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  2. Dam quiet everywhere but for couple of forums 😁
  3. My first post in almost 8 Years, its damn quiet in the PAO forum.
  4. I absolutely hate stories like this: https://inpaok.com/634630/anevazi-synechos-strofes-o-vernbloum/ I'm pretty sure they just copy and paste the same "article" every few weeks. This must be the tenth time we've received this report. Slow news day?
  5. Yesterday
  6. It has been said we are restricted by FFP. I don't know if this is true. I think this season we are hamstrung by a combination of injuries, age and a less balanced squad than last season. Not to mention the fact that our previous coach left 2 days before the players returned for pre-season. This is not an excuse btw, just some reasons for the difference from last season to this. On the field we have not been good enough to lead the league.... END OF STORY.
  7. FFP. And that the transfers were made before we knew he would be hired.
  8. lol I don't understand why the new coach was not able to make even a single transfer....considering the circumstances, he has done a decent job imo what most fans say?
  9. Παίξτε μπάλα ρε κοπρόσκυλα και πάρτε την πρόκριση για να μη σας πάρει ο διάβολος!
  10. In fairness, how often have we had european football in february?
  11. blackhawk, shouldn't you rename this PAOK B v PAOK A?
  12. Today at Superleague meeting there was a vote brought up by Olympiakos to expel PAOK and Xanthi from Superleague because we took EEA to political courts.. Olympiakos, Aris, Panionios and Larisa voted for relegation PAOK, Xanthi, Volos, Panaitolikos and Panathinaikos voted not to relegate PAOK and Xanthi AEX, OFI and Atromitos voted to send the matter to EPO disciplinary commision EPO and Tripoli abstained from voting Lamia did not show up.
  13. None of us (and ESPECIALLY the websites) have any idea what they (the team) are talking about and where they're at in the process. Your question presupposes that it's just a matter of selecting someone and they'll join...but I'm sure it's much more involved than what we assume. -edit- spelling
  14. What i don't understand...... is why do we leave transfers till June to start talking about and planning. Shouldn't we have the signings we want already selected? I have never worked in a European football club.. But I dont get it.
  15. Jeez... https://inpaok.com/634562/atychia-gia-gaitanidi/ I do NOT want this kid to become a walking talking accident.
  16. Well when you put it that way, we ARE the winners!
  17. 2 goal balame kai xasame 0 - 1 etsi einai to podosfairo ti na leme twra !
  18. VS MATCHUP: P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki – Olympiakos Piraeus COMPETITION: Greek Cup – Semifinal – Leg 1 DATE: 04-March-2020 TIME: 21:30 EET (19:30 UTC, 13:30 CST, 06:30 AEDT next day) CITY/STADIUM: Thessaloniki – Toumba Stadium (Capacity: 28,703) REFEREES: TELEVISION: COSMOTE Sport 1 (Greece), Antenna Satellite/Pacific (USA, Canada/Australia) PAOK – Olympiakos Greek Cup history: 2013-2014: SEMIFINAL-L2: PAOK – Olympiakos 1:0 (Athanasiadis) - Attendance: 17,789 (The “gavroi on the bench” game, with a 5 kilos of gavroi being placed on Olympaikos bench prior to the game by a fan, resulting in delay of game, and severe punishment by EPO) 2013-2014: SEMIFINAL-L1: Olympiakos - PAOK 2:1 (Athanasiadis) - Attendance: 32,000 2010-2011: QUARTERFINAL-L2: PAOK – Olympiakos 1:0 (Salpiggidis) - Attendance: no fans (the famous game played behind closed doors with Marinakis throwing whiskey bottles at people from the VIP suite and the police helicopters hovering over Toumba and Thessaloniki) 2010-2011: QUARTERFINAL-L1: Olympiakos - PAOK 1:1 (Vieirinha) - Attendance: 28,404 2008-2009: QUARTERFINAL-L2: Olympiakos - PAOK 2:0 (aet) - Attendance: 23,983 2008-2009: QUARTERFINAL–L1: PAOK – Olympiakos 1:0 (Concensao) - Attendance: 21,043 2002-2003: QUARTERFINAL-L2: Olympiakos - PAOK 1:2 (Georgiadis, Okkas) - Attendance: 11,466 (Rizoupolis Stadium, Athens) 2002-2003: QUARTERFINAL–L1: PAOK – Olympiakos 3:1 (Georgiadis, Markos, Okkas) - Attendance: 17,647 2000-2001: FINAL: Olympiakos - PAOK 2:4 (Egkomitis, Borbokis, Georgiadis, Nalitzis) - Attendance: 13,300 (Nea Filadelfia, Athens) – CUP WINNER 1999-2000: Round of 16: Olympiakos - PAOK 2:1 (Frousos) - Attendance: 17,317 (Single leg tie) (OAKA Stadium, Athens) 1996-1997: Round of 16-L2: Olympiakos - PAOK 2:1 (Tasiopoulos) - Attendance: 4,503 1996-1997: Round of 16-L1: PAOK – Olympiakos 1:2 (Zouboulis) - Attendance: 20,498 1991-1992: FINAL-L2: Olympiakos - PAOK 2:0 - Attendance: 29381 1991-1992: FINAL–L1: PAOK – Olympiakos 1:1 (Skartados) - Attendance: 25,744 1990-1991: Round of 32-L2: PAOK – Olympiakos 3:0 (Karageorgiou, Borbokis, H. Hassan) - Attendance: 33,411 1990-1991: Round of 32-L1: Olympiakos - PAOK 2:0 - Attendance: 17,789 1989-1990: Round of 16-L2: Olympiakos - PAOK 1:0 (5:3 pen) - Attendance: 22,090 1989-1990: Round of 16–L1: PAOK – Olympiakos 1:0 (Lagonidis) - Attendance: 27,217 1985-1986: Round 2: Olympiakos - PAOK 0:0 (4:3 pen) - Attendance: 25,955 (Single leg tie) (OAKA Stadium, Athens) 1980-1981: FINAL: Olympiakos - PAOK 3:1 (Damanakis) - Attendance: 30,512 (Nea Filadelfia, Athens) 1979-1980: Round of 32: Olympiakos - PAOK 1:2 (Orfanos, Vasilakos) - Attendance: 38,150 (Single leg tie) 1978-1979: Round of 16: Olympiakos - PAOK 2:2 (6:5 pen) (Guerino, Kermanidis) - Attendance: 38,846 (Single leg tie) 1975-1976: SEMIFINAL: Olympiakos - PAOK 1:1 (6:5 pen) (Guerino) - Attendance: 38,846 (Single leg tie) 1974-1975: SEMIFINAL: Olympiakos - PAOK 4:0 - Attendance: ? (Single leg tie) 1973-1974: FINAL: Olympiakos - PAOK 2:2 (3:4 pen) (Paridis, Aslanidis) - Attendance: 26,402 (Nea Filadelfia, Athens) – CUP WINNER 1972-1973: FINAL: Olympiakos - PAOK 1:0 - Attendance: 40,070 (Karaiskaki Stadium, Piraeus) 1970-1971: FINAL: Olympiakos - PAOK 3:1 (Sarafis) - Attendance: 38,000 (Karaiskaki Stadium, Piraeus) 1950-1951: FINAL: Olympiakos - PAOK 4:0 - Attendance: ? (Leoforos Alexandras, Athens) GAMES: 28 WINS: 9 TIES: 6 LOSSES: 13 All home games played at Toumba Stadium. All away games played at Karaiskaki Stadium unless otherwise noted. PAOK never played a single leg tie at home against Olympiakos. All Finals against Olympiakos were played either in Athens or Piraeus.
  19. I agree. I am no more annoyed with Ferreira than I am with some of Lucescu's stupid calls. Every coach has their issues; Ferreira had to come in to a terrible situation at the last second. Remember, it wasn't that long ago that we had a revolving door of subpar coaches and a struggle to hit 3rd place. We are light years ahead of where we once were.
  20. For Ferreira to leave we will have to pay him close to six mil. With FFP, which prevented us to make any transfers in January that option is almost impossible. He will be our coach next season. Hopefully he will be able to have a say on what players to keep and acquire in the summer. That way he can build a team the way he wants. Lucescu really screwed the team last summer by quitting just 2 days before the pre-season training.
  21. In order for a signing to be successful the player has to play. Stoch did not get any chances to play because the coach hates him. Stoch was a transfer made by George without asking the coaches opinion. Overall there is poor planning as far as transfers is concerned . Always has been. I think the big reason is that coaches are not consulted or have a say in the matter.
  22. I thought this was his last year?! Jeez, rough
  23. Είσαι ο παλιός Lamiara ole από Τορόντο που έγραφε παλιά αλλά μετά χάθηκε;;;
  24. Εγώ ήμουν στο Λεβερκούζεν, ένα παιχνίδι που το χάσαμε από γκολ του Βιτάλ στο 89ό λεπτό στις 4 Νοέμβρη, και η νίκη επί της Αθλέτικο, 1 μήνα μετά, μας έδωσε την πρόκριση όπου αντιμετωπίσαμε την Μάντσεστερ. Εποχές δόξας, εποχές Κούπερ... Εύχομαι να είμαστε "μέσα" και στα επόμενα μεγάλα ματς που θα έρθουν!
  25. All our signings have been duds. Maybe a bit harsh but considering roughly 7.5 million was spent on Augusto, Esiti and Stoch you can't say they've been successful signings. I would've thought 2 out of the 3 minimum would be first team players. We need to do better with our transfers in the summer.
  26. Wernbloom ha ha. What can you say. Technically he's contracted until 2021 so not sure if he'll be leaving.
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