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  2. Dont worry TO blue we will beat Finland they don't own us at football like they own canada at hockey from men's to women's and even Jr's 😁
  3. God is great..lets remember 2004; Anasasiadis is not great. remember Italy and Armenia..lets continue, Faroe Is. twice with failure coaches Way over the hill.
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  5. I read it's going to be a free transfer.
  6. Honestly, this could be the most inept organization of all time.
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  8. Wow... Just incredible. Not even surprising, and in heard he was a Bible thumper, making players kiss ikones ect. That has no business being anywhere near the team. If basinas made those subs, he's a vlaka too. Maybe basinas needs to take a trip down memory lane when Otto put him at sweeper against Ukraine in 05 what happened late in the game... So he should know plenty about what happens being played out of position. Katsouranis as well when otto put him at cb against Albania, we all remember how that went. I think they gotta keep the 04 guys away from the team. Good players don't necessarily mean good coaches. And for the sake of their reputations, it's probably better.
  9. Charisis just signed with Atromitos...not sure the terms
  10. To be honest, he makes a lot of valid points. The only thing I don’t agree with is how he’s indirectly blaming the fans for not going. If people don’t wanna spend their hard earned money to watch garbage, who would blame them. People work for their money, there are other things more important to spend money on.
  11. Well done Maria Belibasaki! At the R-T-S meet in Samorin, Slovakia, she ran a season's best of 51.96 to win the 400 meters.
  12. Read both of these articles and see how dysfunctional this team is with this coach.. He has destroyed this team.. both articles explain the behind the scenes.. https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/an-ethniki-hung-out-to-dry-part-1-of-3 https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/shocking-details-from-ethniki-camp
  13. It's just going to be a downward trend. By the time this qualification is over we will be down near 60. Only 28 pts separate us from 60th lol 😂 qualifying for the next tournament will be so hard. We will probably be in pot 5
  14. Its over for this campaign. No way we can beat Finland away. I'm sorry but it's the truth. This is not get a new coach and everything is fixed. Greece has never been a football power. We had a chance when we won the Euro 2004. But the money was never invested properly for the future. It was like winning 2004 was all of a sudden a band aid to cover everything bad up. All of sudden everyone was saying we will win the World cup😂😂. Problem is we didn't qualify for 2006 and when we represented Europe at the confederations cup we stunk 😂😂 that should have been a warning that we needed help. But we qualified for a few tournaments and nobody was worried. Now we missed out on the last 2 tournaments and for sure a 3rd. We are 52 in the world rankings. Next qualification we will be probably in pot 5. Do you think we will qualify then too? we can keep changing coaches and pretending everything is ok. But the truth is we are lacking in so many departments especially youth development . why do you think portugal is so good?
  15. We won't beat Finland away. I don't understand how anyone can think that. It's a mess now. The game is like 10 weeks away. This European campaign is over. Be prepared to wait a long long time to ever qualify again. It's going to be Years to fix this mess. We are now 52 in FIFA rankings , 31 in European teams. We will end up probably in pot 5 for next qualification. Then what? Lol 😂 its a chain reaction will take years and years to fix. I don't think we will ever qualify again for at least another 20 yrs.
  16. Get rid of El Kaddouri and Henrique and get a huge BAM for the left winger position!
  17. PAOK improved, Olympiakos and Panathinaikos went down, AEK and O A.R.I.S. came back to A Ethniki. Atromitos is constantly in 4th place and the rest of the teams are same bs as they used to be.
  18. Just wanted to say I was speaking to a guy from Finland a couple days ago whom I recently met at my sons soccer club. We were chatting about the Euro qualifying and I asked him about the Finnish team and he said they are playing much better defensively under the new coach and Pukki has flourished under him and also the country as a whole is more behind them than they have been in more than 20 years and its uplifting the team. He said Greece will be tough to beat in Tampere, Finland and believes it will still come down to us or them for 2nd place. He is baffled by our recent run of results especially how bad we have been defensively. I filled him in on the new coach and that some of our key players are not seeing eye to eye with Ange and that he may not be leading us into the September fixtures.
  19. Yes they did but the Faroes was with tinker man Ranieri who screwed up things so badly with the NT after Santos left. Greece totally outplayed Estonia with 25 shots and they beat us with an own goal. Armenia took advantage of our sloppy start but next time they won't be so lucky...
  20. Watch Atromitos turn him into a world beater. At least we'll have potential for some cash if that happens. Did they pay anything for him in addition to the resale?
  21. Charisis will sign for 2 years with Atromitos. PAOK will retain a resale percentage.
  22. Mitsos is right, we will believe it when we see it.
  23. We have dug ourselves into a massive hole that will take a miracle to get out of. To make it, we will need to beat Finland home and away and beat Bosnia at home. The odds are less than 12.5% assuming we are 50:50 chance. Draws are useless now so the odds are even less. If we drop any points in Finland in Sep i.e. draw to them, then we will need for them to lose at home to Italy and for us to win our last 5 games. With Anastasiadis at the helm, we have 0% chance of winning in Helsinki. Behind the scenes they are searching for the next coach. Some on the board favour Ouzounidis and others prefer a foreigner. Whoever they elect, he will need to know Greek footballers well, both in Greece and abroad. https://www.to10.gr/anonymous/657833/o-agnostos-polemos-piso-apo-ton-angelo/
  24. It would be good to see the players chosen fight tooth & nail, play for a coach that they approved of, buy into his systems. Senior players were not even consulted. The players have more ability than the current rubbish. I for one would like to see a fit Donis, Lamprou, Limnios, Chatzi, Bouzoukis and Bouchalakis all considered. They should bring into the squad Taxi, his passing range, height, experience and headers, and so would be more effective and creative than Samaris and Kourbelis at the very least. Even Klonaridis instead of Bakasetas is an instant upgrade.
  25. And those countries beat us in our last encounter against them. And no, we certainly don't have much quality. There is Fortounis, Manolas and Sokratis. That's it.
  26. The game wasn’t lost on purpose. The game was lost because they are bad. Very bad. Let’s not start with the excuses. They are a horrible team. Plain and simple. They lost to other horrible teams before this guy was coach. And one guy mentioned ang p likes speed. If this is true, this certainly isn’t the job for him. This might be the slowest team I have ever seen.
  27. Hey Deano, I think Tsipras should pull funds out of his orofis and get involved, including finishing the team's centre of excellence too.. Greece have paid back their osterity loans to Germany I read to my surprise, the economy improved above expectation, with a long way to go mind you, finally the government discovered that they can collect imcome and company taxes and pay debts. A decent coach approved by the core group of players is all that is needed. What I'm spewing about is that we bother to support and pick our teams on this site and these guys are playing at 50%. Portugal and Italy have their economies up their arses too but they can still pull a win out. Portugal have 10 million population, yet they can still be a footballing world force. Alot of South American countries, people don't have proper food or eat what the horses eat, yet the Greeks play like schoolboys and are coached by old uncle Spiro from up the street! Fark!!
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