. So, if we are unseeded in Q2 draw Plzen, beat them we still will have our own coeff of 21 for the Q3-draw. If we in Q3 draw one of the top 2 seeds in the spreadsheet (now Benfica or Dynamo Kiev), beat them we will take their coeff and will be seeded in PO
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    I just want you all to know that lightening just struck so close to my apartment that several car alarms outside went off. If I don't make it, I just want you all to know I love you (except for PaokCT).
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    Stoch playing real well today (no quote aren’t you proud)
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    Απλά εσύ κάνεις statement που για μένα ακούγεται δογματικό χωρίς να αποδεικνύεις γιατί το ρόστερ είναι κακό. Πάρε τους παίχτες έναν έναν και πες πού διαφωνούμε... Εγώ και ο Εμπερορ αναλύσαμε με επιχειρήματα και λεπτομέρειες γιατί ο άνθρωπος είναι εμμονικος και άσχετος, αναλύσαμε και αυτό το ματς λεπτό προς λεπτό, και εγώ ανέλυσα και τους παίχτες ενας προς έναν, νομίζω αντικειμενικά.... Να σου πω και άλλα; Αν αναγάγεις τη βαθμολογία σε 34 ματς θα δεις ότι φέτος δε θα βγαίναμε Ευρώπη. Βγήκαμε απλα γιατί οι άλλοι ήταν χάλια. Και όσον αφορά στο κύπελλο, τα ματς με ΑΕΚ θα έπρεπε να είχαν λήξει 5-1 και 1-4. Άρα ήμασταν τυχεροί. Δε με ενδιαφέρει να σε πείσω, απλά δε μπορώ να καταλάβω πώς είναι δυνατόν να βλέπουμε την ίδια ομάδα και να έχουμε τόσο διαφορετικές απόψεις.
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    Emperor you’re really gonna compare Pantelidis to what Oenning has done? Does constancy mean anything to you? Who was the last Aris coach to bring consistent results and ensure you’re always a hard team to beat? You gotta go a long way back. You don’t have depth in your squad so the coach has to do with what he has, boost your defense and you go even further.
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    -Κατέστρεψε Μαρτίνεζ -Κατέστρεψε Σουντγκρεν -Κατέστρεψε Ντιγκινι και έφαγε humble pie γιατί του βγαζει γκολ κάθε φορά που μπαινει!!! -Αναγκάστηκε να προωθήσει Μαντσίνι και τρώει πάλι humble pie γιατί είναι 10 φορές καλύτερος από αυτόν που βγαινει -Εβαλε Σάσα στα μπακ έχασε το κέντρο -Οταν η ΑΕΚ είχε 3 γομάρια εκει, εμείς με 2 ξεφουσκωσαμε -Κρατησε Γκάμα που δεν υπήρχε μέσα στο γηπεδο -Ξαναεπέμεινε στα ψοφια άλογα Λάρσον και Ιντεγε, τον εξέθεσαν ΠΑΛΙ -Ξεθέωσε την ομαδα O άνθρωπος πρέπει να φύγει...
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    Demilitarization is a must. In keeping with the money theme, though - police departments generally get these for free, as the military decommissions equipment. I'm sure there's some budget-related accounting chicanery that takes place to allow both sides to realize additional benefits from this arrangement, as well: Moundsville is in West Virginia (one of the poorest states in the union), and has a population less than 10,000. "“We could use it for various things,” Mitchell said. He said the department can use it as a “tactical resource vehicle” for various scenarios." https://www.theintelligencer.net/news/top-headlines/2020/06/moundsville-police-department-unveils-tactical-resource-vehicle/ Also, a good article about what I think is a much bigger problem - the power of police unions have over, well, everything. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/melissasegura/police-unions-history-minneapolis-reform-george-floyd
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    Dems spend a lot of money in places like Texas, which is trending blue as the Hispanic population grows. The bigger issue (from their perspective) is that much of the deep-red states (mostly in the South) have a very well-organized Republican base. I think I mentioned a few pages back that the Republicans have been very good at organizing a few intense interest groups into a coalition that will move in lockstep; these groups are particularly well-represented in the traditionally red states. Even in states like Georgia, where there are broad swaths of the state that are predominantly black, the minority population is still deeply a minority - wiki tells me that blacks make up only 27% of Georgia, while its capital (Atlanta) is 51% black. I think that media tends to forget that all because you see one concentration of one group, doesn't mean that they are actually the largest group. There is a possible realignment actually happening now anyway, wherein the southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, Texas) may be trending more liberal as the Hispanic populations both grow and exercise the vote. Meanwhile, the midwest and great lakes regions (which used to be full of swing states due to their large "blue collar" populations) seem to be trending more conservative outside of the bigger cities. There is a very real belief that the Democrats have abandoned them as their traditional manufacturing and agricultural industries have been hit by global markets falling grain prices. The Republicans do listen (though I'm sure liberals would tell you the conservatives are just taking advantage of the rubes, which is itself a hilarious way to look at it IMO). This ultimately may be an example of the right-wing identity politics tantra might be alluding to. Ultimately it is difficult to allocate money to all states because money is a finite resource. Believe it or not, these parties do not have billions of dollars in reserve, so they need to target carefully for maximum effect. It is often easier to cede control of a place like Arkansas, if they think they have a better chance to take control of Pennsylvania with those same funds. Of course that's on a national, party-wide level - there are plenty of locally based candidates who will gladly take and spend all of your money regardless of which locality you look at. Not sure what you mean by Nancy Pelosi going up against Trump? Like, in which way? Oh and for those of you who are questioning the existence of radical leftist candidates - the tone of your question implies that you don't believe they exist, so I'm not sure what the point of trying to convince you of that would be? Like we get it, most of the western world is more liberal than the United States. What's your point?
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    classic ...interview
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    Sad to see the big guy go. Larger than life character that will be missed. As crazy as he was at times, he knew his football tactics better than most RIP Alefantos
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    Great goal by Martinez!! He did everything exactly the correct way to redirect the ball and send it in the net.
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    @Blackhawk How did you the Greek reffs go today?
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    Go on! I am curious now...
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    Lmao talking about points deduction when the president of yours enters the field with a gun in his pocket? Delusional as F*** when Saturday night the game was supposed to be played behind closed doors and Sunday morning suddenly 30,000 tickets had been sold for the game Why dont you hope for the goverment to pass a law so Paok and their feeder club Xanthi avoid elimination for co ownership? Basically that as already happened once lmao. I suggest some guys like start being realists because these comments are funny as hell to read, thinking at the same time you actually believe it.
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    One day AEX will earn a title or a place in Europe that isn’t based on points deductions. When that day comes I will take my hat off.
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    Hopefully Paok ends up 3rd because they have no chance whatsoever qualifying to the CL.. Europa is where you guys belong but that's even doubtful considering you have been eliminated from the likes of BATE/Vidi, Ostersuds etc of this world.
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    Estoy muy feliz de no haber visto la segunda parte!
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    That was so bad that I think I will give the second half a miss. I have Spanish homework to do! Perhaps me turning it off will change our luck!
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    These are unprecedented times, aside from the layoff the team needs to deal with negative news regarding the ban. When taking all this into account I can't help but applaud players and coaches for coming out and winning by scoring 3 goals.
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    When I hear Tonso den eimai kala
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    How I adore this little Portuguese magician ever since he arrived
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    Aris came to terms with Matilla, Gama, and Korhut so they will remain with the team throughout the playoffs.
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    The one posted above is working well for me
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    Coach should be we thank to for the season results? We should thank to Cuesta and Gama and 1 or 2 more of his shorter friends up there
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    I've answered many times, he took a crap roster and worked wonders!! If you give a chef cow dung he might be able to spice it up with basil and oregano but it's still manure at the end of the day. He had us with one foot in the final, he got us to the playoffs with a roster of 13 to 14 players and not because he destroyed them but because they weren't good enough. As fans we tend to overvalue our players, if you really look at the difference between the two squads there is nothing to complain about. I applaud him and am glad that he is back.
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    All German officiating crew for this one, with the scared shitless Tzilos as the 4th official. As we witnessed yesterday the 4th official can directly influence the result of a game.
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    Everyone is pushing their own truth, you cant claim the moral high ground by being a bully, tone it down and stick to the issues don't need to call people out. RESPECT each other please and each others right to disagree or have an opinion that you do not agree with. Otherwise the flow of conversation will degenerate.
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    Better safe than sorry!!
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    Coach takes Rose out and leave us with no RB and we ate a goal like that. Or at least it was very little time to spot who took over that RB position cause this concede happened too fast. Very strange Aris team, not to say in schambles. Same as AEK. Almost nothing and they are fighting for CL quali spot being like this 😮 Good friendly match.
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    If there's ever a time for Lamprou to show an improvement in effectiveness, this is it. Looking forward to Akpom manhandling a few people. Hopefully Esiti also has another good game here. Half hour to go!
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    Round 3 Play Offs & Play Outs Preview
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    For the die hards: you can buy a match worn shirt from tomorrow’s game. https://matchwornshirt.com/ Don’t think our shirts will be as expensive like that of Modric.
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    Tone it down a notch, you can have a proper discussion without getting personal or calling posters trolls like you did with tantra, people have a right to disagree and it is not your job to force anyone to "pick a side". KEEP IT CIVIL please. Incumbents usually win, especially in modern times. In the last 100 years only 3 have failed.
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    It's very striking that the people who think Uncle Joe has dementia are 1) Trump fans and 2) Bernie bros. I still haven't seen an actual diagnosis beyond you just not liking him. Joe Rogan is entertaining but also a colossal moron. He's truly a font of wisdom, as long as that wisdom is pseudoscience and anarcho-libertarianism. And I say that as someone with a soft spot for libertarians.
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    Another assist for him over the weekend Rapid won 2-1, he was subbed off after 70 minutes. They play again tomorrow so hopefully he continue his remarkable season. Surely he's deserving of his own topic at this point?
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    Lol it was a little confusing distinguishing each one
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    And for those that did not see it, would you enlighten us senior halcon negro?
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    Καλά κάνεις και διαφωνείς Δημήτρη για να είναι εποικοδομητικός ο διάλογος. Ωστόσο δεν ήταν γκρίνια από μέρους μου. Εκτός από το 1ο ημίωρο που δεν καταφέραμε να αλλάξουμε σωστά 5 μπαλιές. (Βρέχει, μας λείπουν παίκτες, και παίκτες έκαναν μακρινές μπαλιές για να βρουν τους επιθετικούς. Λάθος, αδικαιολόγητο για την κλάση κάποιων παικτών μας. Ενώ ο αντίπαλος με πολλές κοντινές πάσες έλεγχε κατά πάντα τον αγώνα. Δεν το λες και σωστό αυτό...) Η δική μου προσέγγιση Μήτσο δεν είναι να παίξουμε καλά τόσο, όσο να πάρουμε τον αγώνα. -Γιατί αν το κάνουμε αυτό, όταν παίξουμε με ομάδες Γ΄ Εθνικής μας, μια νίκη μας κάνει καλύτερους από τον αντίπαλο μας, αλλά ας έχουμε κατά νου πως κατεβήκαμε στο επίπεδο τους. Κι εμείς, μπορεί να μη κάνουμε πρωταθλητισμό, αλλά όπως και να έχει κοιτάμε ψηλά. Επομένως δεν μας αρκεί η νίκη. Θέλουμε να εξελισσόμεθα. Να γινόμαστε συνεχώς καλύτεροι. Κι όχι να κάνουμε βήματα προς τα πίσω. Κάτι που επιτυγχάνεται όταν συγκρινόμαστε με τον εαυτό μας πρώτα και μετά με τον αντίπαλο. Η διαφορά λοιπόν κριτικής και σύγκρισης έγκειται στο πού αποβλέπουν. Κι εγώ προτιμώ να βλέπω την ομάδα κάθε Κυριακή καλύτερη και μετά πόσο καλύτερος του ήμουν επειδή νίκησα. Και πάμε τώρα να δούμε πώς νίκησα. Σε αυτό λάβε υπόψη σου δύο παράγοντες. Ο ένας είναι ο διαιτητής που ξέρουμε από παλιά πώς μας σφυρίζει. Χαρίστηκε 2 φορές κόκκινη κάρτα στον Ιντέγε (λόγια του Κάκου κι όχι δικά μου από τη χολή που έβγαλε εχθές στο Σαββιδοκάναλο. Η πρώτη, λέει, απευθείας και η 2η σε 2 άλλες περιπτώσεις που επενέβη άτσαλα κι αυτό σήκωνε τη 2η κίτρινη και την αποβολή του). Κι όταν παίζεις με 10 πριν ακόμα έρθει στα ίσα του το ματς, τότε θέλεις κιάλια για να δεις τη νίκη να έρχεται έτσι όπως παίζεις. Περίπτωση 2η: Ο επιθετικός του ΟΦΗ πέφτει 2 φορές στην περιοχή μας μπας και ξεγελάσει το διαιτητή. Κι εγώ -δεν σας κρύβω- πως περίμενα με τη χρήση του ΒΑΡ να το δώσει πέναλτι. Αφού τη ξέρουμε τη στάση του διαιτητή απέναντί μας. Κι αυτό στο 2-1. Ευτυχώς άκουσε τη συνείδηση του και δεν διέστρεψε αυτά που είδε. Συνεχίστηκε το παιχνίδι και πήραμε τη νίκη, που για μένα άνετα θα μπορούσε να έχει ακόμη ένα γκολ. Οπότε: Το παιχνίδι ήταν ανάμεσα στο 0-1 και το 4-1. Η μπίλια έκατσε στον άσο και από την ήττα φτάσαμε στο θρίαμβο. Ρωτώ όμως: Εϊναι σωστό να φλερτάρουμε τόσο με την ήττα, ή είναι καλύτερα να καθαρίζεις το ματς από την αρχή του; Αυτονόητη η απάντηση, κι εμείς αυτό θέλουμε γιατί τούτο είναι το κύριο γνώρισμα μιας μεγάλης ομάδας. Επομένως προς τα εκεί κοιτάμε. Κι όχι πίσω. Παράγων 2ος: Ο προπονητής μας και ο κακός εαυτός μας. Όλοι μας ξέρουμε τις εμμονές του γερμανού. Οπότε το ερώτημα είναι τι θα κάνει στην ανάπαυλα για να αλλάξει τη κακή εικόνα του 1ου ημιχρόνου; Ευτυχώς για την ομάδα γύρισαν λίγο πιο πίσω οι επιθετικοί και μίλησε η πείρα και η αποτελεσματικότητα. Γιατί η διάταξη μας ήταν χάλια. (Δεν θα επαναλάβω ότι έγραψα). Οπότε Μήτσο μου το χθεσινό ματς ήταν για μας θρίαμβος. Από τη ανατροπή περάσαμε στην νίκη και από το πουθενά μια ανάσα από την Ευρώπη. Δεν γίνεται όμως να μη επισημάνεις τι δεν πήγε καλά σε αυτό το παιχνίδι για να τα διορθώσεις. Κι αυτό πες το γκρίνια, πες το εποικομητική κριτική, πες το όπως θέλεις. Όλα αποβλέπουν στο καλό της ομάδας κι άλλοι το εκφράζουν σωστά κι άλλοι όχι. Κι εγώ υπόσχομαι να κάνω ότι μπορώ για να εκφράζω τη γνώμη μου με σαφήνεια ώστε να μη παρεξηγούνται τα λόγια μου.
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    Συμφωνώ σε όλα... Το παιχνίδι το πήραμε γιατί 1) Εχουμε Γκαμα, άντε και Φέτφα 2) Γιατί παίξαμε ως το τέλος ενώ αυτοί κουράστηκαν 3) Γιατί εμείς ήμασταν τυχεροί και αυτοί κάγκουρες που χάνανε τα άχαστα... Χωρίς Ματίγια και με 2 αμυντικά χαφ η ομάδα όντως κόβεται στη μέση. Ο Γερμανός πάλι την διέλυσε την ομάδα. Κάποια στιγμή είδαμε το Μπα να παίζει προωθημένος αριστερά (!!!!!!) και να μπλέκει τα μπούτια του φυσικά, είδαμε τον άμπαλο Ιντέγε να κλωτσάει τα ποδάρια του εκεί που ένας κανονικός στράικερ θα το είχε κολλήσει. Είδαμε Βέλεθ να χάνεται ως δήθεν αμυντικό χαφ, είδαμε Ροζ να μπάζει από δεξιά (κατά τα άλλα ο Σούντγκρεν φταίει για όλα).... Είδαμε να υπάρχει μια τεράστια τρύπα στην μέση και τους ΟΦΗτζήδες να τρέχουν πιο πολύ (φυσικά στο τέλος τα έφτυσαν)... Νίκη αλλά το aftertaste είναι μια γενική αηδία γιατί ήταν σαν να μην πέρασε μια μέρα....
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    Haha damn, that's it?! My state (population of 7mm) has had 98,000 confirmed cases and just under 4,000 "probable" cases. 7,000 confirmed deaths. But we *are* one of the first hot spots, I suppose. Our governor has confirmed "phase 2" will begin for us on Monday, which basically allows restaurants to offer outdoor seating. I definitely look forward to this - in my city, the "main drag" is going to be shut down to traffic until November so that restaurants and bars will be able to serve outdoors (in other words, on the streets and sidewalks). The weather has been beautiful so this is a much-needed morale boost. In other news, the US has "added" about 2.5 million jobs in the latest jobs report, which can be credited towards these types reopenings. Fingers crossed this goes well.
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    Giorgos Vagiannidis, 18 years young and a defender, for a fee of € 400K from Panathinaikos to Inter after just 1 game in the SL. Must be the player with the best ever avarage stats in SL: he was a starter against Panaitolikos, scored in ‘23, gave an assist in ‘39 for Zahid to score and was subbed out in ‘61.
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    Only problem is we are talking about finishing a player from the NT in the age of 32 and replacing with someone, who definitely is talented as looks to have a bright career but at the moment cant be considered as a proven international player and if I recall correctly he is seriously injured? I do agree about Stafylidis' level being dropped down, although I can see him going back to PAOK since they are looking to sell Giannoulis and Stafylidis would be a perfect replacement. Kyriakopoulos of Sassuolo had had a great season with them, so did Tsimikas. Lykogiannis lost his place in Calgiari while Koutris at Mallorca got seriously injured and will be back from loan to Olympiakos in a few months. Has to work hard to earn a spot there. The one who I'm not sold yet is Giannoulis imo, he is literally worse than Kyriakopoulos and Tsimikas in every aspect but he keeps starting over them? Btw a player who needs to be in the next call ups should be Fountas of Rapid Wien, he has scored 14 goals in the Austrian League this season and definitely needs to be higher in the rotation than freaking Chatzigiovannis, Pelkas and so on...
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    Athens, it's a complete mess and only after the CAS ruling things will hopefully clear up. Now, when CAS gets to the case is another issue all together. Originally I had read that Aris would not be allowed to sign new players for the pro team or the academies, bring in players on loan, promote players from their academies, sell players or resign them which is why my original post on this subject was about Aris having a 12 player squad for the upcoming season. Later on I read that players still under contract would be allowed to resign which of course gives these players major leverage. The whole thing makes no sense to me and is completely counter productive for everyone involved. Let's not even get into legalities, how does FIFA expect these players to get paid when you handcuff the team that owes them money? If Aris does not have the ability to make money not only will said players not get paid but more players will have the same fate if the team defaults again. Why not workout a payment schedule forcing Aris to pay a predetermined amount to FIFA every month which in turn spreads the money out to all parties until everyone is paid off? In the mean time have one of their own oversee the Aris accounting practices until the matter is cleared to ensure every penny is reported properly.

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