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  2. After missing the first place thanks to Epo who renewed the contract of a bad coach, the players like Tzavellas and co who did anything they could in order for the coach to stay and of course the coach himself, we also miss our greatest opportunity to qualify for the tournament. Bye bye Euros.
  3. Lmao after all this s%$#! you think some inactive 27 year old journeyman who last played in Israeli relegation sides and even then was kicked out of the squad, should be in a team that aims to be a regular participant in Euros and WCs. Perhaps in an alternative universe.
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  5. Realistically we only have 3 good players in this current team. They are Fortounis, Sokratis, Manolas and also soon to be Vlachodimos. You add Fetfatzidis and Holebas and we are getting somewhere. Mitroglou has more negatives than positives and the rest are either complete garbage or average at best. Also did someone mention Ninis? 😂😂 Apparently we are never to speak of that name here. It's forbidden according to some people 😂. Finally someone on here who has the same view as me about him even though it seems like he has left the earth.
  6. What a tragic night for Greek football. Where do we go to from here? I agree, the loss of Holebas and Siovas has hurt us.
  7. Good thing Tziolara played or we would of lost 3-0! Manolas was partly responsible for the first goal, deflecting a silly Tzavellas header gone wrong to the opposition; Pelkas HAD to put Fortounis away with a through ball, but he took an unrealistic long range shot and it went wide; Bakasetas is NOT able to cut through with serious pace, as Lazaros showed from the 55 min mark; Tzioli$ was a calming influence in the first half then faded and was ineffective as was Bakakis. Skibbe cannot inspire this team so a new manager is needed from now. The idiots that didn't choose Bielsa need to pick my blackheads!
  8. yup pretty much perfect 23 man squad. obviously if some players find their form like Karnezis, Samaris, Kpaps, Ninis though I'd put them in too
  9. most coaches are like this to be fair. they rarely admit fault
  10. nasl

    Sotiris Ninis ‒ (free agent)

    Ninis signed with HApoel Ashkelon In the 2nd division He scored in his first match on 10-08-2018.
  11. Basically if i understand we need to beat finland 3-0 in greece and also beat estonia and they have to lose their remaining match against hungary Would this be correct ? Because we need to score do any of you guys think Fetfatzidis should start. I still think that Fetfatzidis and also Sotiris ninis are more talented offensively than many players we have in greece at the moment
  12. How can tziolis do a one touch pass when his first touch always went to the opposite team?
  13. I couldn't believe it when I heard the commentator say Tzavellas was coming on for the start of the 2nd half and then Finland score a minute in on his bad header and Manolas couldn't clear the ball. Siovas should be a no brainer. I am so angry with this bs.
  14. ^ I like that roster, if Skibbe gets fired maybe it opens the door for Holebas to return to the team. I don't get why he did not call up Siovas?
  15. This should be our list of players moving forward. Vlahodimos, Barkas, Pashalakis Bakakis, Torosidis, Manolas, Sokratis, Retsos, Siovas, Stafylidis, Holebas Galanapoulos, Kourbelis, Zeca, Mantalos, Pelkas, Fortounis, Fetfatzidis Lazaros, Donis, Klonaridis, Karelis and Mitroglou That's it!!!!
  16. Ellada2004

    Giorgos Samaras ‒ (free agent)

    yes the goal vs Germany was incredible to tie the game at 1-1. Also when he scored vs Croatia in Athens to help send Greece to Euro 2012.
  17. I hope so, the EPO said that Skibbe had to get 2 wins in these two games or else he would be out. Let's see if they follow through and fire him.
  18. It's mind boggling, how can we be losing to Finland and Hungary? Today Greece not only lost but were being dominated by Finland who are ranked 58th in the world. In this group I was thinking we would get 14 points and first place, major disappointment.
  19. This could be a blessing in disguise. Fire the coach, replace him with someone capable, bring back Holebas!, call up Vlahodimos and Klonaridis and STOP with Tziolis and Tzavellas. I never want to see these two near the NT again. Start calling up Galanopoulos and we'll be fine in Euro qualifying.
  20. That's true lol he was a disaster. But this guy's a very close 2nd place. That press conference he did after the game today was such a joke as well. They needed to hammer him about the wing play. He's gotta be gone after today's. There's no way they let him keep going. He's sitting there congratulating a team that we should have wiped the floor with. We have very talented players in the pool, he just chooses not to scout them. It's obvious that he just picks based on minutes guys are playing, not based on if they're actually producing in their mins for club. You could see how frustrated mitro and fortou were cause they kept coming back to get the ball. And that's not good either cause then no one is up where they're supposed to be so they have no one going forward. Tsiolis couldn't even handle the ball today, he kept trying to do 1 touch passes and they weren't good passes. He's in a position that is supposed to distribute the ball forward and he did anything but that. Pelkas was fine, he's not a winger so he did exactly how'd I'd expect him to do playing out of position. He did have his head down a couple times when he needed to be looking up, but that was about it. He ran hard, but he's just not fast enough to be on the wing.
  21. It is well known we are back in the dark ages. This was clear after Brazil 2014. No coach is going to make these duds get you anywhere. Until a Karagounis type player emerges with a few other half decent players just forget about it.
  22. It's so comical, it's literally like it's out of a cartoon cause it's so unbelievable what we all saw today.
  23. Full of excuses! You sir drag Greece down to the lowest level on any international competition. Greece should be playing in League D with such BS performance. Greek fans deserve better! At least in Greece our track and field athletes brought us more joy than this hot garbage!
  24. i'm all for possession football but ....i'm 100% sure we broke a record today for passes to our keeper insane
  25. I think a lot of you are over estimating this team. Besides 3 maybe 4 guys the rest shouldn’t even be in a Sunday beer league. They suck. Not to say coaching isn’t responsible, but there’s only so much you can get from s%$#!.
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