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  2. Not if he is playing well. He still has the ability to be important to the team. He still a good player.
  3. Congrats well deserved. Your presentation was amazing, credit to those who organised such an amazing event
  4. Yup looks like Man U will buy him. I personally would like to see him at Real or Barca.
  5. Even though I am an Olympiakos supporter, I am very happy for you guys you waited 34 years for this title. Personally, it's my first time ever I get to see PAOK FC winning the Greek Championship in my lifetime.
  6. Εμένα είναι το πρώτο μου και ήταν πολύ ωραίο είναι αλήθεια. Πάντως παιδιά να σας πω την αλήθεια, δεν ξετρελάθηκα όσο θα περίμενα. Νομίζω φταίει ότι κερδίσαμε το πρωτάθλημα και πέρυσι. Πέρυσι ήταν η μεγάλη χρονιά που κορυφώθηκε με το Κύπελλο στο ΟΑΚΑ. Φέτος ήταν απλά η συνέχεια και η λογική εξέλιξη του πέρυσι. Άντε και στα επόμενα!
  7. Είσαι ωραίος και μετράς Μήτσο!
  8. Back to Olympiakos. Otherwise his career is cooked.
  9. A+ season from PAOKara this year. Hope that AEK's championship last year and PAOK's this year opens up a new era of parity in Greek football. Though obviously hoping PAOK comes out on top more often than not.
  10. speakers were on MAX volume today driving into work pumping PAOK chants and I have not stopped smiling since I walked in! What a fantastic start to the week.
  11. Oh come one! It is un-Australian, we keep hearing about vegetarians and their choice, they don't need to keep raming it down our throats - Many Australians agree with Mr Morrison very much so
  12. I think he needs to go back to Greece or Portugal
  13. Fantastic moment for the club and the fans! Even though we've know for a while we were going to win it still nice to seal it officially! Would have loved to have been in Thessaloniki last night! Now let's make history and finish the season unbeaten
  14. I have witnessed all three championship titles by PAOK. This one is by far the best!
  15. Yesterday
  16. PAOK dominated from start to finish, congrats on a much deserved championship.
  17. YEAH MAN. Lift that cup! Enjoy the crazy night @DunfermlineAthleticPAOK and @Dutch Eagle.
  18. The Superman bit hahahahahah oh man we're so gonna get sued
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