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    Good game for him overnight in Arsenal's 3-1 win to Burnely. Had a physical match up with Ashely Barnes and took no backwards steps (as we know he doesn't mind a scrap) Had a few crucial last ditch challenges as well when it looked liked Burnely was getting away. Getting mainly 7's and 8's from the sites giving player ratings. His no-non sense style is really starting to endear him to the fans. Bravo Sokrati, keep it up
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Name Day to all who are celebrating. Xronia Polla!
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    Mourinho would be great for NT I think as he's defensive minded and it's our strength. Feel like he's a bit outside of our pay grade though... it seems that a lot of NT teams are getting stronger while we're atrophying. Ukraine, Serbia come to mind. I think what we need is pace for the counter as we absorb attacks and should probably play 3 atb as insurance. Tsimikas and Donis bring pace but we need more on the right flank. Probably Bakakis + Fetfa. Torosidis is good as impact sub at 60+ minutes.
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    Wow man this is so upsetting.. I agree they need to get their s%$#! together and fix this ASAP and it better start with the qualifications of the Euro and no more dropping games to garbage teams...
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    These managers keep towing the same line and how many has there been that went out the back door? Answer is: Many! Must do something different to get a different result. Do the same, you get the same. The manager revolving door will continue with this non-philosophy. Play a speedier AM, actual Wingers and back more youth. Angelino A should consider making a statement and drop Mykonos, Mantalos, Karelis (till he does something), and Bouchalakis doesn't seem fast enough. Fortounis must move deeper-lying to stop attacking raids and pass from out the back to the midfielders. That is his thing now. He is not quick enough, I've seen enough and he isn't going to get quicker. Donis can play as Second Striker this way and there would be two up front this way, along with Koulouris, who does more off the ball than Mykonos. Once a player is potentially a champion player but hasn't delivered after 10-15 games at the highest level, its not going to happen, move on. Next time our strength, being the CB's, let in a soft goal, drop the culprit to the bench also. Players like Retsos and the like, will be ready to pounce on a starting opportunity. Some player feel they have a right to be in the team. That is not putting the National Team first.The manager won't get the ass if he shows strength, only if he makes stupid substitutions.
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    Koutris eyed by premier League clubs : Fuhlam , Everton, Newcastle, Benfica Koulouris eyed by Sporting Lisbon and Watford Bouzoukis eyed by both Milan clubs Looks like agood year and maybe our offensive players get experience in bigger leagues.We needed that a lot.
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    Thats what I meant, thank you! And let me add that Mantalos, Pelkas and the other "useful" players do not play in their normal position while playing for the Ethniki because theyre not good enough. They wouldnt play on the wing if they could squeeze out Fortounis. Their abilities are in fact limited. They can shine in the Super League against Lamia but cannot make a difference against an Estonia national team. Such players shouldnt be called up at all, but as Laputan remarked we had not too much successful players. Some of our midfielders are necessarily filler material nowadays for we havent eight decent (by NT standards) Greek midfielders.
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    I have to agree that we do get more out of the Olympiakos players. What has Mantalos, Pelkas and Bakasetas done for us? Fortounis has scored and assisted twice for us. Tsimikas has an assist on his debut. Koutris also impressive. We haven’t seen Lazaros or Fetfa enough to make judgments. Bouchalakis is just a filler in my opinion as we have no one else. What this team needs is to play the best players possible in the right positions. I also think Kourbelis is a good addition to the team. He is fast, good tackler and reads the game well. We need someone next to him who is a pure CM that is an all rounder. It’s time that we add some youth. Galanopoulos will be in team but I have question marks over what will he bring for us going forward. I have been impressed by Bouzoukis. Talking about allrounders....
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    Whom ever out of Kourbelis, Samaris, Taxi, or Tzioli$ grows a long metro sexual beard and looks and talks like Pirlo will be our answer. Galanopoulos has that so he is in front.
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    Didn't know where to put this so mods feel free to move it wherever. Might not be everyone's cup of tea but I enjoyed this. Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the +8! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOypg5c0RBo
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    Well said Aus, maybe we could get Mourinho to come in and do things his way lol... would love to see it.
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    My heart is with you and I refuse to change ❤️
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    I’m expecting big things from this player. Hopefully he stays healthy and fit because he should be in the national team. He’s a natural winger and has the speed and skill to take players on and is very creative and also most importantly scores goals.He is a very ambitious player and should have a great career. Lamprou and Chatzigiovannis should be looked at for the national team. If you don’t want to play Fetfatzidis and Lazaros outwide well these are your next best options and it’s not Mantalos or Pelkas. These are the real wingers we have at the moment: Lazaros, Fetfatzidis, Lamprou, Donis, Chatzigiovannis, Limnios and Masouras. These players are good enough to play in the national team and are heaps better options on the wing than Bakasetas, Mantalos and Pelkas.
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    Εξαλλος ο Καρυπίδης: "Θα τα αλλάξω όλα!" I don't know about you guys but I feel better already.
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    I'm kind of with you man, I was hoping in the Nations leagues game we would have seen some optimism but he pretty much went with Skibbe's line up and then we needed a second goal against Finland instead of bringing on a second striker and changing the formation he simply removed one striker for another.. I have no clue what he was thinking with the line up and subs against Estonia.. I'm hoping he just didn't want to make too many changes as he was limited with time and hopefully we see different players and style at the Euros.. The in game subs he made doesn't give me to much hope though.. Lets wait and see as he deserves a chance to prove himself at the Euros..
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    Marinakis is behind it. Karapapas is behind it. Tsoukalas incited it. Savvidis is the real xalifi. Let’s not forget Tsipras and the Illuminati. I told you all this would happen if people voted for Brexit. I love how Greeks try to make their theories fit the “facts”. The only fact we have is that a referee was assaulted by individuals who we don’t know why they did it. Most likely they are just violent idiots. Even the referees jump the gun. As if going on strike will stop anything. If true that there is a rich president behind it, will the strike help ? And if it’s not organised but is actually just the violence of idiots, how will the strike help ? The authorities should instead throw their full force into investigating what really happened. In addition they should provide good and proper security to make referees feel safe. No matter how bad a referee is, they at least deserve to not be assaulted. But this is Greece and no such thing will happen. Everyone has their agenda, their preconceived theories. And the system is and has been broken for many many many years. Let us see what comes of this.
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    Lazaros Lamprou scored another (and this time vital) goal for Fortuna. He scored the 2-0 in 80’ in the cupgame against second tier Cambuur that ended 2-1 and Fortuna down to ten men This earned his club a place in the quarterfinal of the Dutch cup.
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    I don't believe you need to defend the entire game but we don't have the players to do control the ball and attack. Renieri tried that and we got ripped apart. I believe Greece's strength is still their defense. What we need is some speed on the wings to open up the game when we have a chance to counter. A few players will change the entire complexion.
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    this was a good draw. AEK was unlucky not to beat them last year was all over them. I doubt that they'll be a fortunate against an Olympiakos that took down Milan. pame!
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    Mourinho has just been sacked from Man Utd. Could always try for him. 😉 On a serious note though, I think you guys were better off with the ispano. Yes he was a bit too attacking and made some basic mistakes but he had the team flying at times. It’s not like you would be relegated anyway so not sure what the big deal in sacking him was.
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    Olympiakos are paired up with Dynamo Kiev. Usually Ukrainian clubs have been giving problems with Greek clubs. It is doable to beat them and advance into the round of 16.
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    I would be ecstatic if a couple of these things happened. Unfortunately I have seen rumours of young Greek players going abroad for yrs and 99% of them don’t happen. NT NEEDS some of these guys to really hit
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    Again I overheard Elena the glamour, next door, talking to Sia and Despo, they are unanimous in their thinking, that Man Utd, are finally going to be lead by a decent manager, without distractions now that Mourinho has departed, that manager being Pogba! The EPO should think seriously about aquiring the services of Eric Cantona to refine Fortouni's chopping down skills-I don't mean trees either. Kosta has a serious skillset when compared to Kourbelis, or any other of recent times at DM. He is not quick enough to play as box to box so its either AM, DM or bench. I still would prefer to see Donis as SS. Fetfa is good, like a Subaru WRX, got everything, but Donis is like a Ferrari with leather interior and a sic radio station playing a George Laz remix. If I wore a skirt, I know which one I would want to sit my pretty little ass in.
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