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    Here's what I think will happen. I believe both Dimitri and Alafouzos can't walk away easily....or they would have by now. Dimitri can't afford for PAO to go bankrupt, will damage the brand name across the board, and probably has his name in the PAO books somewhat....will damage his name more. Alafouzos, because it's PAO....the people will demand answers, and when they get them, he will be in hot water....he's probably liable for 20 million. That being said, look for a player fire sale come December. With Molado and whatever the highest assets to be sold....looking at about 6 million....this will guarantee the 5 million to UEFA....and because there's no high wages left on the budget, will bring the years commitments from 17 million to 8. After that the deal will get done. Dimitri knows he will get OAKA, 100 percent. Once that's finalized PAO can hide their debts in the renovation costs....and spread them out over 40 years. All the team needs to accomplish by December, is to stay as far away from the relegation zone as possible....because after December, the team will have no talent left.
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  4. It's sounding like about half the team will be changed, but who knows. There are also some injuries out there, with several people (Leovac, Canas, Campos, Leveque) training individually. I've read Pashalakis, Deligiannidis, Konstantinidis, Zambrano, and Mauricio as starters (a combination of reports on inpaok and paok24), but I really doubt that both of those fullbacks will start. I fear Crespo will start on one of the flanks, which means we can expect some really cringeworthy play. If Campos is injured, then Vieirinha is all the more likely. Though I wonder if Limnios will sneak in? I guess it depends on if/where Lucescu wants to play Mak.
  5. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    http://m.contra.gr/Soccer/Hellas/Superleague/olympiacos/o-xasi-kalese-toys-vasikous-sto-grafeio-toy-kai-eixe-logo.4852812.html The photo looks funny ... looks like Androutsos is saying to himself Im going to take your position now while smiling in the background ....while Fortounis is getting yelled at by the coach
  6. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Fetfatzidis should be in the team no doubt. It doesn't take a genius to realize that. Whether he has a bad attitude or not he could be a useful tool off the bench. Tziolis is useless, at least Katsouranis and Karagounis provided leadership and talent.
  7. Daily Team News

    After the first few games its been hsrc to watch this team. The first 60 minutes vs Athletic Bilbao in Europa qualifying was tremendous, but since that late game meltdown it seems like everything is going downhill for the team. It would have been a huge boost just to qualify for Europa even if they went out at the group stage. It's tough to watch such a historic club struggle on and of the field.
  8. Daily Team News

    ^^The team has run out of cash flow....PAO needs 17 million for this years budget. 12 for contracts and operating costs. Plus 2.5 million for debts due in 2 weeks, and another 3 by December to meet UEFA agreements. Alafouzos is saying he is done paying, will not drop another dime. That means we lose the licence for Europe, and players will be leaving because of not being paid....finishing 6 is a hudge task if in fact Alafouzos is for real.
  9. I still remember those days ten season ago when skoulikia would post fake numbers for their season tickets as part of their propaganda... Good times... Let's see when they will finally lift another trophy and join the A Ethniki again....
  10. Cup-GS-R1: PAOK - Levadeiakos (20-Sep-17, 18:15 EEST)

    I absolutely agree with Ziaka. The team is barely playing football with the starters, I cannot imagine what happens if he brings Shakhov and the rest all together for this match. Slight rotation and use of the new signings yes, full rotation hell no.
  11. Daily Team News

    I watched the game on Sunday and I thought this team is a mid table team that will struggle all season! The parting of Berg, Zeka and Mbokou has cost dearly. The players who came to replace them are nowhere near that level. We are in dire straights with the situation at the helm. Looks like the team is headed for a disaster unless big pockets intervene. I hate to see us end up like aek! It would be shameful to the History of Panathinaikos! The way thing going I see us not even making the top 6!
  12. PAS Lamia 1964 2017-18 Season in SL

    4η Αγωνηστικη Μόνη πρώτη έμεινε η ΑΕΚ στην κορυφή του πρωταθλήματος της Super League με το πέναλτι «φάντασμα» στο Περιστέρι, μετά την ολοκλήρωση και της τέταρτης αγωνιστικής. Ολυμπιακός και Πανιώνιος δεν κατάφεραν να νικήσουν τους αντιπάλους τους και τους έπιασε στη δεύτερη θέση ο ΠΑΟΚ. Την πρώτη του νίκη στο πρωτάθλημα σημείωσε ο Παναθηναϊκός. «Φτωχή» από γκολ η αγωνιστική καθώς στα οκτώ παιχνίδια σημειώθηκαν μόλις οκτώ τέρματα, εκ των οποίων τα μισά με πέναλτι! Αναλυτικά τα αποτελέσματα Σάββατο 16/9 16:00 Λεβαδειακός – Ξάνθη 1-0 (3’ πεν. Μπραντάο) 18:15 ΠΑΟΚ – Παναιτωλικός 1-0 (75’ Πρίγιοβιτς) 20:30 Ολυμπιακός – Αστέρας Τρίπολης 1-1 (94’ πεν. Τζούρτζεβιτς – 55’ πεν. Μανιάς) Κυριακή 17/9 16:00 Παναθηναϊκός – Απόλλωνας Σμύρνης 1-0 (32’ Άλτμαν) 18:15 Λάρισα – Ατρόμητος 0-0 18:15 Πλατανιάς – Κέρκυρα 0-0 20:30 Λαμία – ΑΕΚ 0-1 (81’ πεν. Χριστοδουλόπουλος) Δευτέρα 18/9 Γιάννινα – Πανιώνιος 1-1 (57’ Χαλκιαδάκης – 49’ Μασούρας) Η βαθμολογία Η επόμενη αγωνιστική Κοινοποιήστε:
  13. Daily Team News

    I don't think he can just walk....would he not have done it by now? And I don't believe Dimitri or the family want the books open. If the team goes bankrupt, the books will open to the public. That's why the sharks are smelling blood. They simply want Alafouzos to drop 25 million and leave in the summer. Think about it....sounds like a mob story.
  14. PAS Lamia 1964 2017-18 Season in SL

    3ος όμιλος Κυπελου Ελλαδος ΑΕΚ – Λαμία (20/9, 20:30)Διαιτητής: Στυλιαράς (Αιτωλοακαρνανίας)Α’ βοηθός: Ποντίκης (Πρέβεζας/Λευκάδας)Β’ βοηθός: Κοντζίας (Πειραιά)4ος διαιτητής: Μακρυπόδης (Αχαΐας)Καλλιθέα – Απόλλων Λάρισας (21/9, 18:15)Διαιτητής: Δραγάτης (Ανατολικής Αττικής)Α’ βοηθός: Μητάρης (Ανατολικής Αττικής)Β’ βοηθός: Κάλλης (Ανατολικής Αττικής)4ος: Δημητρόπουλος (Δυτικής Αττικής)
  15. PAS Lamia 1964 2017-18 Season in SL

    http://www.lamiareport.gr/index.php/topika/item/72988-dakl-tin-alli-evdomada-ta-spoudaia We should get the go ahead bu next week the way it looks as far as the DAK Stadium licence is concerned.
  16. PAS Lamia 1964 2017-18 Season in SL

    Lamia got robbed in both games. It's OK we are learning. The way we play there is no way in hell this team would get relegated! The truth of the matter is that we have not played a single game at home(DAK Lamias) yet and we have managed to collect 4 points.
  17. PAS Lamia 1964 2017-18 Season in SL

    http://www.lamiareport.gr/index.php/topika-athlitika/item/72963-olokainourio-to-dakl-mexri-dixtyon DAK Stadium is getting better day by day! I can't wait to see it next week!
  18. Daily Team News

    I wouldn't be surprised. I just want Alfouzos gone from the club! What a disgrace.
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  20. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    fetfa assisted a goal against barca playing for al-kabbob
  21. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    ^ I get what you are saying and I'm not completely disagreeing with you but what is the harm in giving him at the very least a shot even coming off the bench. Yes he is playing against weaker players but the guy looks confident and in form so I truly believe he deserves a look. I completely agree with you regarding lazaros and I hope we see him up with the NT..
  22. Tasos Donis - OGC Nice ◄ Juventus

    We gotta update the title of this thread to say future savior of NT.
  23. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Look man no offense but Id rather have Christodoulopoulos and Gianniotas as wingers than Fetfatzidis. Reason?I got two a) your link has a video. Look at that goal. Do you believe the K15 of Olympiakos concedes this goal? Scrappy lucky goal. b) The defences of Saudi Arabia are the ones that make Tziolis look like a capitano. Suddently someone who plays for Saudi Arabia is good, but the other one is "taking a spot" in the Greek National team. Gianniotas plays in Segunda liga this season but last season was a key success to APOEL having an awesome European run for their standarts. Everyone loved him and im pretty sure that Olympiakos just had him way too overpriced for a team like APOEL to be able to buy him. He scored a goal last match 16september. He got subbed in at 77, he scored at 80. Lazaros on the other hand seems to have stepped up his game. Im only interested on the big games of GSL -vs pao panathinaikos olympiakos panionios(these two seasons is playing a better and more appealing footy than anyone)- but he was also the main reason why they progressed to uefa Europa League and won Rijeca away, much easier than Olympiakos did. Fetfatzidis really is playing amateur tier football and the goal that you posted is just proof of this.
  24. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    My sweet angel Mistakidis will be returning to normal training next week. Yayyyy!
  25. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    http://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/fetfatzidis-scores-for-al-ahli What does this guy have to do to get Skibbes attention??? 2 goals in 3 games.. The guys got moves and creates chances... Skibbe needs to start using the best players he has available and not be so closed minded...
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