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    Τι να μας πεις ρε τζατζίκι; Απορώ πως έχεις το θράσος και εμφανίζεσαι ρε; Να μου πεις οπαδός του Ολυμπιακού σου είσαι λογικό να φοράς _edit_ For the record so the rest of PAOK fans in here are aware, Ms. Tzatziki still owes me $100 since last April. He lost the bet on who is going to win the championship. If that type of people are supermods, I don't think there's a place for me here.
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    You Yankees can't stand being 2nd in anything. Have to win the Gold Medal in everything. Even in the covid-19 count.
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    I hope all of you and your families are well, stay positive and exercize to avoid the boredom. Might as well use this health scare to get healthy!!
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    The draw results: Greece Slovenia Moldova Kosovo
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    Trump is a fraud; always been so. He's the most ignorant person who also believes he has the best opinion than anyone else. He's incompetent, and the presidency should NOT be the first gov office for anyone, but that's what the Repubs gave us. I'm more upset with the people who have been supporting this buffoon, though gross violations of the consitution, abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and incompetence that results in many deaths. No decent person would be acting and saying stuff like this man has. And, when it comes to being an elected leader, what decent leader would say don't let this cruise ship come to port with sick Americans becuase "my numbers will look bad"???!!! I hope everyone here is safe and well.
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    Thanks Mitsos. Please stay healthy to all my Aris enemies, so we can continue with the kazoura one day.
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    Yep. I think its peoples coping mechanism, so try and be gentle with her. Something Ive learned about the elderly. Often, although they enjoy their lives, they are marking time. The older they get, the more of their friends they have lost. The more of themselves they lose. They aren't what they used to be, and any attempt to stop them is met with resistance. This resilience you're facing is often the reason they are living longer lives, so rather than fight it, assist them to take some precautions and continue as best they can. 😄
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    Stay safe everyone, ride this thing out and check in on your loved ones. Our grandma has issues with asma and she is taking the whole thing way too lightly going out several times a day. We're trying to tell her that we will run her errands (she has 6 grandkids here with cars and ready to help). Hope the crazy old bat gets the message, but she is showing signs of having not a single f**k to spare. Hopefully the internet doesn't crash, if it does it is zombie apocalypse time.
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    Guys, working for a health service in Australia, and can I tell you that they are doing the best they can. Even so, things are going to get out of hand very quickly everywhere regarding this. Its simply a matter of inputs vs outputs. The inputs are greater than the outputs, which is going to have very bad results. Stay healthy and you'll be ok. Im preparing to spend Easter and the majority of this year completely removed from my mum, and my sister. I cannot risk going anywhere whilst I still go to work.
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    If it's good enough for my yiayia, who am I to argue? Σιόβας: «Σας παρακαλώ να καταλάβετε τη σοβαρότητα του προβλήματος» «Να μείνετε σπίτι! Μη γίνετε όπως στην Ιταλία και όπως εδώ στην Ισπανία. Με στενοχωρεί αυτό που βλέπω στην Ελλάδα, ο κόσμος να πηγαίνει στις παραλίες», δήλωσε ο διεθνής στόπερ της Λεγανές.
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    You guys, this is what you need:
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    It speaks volumes about the people that continue to congregate there. I think I will take my show to the road: "eat beans - you might fart a lot, but aromatic gases will keep the virus from spreading". I sound like a preacher - no?
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    Scary that we still aren't really testing. I watched both of Trump's addresses on the matter and frankly it seems like we're not really paying attention to this still. The second one in particular - how ballsy was it of the administration to claim that Google was creating a website that was going to be used nationwide, when that wasn't the intention at all? Jeez. Here are some links to tracking sites, in case anyone wants them. The first two seem to be run by regular joes who are aggregating information. The third is by Johns Hopkins University and it is much glitzier (and has very good US-specific data, broken down by state). The JHU one also gives a more granular breakdown for individual countries but the site sometimes runs pretty slow (I'm guessing it's getting many, many more visits than the first two): https://multimedia.scmp.com/widgets/china/wuhanvirus/# https://coronavirus.thebaselab.com/ https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
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    Match ended 1-1, consider Olympiakos played with 10 men after Sedeno was red carded.
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    Not any more sad than a "regular" person. The thing isn't *going* to spread like wildfire. It already has. Since my last post we've found that schools in my town have been infected, and we got an email just yesterday saying that the spouse of someone who works in my office complex has it as well. We just got word that we'll be working from home for the next two weeks, in fact. Also worrying: the biggest known source of infection in the Boston area is from a conference hosted by Biogen. Reportedly (according to the WSJ), local hospitals and authorities refused to test people who were possibly infected. It fell upon Biogen to do the legwork on tracking these peoples' movements and alerting the media. If this is true, then we are not in good shape here, folks. South Korea got their act together immediately and that is why they are beating this. Italy did not, and now they're even more of a shithole than they were before. The US is trending towards the Italian example, not the South Korean one.
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    I guess no one has posted his goal from last week, its in the highlight reel (first arsenal goal)
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    Glad that it still goes this way. Imagine there was a neutral prosecutor at EPO/SL that would study the case/facts and decide ?!?! That would be silly, wouldn't it? There is no other country where a club can ask/demand/order a longer suspension because they think/know it suits them better (the red for Giannoulis). There is no other country where you can pick the game to sit out a suspension after 4, 7 etc. yellows. There is no other country where clubs vote about matters concerning the other teams. Kolochanio, like Harry Klynn used to say. Having said that. I'm also fed up with the "epiki trollarisma" and "epiki gkafa" that are mentioned about "failures" of the other teams almost every single day on inpaok and metrosport. Grow up and get a life.
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    Tactically I think Schippy wanted some brawns and grit in the 10 spot and Bakasetas delivered. I think Bakasetas works his a$$ off in practice, has a positive attitude and gains the trust of the coaches in that way (they can't all be crazy or paid off)....probably Staf as well...I can't see any other reason and it would have been easy to drop both these players a while back when things looked grim, right now both have played an important part in the turn around of the NT. A successful team is greater than the sum of all its parts....if you win with Bakasetas as a 10 or a 9 and Staf as CB, you would be inclined to continue using them at these positions if they are effective although I think JVS has an evolving attitude towards the players. A win justifies the decisions a coach makes and a loss brings criticism....it's as simple as that. Also Bakasetas has had a very good year in Turkey and has been playing very well lately regardless of his shortcomings. I think the Schipster is trying to balance things out so the team can function as an ensemble and not as a group of individuals who are chosen only on the basis of their talent/skill.
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    Εκπληκτοι στην UEFA Όμως, φαίνεται ότι ο Δημήτρης Μελισσανίδη δεν περιορίστηκε σε αυτή την επίδειξη τσαμπουκά. Η έκθεση του παρατηρητή του αγώνα κ. Τσολακίδη ρητά αναφέρει ότι αστυνομικοί ανέφεραν (δηλώνοντας ότι θα το καταθέσουν και στην υπηρεσία τους) ότι ο Δημήτρης Μελισσανίδης χαστούκισε τον πρόεδρο της ΠΑΕ Άρης Θεόδωρο Καρυπίδη. Το τελευταίο 24ωρο ο τίγρης από την Κοκκινιά παρακαλάει τον Καρυπίδη να μην του κάνει μήνυση. Τόση μαγκιά ξεχειλώνει από τα μπατζάκια του. Πληροφορίες αναφέρουν ότι ο πρόεδρος της UEFA έμεινε έκπληκτος όταν πληροφορήθηκε για το περιστατικό και τώρα ζητά τιμωρία των υπευθύνων. https://www.to10.gr/podosfero/kypello-ellados/863954/tha-yparxi-timoria-afti-ti-fora-gia-ta-ntailikia-tou-melissanidi/ --------------------------- H ΠΑΕ Άρης λέει: «Εμείς θέλουμε να κερδίζουμε στο γήπεδο όχι στα χαρτιά». Η ΠΑΕ Άρης λέει στο κόσμο της αυτό που θα του άρεσε να ακούσει. Γιατί ωραία ακούγεται. Είναι όμως έτσι; Ή κρύβεται κάτι άλλο; Επενέβη ο εισαγγελέας, θα τραβήξει το αυτί του Τίγρη και θα τον τιμωρήσει για κανένα μήνα να απέχει από τα γήπεδα. Ε, και;;; Τι έγινε; Τι ακριβώς θα κερδίσουμε εμείς αν η ΑΕΚ τιμωρηθεί με 5 αγωνιστικές κεκλεισμένων των θυρών; Ακριβώς Ότι και όλοι οι άλλοι. Να παίξουμε μαζί της σε άδειες εξέδρες όπως ακριβώς κι όλοι οι αντίπαλοι μας! Τώρα, τι σόι δίκιο είναι αυτό που ΔΕΝ ΑΠΟΖΗΜΙΩΝΕΙ ΤΟ ΘΥΜΑ αλλά τους αντιπάλους του, δεν θα το μάθουμε ποτέ. Ενώ, αν υπήρχε η διαδικασία του αυτόφωρου, τότε σαφώς και θα κέρδιζε το θύμα. Ο Καρυπίδης δεν θα κάνει την ένσταση, (όλο και κάτι θα τσιμπήσει η αφεντιά του για τη στάση που κράτησε) και πουλάει ανωτερότητα πως τάχα "θέλουμε να κερδίζουμε στο γήπεδο κι όχι στα χαρτιά" και ζημιώνει χοντρά την ομάδα. Γιατί έτσι χάνουμε ΚΑΙ ΣΤΑ ΔΥΟ.
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    Right now with the injuries could be hard to not include them but J1078 is 100% in all his points. It's rather bizarre - Manolas at CB is a beast and right now, I actually think Socratis at RB would be rather good for us too HOWEVER we saw a transformed team when these two have not been included and we lost ridiculous games with these two there. To play devils advocate to myself and us... how much better could we be with the system JVS is using and implementing with these two at the back... we could even get better BUT only with them been 100% committed to supporting what the new chapter looks like and not ever putting themselves above the team
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    Ahaha is that an xkcd reference? if (teamName = "PAOK") then pointsTotal = pointsTotal - 7 ' fairness adjustment elseif (teamName = "Olympiakos") then call earn_political_plaudits ' 'on the right side' adjustment endif Don't mind me, still half asleep
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    Puts kettle on to boil, checks livescore.com to see the score. F--k 0-1 down already. You serious. Makes coffee. Checks score again. You gotta be kidding me. 0-2. YOU SERIOUS. Has a shower. Gets dressed. Checks score. 2-2. Good lord what is happening. Anyway, good and bad from today. The good :- - The team showed character and didn't fold. If you're gonna go down, go down f--king swinging. - Mihaj seems to have had a decent game. I see no reason why he shouldn't get more game time. - The score although not ideal at least gives us something to work with in the return leg. The bad :- - As pointed out by our Dutch correspondent our set piece defending is quite bad. Cisse could have buried us. Olympiacos didn't have to really work the ball through gaps. All they had to do was put in crosses and it was half a goal. Why we allow them to cross and overlap on the flanks with such ease I have no idea. At least make them work for their goals ffs. - Paschalakis. No idea what's happened to this guy. Right now he's no good for the team. - Biseswar. Not sure why Abel insists on playing him so often. Last season he was never a guaranteed starter. This kept him fresh. I don't know if this was deliberate by Lucescu or not but either way it's obvious Biseswar can't handle playing constantly and gives more when rotated appropriately. This guy is being wasted. - Defending on set pieces. - And finally, defending on set pieces.
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    ^ Exactly, I'm glad we got the hardest group as I want to see how we perform. If we cant top this group against these teams than we have NO CHANCE in the world cup qualifiers where we will have 2 or 3 teams to face that are much better then any of these teams in our nations league group.
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    Here is the 2019-2020season PAOK roster including players on loan. Includes information on contract expiration and estimated salaries: GOALTENDERS 31 - Alexandros PASCHALAKIS (1989) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 450,000 (Buyout option: € 8,000,000) 88 - Zivko ZIVKOVIC (1989) - 30-Jun-2022 - € 250,000 Rodrigo REY (1991) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 400,000 - (On loan: Godoy Cruz) Nikos MELISSAS (1993) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 100,000 - (On loan: NFC Volos) 60 -Symeon PAPADOPOULOS (2000) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 10,800 Nikos BOURGANIS (1997) – 30-Jun-2022 RIGH BACK 3 -Leo MATOS (1986) – 30-Jun-2021) - € 610,000 2 - Rodrigo SOARES (1992) – 30-Jun-2022- € 600,000 Eleftherios LYRATZIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 100,000 - (On loan: NFC Volos) CENTER BACK Angel Jose CRESPO (1987) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 680,000 5 - Fernando VARELA (1987) – 30-Jun-2022- € 1,000,000 + bonuses 4 - Sverrir Ingi INGASON (1993) – 30 Jun-2022 - € 450,000 (Buyout option: € 20,000,000) 6 - Enea MIHAJ (1998) – 30-Jun-2023 - € 150,000 (Buyout option: € 7,000,000) Marko MIHOJEVIC (1996) – 31-Dec-2020 - € 120,000 – (On loan: Erzgerbirge Aue) (Buyout option: € 800,000) 49 - Ioannis MICHAILIDIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2023 – € 60,000 (Buyout option: € 4,000,000) Apostolos DIAMANTIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2023 – (Buyout option: € 4,000,000) (On loan: NFC Volos) LEFT BACK 23 - Dimitris GIANNOULIS (1995) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 280,000 (Buyout option: € 1,000,000) 20 - Antelino VIEIRINHA (1986) – 30-Jun-2020 - € 1,300,000 Marios TSAOUSIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2022 - € - (On loan: NFC Volos) DEFENSIVE MIDFIELD 19 - Pontus WERNBLOOM (1986) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 1,100,000 24 - Anderson ESITI (1994) – 30-Jun-2023- € 700,000 8 - Jose MAURICIO (1988) – 30-Jun-2020- € 1,100,000 Thibauld MOULIN (1990) – 31-Dec-2020 – € 550,000 (PAOK pays 75%) (On loan: AO Xanthi) Ergys KACE (1993) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 250,000 (Buyout option: € 5,000,000) (On loan: AE Larisa) Konstantinos BALOGIANNIS (1999) – 30-Jun-2021 (On loan: NFC Volos) Tasos MELETIDIS (1999) – 30-Jun-2020 Dimitrios MELIOPOULOS (2000) – 30-Jun-2023 – Retired CENTRAL MIDFIELD 33 - Douglas AUGUSTO (1997) – 30-Jun-2023- € 250,000 27 - Josip MISIC (1994) – 30-Jun-2020- € 900,000 7 - Omar EL KADDOURI (1990) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 800,000 51 - Theoharis TSIGGARAS (2000) - € 10,800 OFFENSIVE MIDFIELD 10 - Dimitris PELKAS (1993) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 500,000 (€ 10,000,000 buyout option) 21 - Diego BISESWAR (1988) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 750,000 (€ 3,000,000 buyout option) Zisis CHATZISTRAVOS (1999) – 30-Jun-2022 Georgios DOUMTSIS (2000) – RIGHT FORWARD 18 - Dimitrios LIMNIOS - (1988) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 130,000 (€ 10,000,000 buyout option) 98 - Leonardo JABA ( 1998) – 30-Jun-2023 - € 600,000 Antonios GAITANIDIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 85,000 Amr WARDA (1993) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 250,000 (PAOK pays 75%)(€ 3,000,000 buyout option) (On loan: AE Larisa) CENTER FORWARD 47 - Chuba AKPOM (1995) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 800,000 - (€ 15,000,000 buyout option, Arsenal owes 25%) 9 - Karol SWIDERSKI (1997) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 400,000 - (€ 20,000,000 buyout option) Alexandros GARGALATZIDIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2022 - (On loan: AO Xanthi) LEFT FORWARD 22 - Lazaros LAMBROU (1997) – 30-Jun-2023 - € 250,000 99 - Miroslav STOCH (1988) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 1,000,000 Christos TZOLIS (2002) –
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    Ευχαριστώ για τις ευχές! Τα συμπτώματα της είναι θα έλεγα μέτρια, ούτε ήπια, ούτε σοβαρά. Το πιο δύσκολο είναι η διάρκεια, είναι πολύ κουραστικό να είσαι 15 μέρες με πυρετό, βήχα, πόνο στο στήθος, κλπ, ενώ δεν μπορείς να κινηθείς έξω από το δωμάτιο και το WC σου και στην TV όποιο κανάλι κι αν ανοίξεις να ακούς για αριθμούς νεκρών, ΜΕΘ, κλπ. Σε ότι αφορά εμένα, όπως καταλαβαίνετε έχω επιφορτιστεί όλα τα οικογενειακά βάρη (πχ μαγείρεμα, καθάρισμα, πλυντήρια, κλπ). Και στη δουλειά δύσκολα, άλλη μια μεγάλη κρίση προς διαχείριση! Το αντιμετωπίζω ως εγκεφαλική άσκηση για μένα όλο αυτό, δεν θα με κάμψει τίποτε. Είμαι προετοιμασμένος για όλα, ακόμη και για τα χειρότερα. Κουράζομαι πολύ, κοιμάμαι λίγο, δουλεύω όλη μέρα, αλλά το ηθικό μου είναι ψηλό. Όπως προανέφερα, το προσεγγίζω θετικά όλο αυτό. Τα πάντα, είναι στο μυαλό μας, έτσι τουλάχιστον προσπαθώ εγώ να αντιμετωπίσω τα πράγματα. Προσοχή, λοιπόν, παιδιά και να προσέχετε τους δικούς σας!
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    THIS...... just call this season 19-20-21 and stretch the son of a b1tch out
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    Safe here. Working from home since March 16. Love it. I could get used to it. The only problem will be losing the weight I will put on due to all the snacking. Prior to this s%$#! breaking out I booked my airplane tickets for Greece for end of June. Now everything is up in the air. Netflix is getting a workout at my house. Managed to finish the new season of Narcos Mexico. Also saw The English Game which I highly recommend. That way I got to see some form of football on TV.
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    Since it might be a while until we see the Ethniki (or any football for that matter) thought some of you guys might enjoy this. I didn't know if there was a better topic to post it in, but it's a friendly of sorts between Samaris and Bakasetas
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    300 cases here in Australia. The numbers are increasing steadily and now the question remains are the measures taken so far going to be enough to stop the country going into lock down. The worst case scenario for the government is having the hospital system overwhelmed so they are definitely (but grudgingly) trying to make sure that doesn't happen. I guess we'll know more in the coming days and weeks. I leave you with an article that could've come from the middle ages. What can you say. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-14/church-religious-groups-say-coronavirus-cannot-infect-them/12055476
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    That would suck for Panionios (Greece's oldest team).
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    The Euros have also been suspended for one year. They will play next summer.
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    Personally, I like both Manolas and Sokratis, though they both displayed a crappy attitude with Anastasiades. The problem is that we can't build any play up the middle due to the fact that our DMs are hardworking, ditch digging types who have very little ability in terms of building up the game, so JVS put Hatzidiakos and Staf (who are pretty good at moving the ball) in the back and that proved to make a huge difference. Sok and Man don't provide that aspect of the game and if you have players like Zeca, Kourbelis, Galanopoulos etc. as a shield in front of the CBs the defensive capabilities of Sok and Man are not as valuable as being able to move the ball and transition the play.
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    Of course it doesn't look good and that's what media does well. Ever heard of anchoring bias or anchoring effect? First piece of information you hear creates an anchoring point that incorrectly influences all subsequent assessments. So long as concrete evidence is provided proving that Savvidis injected money into Xanthi then I have zero issues with a punishment.
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    It applies to every game we play as long as the PAOK/Xanthi issue is in force. That means -7 points each game. This not a joke. New Democracy politician in charge of sports said so today. Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, this is an orchestrated campaign by Marinakis/New Democracy on orders from the US government to chase Ivan out of Greece.
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    Zivko back in the goal next match or a big bucket of glue for Paschalakis. But good we could turn the game from 2-0 down to a win. But probably not enough for the return. And Abel knows what to practice these days: Defensive Free kicks and corners. They ruled the air.
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    BREAKING NEWS! PAOK and Xanthi have received their penalties for the ownership issues that have hit the SLGR. PAOK will lose 7 points this season and Xanthi will lose 12.
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    I hope he stays a while, but if he puts in another good performance in Europe, we will surely get offers that will be...
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    Nice win boys, must have been nice for the fans that were there tonight!
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    That’s correct but if they finish in front of Aris they will start Europa Cup a little later
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    I believe it is for the next game. The good thing is that with the red card Giannoulis will finally get some needed rest.
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    Paschalakis can't catch a ball for the life of him.
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    I thought this game was tomorrow and now I'm feverishly trying to get these streams to work MY HEART CAN'T TAKE IT Pelkas and Misic goals on our side
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    Vieirinha is out of the squad due to injury. Starting lineup:
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    Ο ηλιθιος έλιωσε τους δυο κεντρωους την Κυριακή και τωρα είμαστε ανυπαρκτοι...
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    I think Greece will top the group and should easily. Slovenia are on a downward spiral, Kosovo will be up for us but they are beatable especially at the back. Moldova are a horrible side but these are the type of teams that we struggle to put away. I think JVS will have the team focused and hopefully the Ethniki good run of results continues.
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    I can only say to everybody that Bernie Sanders is the only legitimate Democratic candidate who can dethrone Donald Trump. His bluegrass movement and progressive ideas is the countries only hope for a major change. I am all for Medicare for all, free college tuition and raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
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    Παρότι αρειανός δεν μπορώ να μη συγχαρώ τον Ολυμπιακό για την τεράστια νίκη του. Πανάξια πρόκριση, κατάφερε και ισοπέδωσε την Άρσεναλ. Μπλόκαρε αριστουργηματικά τα ατού της και την υποχρέωσε σε μια ποδοσφαιρική φλυαρία με τον ίδιο να δημιουργεί τις κλασσικές ευκαιρίες για το γκολ. Νομίζω πως αυτή τη στιγμή συνυπάρχουν ταυτόχρονα στην ομάδα και μεγάλοι παίκτες και μεγάλος προπονητής. Γιατί στην δική του μαεστρία πιστώνεται η φετινή καλή απόδοση του Ολυμπιακού. Το έδειξε με τους χειρισμούς του στην απουσία του Φορτούνη, και χθες με αυτήν του Σεμέδο. Εντάξει, βοήθησε και η τύχη, αλλά ετούτη δεν σε βοηθά, αν δεν βοηθήσεις ο ίδιος τον εαυτό σου. Εχθές ο πορτογάλλος αμυνόταν πανέξυπντα με 5-4-1 (5-3-2 στην παράταση) κρατώντας την Άρσεναλ αρκετά μέτρα έξω από την περιοχή κι γύριζε το σχήμα σε 3-4-3 όταν έβγαινε στην επίθεση βγάζοντας 1 κει 2 κρυφούς επιθετικούς. Ετούτο το σχήμα καθήλωσε την αγγλική ομάδα, και ξεδίπλωνε επιθετικά τον Ολυμπιακό. Στην Ελλάδα μπορεί να μην περπατά, γιατί ο Ολυμπιακός είναι ο ρυθμιστής του αγώνα, αλλά στην Ευρώπη θαρρώ πως μπορεί και τον πάει μακριά. Πολύ μακριά. Του εύχομαι ολόψυχα να πάει και μαζί του κι όλη την Ελλάδα, ώστε να το χαρούμε όλοι μας. Μπράβο.
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    It was 21°C yesterday and 3°C today in the Boston area. This is how you stay strong.

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