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    I like your line-up except for Fortounis who I think should be benched in favour of Mantalos (assuming he's back in-form following a long lay-off from injury) and Kourbelis who I haven't really seen enough of to say one way or another but feel it's a bit of a leap to insert him in the 11 given his relative lack of playing time. That said, I don't really know who else can slot in next to Zeca as our other midfield options have been disappointing (Taxi, Samaris, Tziolis). And yeah our draw wasn't the luckiest but I feel that we were in with a chance against Belgium and played them tough. The Croatia play-off was a s%$#!-show and I lay the blame at the feet of our inept manager; not to say we shouldn't have lost (they are clearly the better team) but on our day and with the right line-up, we could have kept it competitive.
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    Watching games from this World Cup just shows that some players should never be called up anymore. A majority of teams have athletic midfields with fast aggressive wingers. Players like tachtsidis and tziolis who r slow and lumbering should never be called upon. Players like mantalos, pelkas, fetfatzidis, donis, lazaros should be main fixtures. We need a CM to claim a spot. Samaris or Zechariah are fine but they need someone with energy, pace and skill beside one of them. It would be perfect if mantalos was played as more of a #8 for AEK. Really need someone to step up and take the #8 role
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    We can’t be relegated next year: we have the largest fanbase 😱 https://inpaok.com/457854/stin-koryfi-o-paok-pics/
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    JVC believe me when I say that I would rather PAO stayed in the the top league so that you get to enjoy us winning. If you had been relegated then you would have said the only reason PAOK won the league is because PAO were not in it. Now you get to keep your front row seat to the main show... we are box office and you know it. My only bone of contention with you is that all season you have been whining about curruption and the need for rules to be applied fairly... yet now you are happy for the rules to be ignored and for exceptions made because PAO are a ‘big’ club in geece and have loads of fans. It’s hypocrisy at its worst and pretty shameful in my opinion.
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    Yes, players between 17-20. Greece plays Italy in the semifinals while Spain plays Morocco. Greece can medal here. Greece beat Turkey earlier in the group 1-0.
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    The way Belgium/Croatia have looked underscores how tough Greece's path to the WC really was. And how much improved the team is from Euro qualifying
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    Impossible, PAO has 8,000,000 fans in Greece alone! They were really good in Europe before I was born!
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    Yeah, glad to see you are taking PAOK’s dominance well 😂. “PAOK has done nothing” I know you don’t understand us but please don’t try to compare us to your glory hunting standards. People that think a clubs success reflects their life achievements or their character are just weird and a bit sad. One momment your for the rules being applied fairly and curruption being bad, but when it suits your club you are quite happy for the rules to be ignored and exceptions made.. for what?... money. You and Olympiakos truly are two cheeks of the same arse. Enjoy watching ice hockey in your ‘corruption free’ country and stop being so angry.
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    No word yet. I don't see him getting chosen over Limnios. And if Mistakidis stays, no room for him. At the beginning of preseason he was heavily tapped to be loaned again. He's looked pretty good though.
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    The thing is he didn't call up Bakakis to play right back also. Pelkas and Gianniotas we unused subs in the first game where one of them should of started. Our formation was so defensive that we still copped more goals. Zeca and Stafylidis and Zeca playing on the wings. I agree @J1078 about how we need a midfielder who can do control the game. Fortounis needs to drop back a bit and not play so high up. Mantalos can play there.
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    If you noticed anything from this world cup Defence alone isn't enough as even great defensive teams are allowing more goals than usual. Greece need to obviously keep within in their strengths and focus on their D but need to push the ball and start getting more creative offensively and start getting more shots towards target and not this 1-3 shots on target for the entire game.. This will change I believe only when we find a solid midfielder that can control the field..
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    Greece will finish the competition with 47 medals (2 of them pending of the results in the gold medal rounds on Sunday). Greece is ranked 6th in gold medals and 5th overall.
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    VS MATCHUP: PAOK Thessaloniki – FC Basel COMPETITION: Champions League – Qualifying Group 2- Leg 1 DATE: 24-July-2018 TIME: 20:30 EEST (17:30 GMT, 12:30 CDT, 03:30 AEST next day) CITY/STADIUM: Thessaloniki - Toumba Stadium (28,703) REFEREES: TELEVISION: Novasport (Greece), PAOK’s History against teams from Switzerland in European Competitions 1978-1979: PAOK – Servette Geneva 2:0 (Kermanidis, Sarafis) – Att: 35,000 - Cup Winners Cup (Round 1, Leg 1) 1978-1979: Servette Geneva – PAOK 4:0 – Att: 20,000 - Cup Winners Cup (Round 1, Leg 2) 2002-2003: PAOK – Grasshopers Zurich 2:1 (Hasiotis, Giasemis) – Att: 9,577 – UEFA Cup (Round 2, Leg 1) 2002-2003: Grasshopers Zurich - PAOK 1:1 (Markos) – Att: 6,000 - UEFA Cup (Round 2, Leg 2) GAMES: 4 WINS: 2 TIES: 1 LOSSES: 1
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    2015... PAOK - Brondy. We won that one 5-0. Good vibe in Toumba that night. looking forward to being there again!!!
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    He came down with an eye problem on the day he signed, and also thinks you're cute
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    also shows how unlucky we were facing the opposition we faced. belgium and croatia look like the strongest teams at WC Mitroglou Donis Fortounis Lazaros Kourbelis Zeca Staf Sokratis Manolas Bakakis Karnezis bench/reserves kpaps karelis fetfa mantalos pelkas torosidis samaris retsos tzavellas pasxalakis tachtsi my pick for 23 man squad if we theoretically qualified for world cup.
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    Lookit you, big man... Living in a cement house and all
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    I hope Serbia doesn't make it thtough.... Get Prijo back with the team ASAP.
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    Superleague 22/06/18 17:25 Ο Άρης κλείνει τον Φραντσίσκο Σέρο! (vid) Ο Άρης βρίσκεται στο τελικό στάδιο των επαφών του με τον 30χρονο Αργεντίνο μέσο Φραντσίσκο Σέρο Superleague 22/06/18 13:49 «Όταν μου τηλεφώνησε ο Ερέρα, οι άλλες προτάσεις πήγαν στην άκρη» Ενθουσιασμένος με την προοπτική συνεργασίας του με τον Άρη, ο Μπιέλ Κομπανί δεν έκρυψε την έντονη επιθυμία συνεργασίας Superleague 21/06/18 20:12 Υπογράφει στον Άρη ο Άλεξ Μενέντεζ Σε διαδικασία ανταλλαγής συμβολαίων βρίσκονται Άρης και Άλεξ Μενέντεζ καθώς οι δύο πλευρές κατέληξαν σε οριστική συμφωνία.
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    Here's the first round of players making it to the Netherlands according to sport24. InPAOK posted a list that was missing people like Matos and Vieirinha; goes to show you the quality of reporting. Γλύκο , Πασχαλάκη , Ρέι , Σιαμπάνη , Κρέσπο , Βαρέλα , Μαλεζά , Χατσερίντι , Μιχόγεβιτς , Βιεϊρίνια , Λεβέκ , Μάτος , Κίτσιου , Χαρίση , Μουλέν , Μαουρίσιο , Κάνιας , Μπαλογιάννη, Σάκχοφ , Λάμπρου , Ενρίκε , Λημνιό , Μπίσεσβαρ , Ελ Καντουρί , Πέλκα , Μυστακίδη , Κουλούρη Jaba will obviously be joining, once he is officially announced. And presumably Warda, Prijovic, Pukki, once they are available. Markovski wasn't chosen, so I'd expect a loan to be announced very soon. Cool that Balogianni is there, though I can't see him making the squad.
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    Από το επίσημο site της Βασιλείας (με αυτούς κληρώθηκε ο μπάογκ): "Μόνον ο Ολυμπιακός, ο Παναθηναϊκός, η ΑΕΚ και ο Άρης έχουν περισσότερα πρωταθλήματα από τον ΠΑΟΚ"
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    @jvc the only PAO is paying any debts at all is because they are being forced to. If they weren't threatened by UEFA and EPO they wouldn't pay a dime. As for PAOK or any club for that matter making the CL the world has changed in the last 15 years or so. Every greek team will get a beat down in the CL. The gap between the big clubs has increased too much. The days of competing or beating Juves etc are gone. Don't compare PAOK making the CL now as equivalent to what was achieved back in the days. Different days. You can't compare. In the meantime, PAO should focus on paying off their debts ... even if it's only because they're forced to do it.
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    Jesus wept JVC... You really are an insufferable hypocrite. Why don't oly, aek and pao just go and play each other all year round and enjoy your love affair together? POK is an irremovable stain on your history and i would be utterly ashamed of it, had my club done similar. This the level of arrogance you show when the mask slips is the attitude that enables and feeds the corruption, mismanagement, division, mistrust etc not just within Greek football but wider society. We were told in Scotland that there would be "Armageddon" if the new rangers had to start in the bottom tier. Guess what? the opposite happened and the other teams got stronger and attendances went up across the country.
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    thing that's pissing me off is Arsenal is trying to get the young tourko cb soyuncu. as soon as toprak came to dortmund sokratis didn't play as well - don't think it's a coicidence. he played great with hummels and bartra they should get manolas as well. obviously sokratis's is a professional and will do his best but I think for chemistry purposes manolas would be way better and i'm not sure that mavropanos is ready to be a regular.