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    The penalty is what we call in Scotland, a “stone waller”. Absolutely no doubt about it and as clear as your likely to get. Diego is clever in his movement to get between the ball and defender. The challenge is stupid and clumsy but it’s a clear foul and penalty. Anyone argueing different is on the wind up and I can’t believe I started explaining why it was not dubious. “he started laughing when they showed the replay” Was that because you tried to say that it was not a penalty or that the decision was questionable?
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    Best Chant was in Thessaloniki was when Savvidi was on the bus and there were a few fans yelling "ΒΓΑΛΕ ΤΟ ΠΙΣΤΟΛΙ, ΠΡΟΕΔΡΕ.....ΠΡΟΕΔΡΕ......ΠΡΟΕΔΡΕΕΕΕΕεεεεεεεΕΕΕΕΕΕ" lolol
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    I bet you he will with Tziolis captain. We all would be better coaches than Skibbe. No Fetfatzidis. No Paschalakis. No Vasilakakis. I mean like what is he doing? I've always thought that we have good defensive depth. But I still believe that without Sokratis and Manolas we could get embarrassed. Hopefully not. Did anyone see Donis play against Bayern? Grabbed 1 assist and 1 goal. Both from steals he made. We are lucky to have him. I expect to see 3-1 or 3-0 win but I think it will be 1-1.
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    Our friend from Zambia strikes again:
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    There’s a right way to do this and I thought they did it well. Good on them. Nothing disrespectful in what they said. I’m just so glad for the players and fans we got something from this season. We sure deserved it. Sheez we gave AEX a beating! Hopefully many more to come. As for myself I’ve been doing random fist pumps the last few days and can’t stop smiling. Might have to go see a doctor soon if this doesn’t stop.
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    Brilliant win for PAOK and the team went out with a point to prove and they certainly showed who the best team in Greece are. Big summer for PAOK now in terms of recruitment. Next season with the manager and squad more settled will be good and hopefully they go for the jugular.
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    yeah really want to see Donis play a full game with his form. Mitro is out tho. Ate my words on Donis's crossing being poor it was great last match 2 goals came from his cross against Bayern. Karelis + Donis + Pelkas + Lazaros up top would be a sexy combo I'd wanna c Karelis Laz Pelkas Donis Kourbelis Zeca Staf Sok Man Bakakis Karnezis I want a win above all else. I remember when we were playing iceland we played top lineup 2-0 winning then subbed out our in form players and lost 3-2 LOL
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    Yesterday the Dutch reporter talked about a fact I did not know about PAOK: We are just one of the four (4!) teams Arsenal played more than once and failed to beat in the Wenger-era. Do you know some other trivia about our club? Share them in this topic!
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    Next season we need to totally dominate Greek football, just as we did today. No excuses.
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    1000% Deserved victory today, by far the better team Great to win back to back and this one without any controversy around the goals makes it sweeter. This is how titles should be decided on the pitch without refs/other external forces playing a role. Mpravo re paokara, to axiszame
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    Watch us get a points deduction for wearing masks. We were clearly the better team. They had no answer to our counter attacks, the only thing that saved them as long as they did was our wastefulness and a few great saves by their GK. For me the MVP is probably Vieirinha, but big props to Biseswar for his play. po po po mia paokara -edit- did anyone catch what Varela did for that last yellow?
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    eh little by little. at least galanopoulos got a call up. mavropanos if he keeps up what he's doing will be undeniable. we're so blessed at cb. wish we had this in other positions! we have to play with 3 cb's at the back because of this luxury to compensate for or lack of talent in other positions. soccer is a game of competition and not applying our competitive advantage and doing the standard is not how we're going to climb the ranks!
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    Whatever comes, let it come. If Savvidis continue buying good players we have nothing to be afraid of. We played against Ajax, Shaktar, and Schalke in the past. What worse can happen? And if we make it to the next round a big team is waiting for us anyway.
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    No, FC Twente is relegated, thus #18. One clue: 020 is from the capital. It is like Lord Voldemort; The club that cannot be named.
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    Congratulation boys. Back where you belong. Good luck for next year.
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    Well done guys, great to see
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    And here is the evidence when I checked this: http://dailycannon.com/2018/03/cska-moscow-one-of-just-five-teams-wenger-has-faced-twice-or-more-without-beating/ CSKA Moscow was cut from the list after this years Quarterfinal in EL (4-1 and 2-2; Arsenal to the semis with 6-3 agg.).
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    For me Biseswar, Canias, Crespo and Veirinhia were very good matos, pirjovic and pelkas gave it all but was not their day-to-day. We were far superior and could of won 4,5 nil. Loved the shirts and masks at the end and though the expirement of a foreign ref was fantastic he let the players shine not his decisions. For me PAOK needs to spend big on a right winger, centre mid and centree back and we can make the champions league. Next season we should win the league again with this financial support and backroom set-up and players
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    Players wearing a shirt with "Proedre gia sena"
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    Don't think Gate 4 is the problem. It's the planted saboteurs that I am worried about.
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    Aris victory yesterday clinched promotion to the SL. Congrats and good luck next year. My wish is that they will not repeat past mistakes that led to financial issues but I have a better chance of winning the Chicago marathon than that happening!!
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    It's not Wenger who is spearheading this, it's their top scout and former member of BVB Sven Mislintat and he will stay on and likely have a more influential role now. He is the one who signed Mavropanos and also helped get Aubameyang from Dortmund.