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  3. Looks like his coach has also confirmed that there was an offer made. This is REALLY for real. Great move. -edit- Sliti has also confirmed contact, hahaha https://www.transfermarkt.com/naim-sliti/profil/spieler/184491 <-- here's his profile, if we get him then Henrique is surely on his way out. Way too many wingers.
  4. If that is the case then Markiz and all the other bars in Valaouritou are opening champagne bottles tonight.
  5. Όλα πάνε μια χαρά. Μπράβο! Και αν πάρει τα τηλεοπτικά η ΕΡΤ θα βλέπουμε και δωρεάν τα εντός έδρας!
  6. Why the hell do we keep being linked with Stoch every summer? It would be a terrible move.
  7. If the rumored allegations are true, than he will have a tough time in jail.
  8. Deligiannidis is also called up for preseason. I figured he'd be simply cut, though it would be nice if he could be used in his actual position to see if he's any good... But yes he's probably called up to play LB in a few friendlies.
  9. I honestly don't know what the exit strategy for the team is - who would want to take him at this point? You're absolutely right; he'll end up in some French jail at some point after trying to get handsy with some mademoiselles in a port city. That is if he doesn't get killed during.
  10. This guy will one day end up in jail. I think very soon we will be discussing Warda in the ex-PAOK Players section.
  11. Henrique is probably history if Stoch comes. Apparently Henrique's agent is due in Thessaloniki to talk about contract extension, which would mean yet another loan. I like Stoch too and offensively he will help, but our left side will suffer defensively if we are going to play with Gianoulis and Stoch on that side. Rumors are we are buying Stoch for 1.5 mil from Slavia and are signing him to a 3-year contract at 1 mil per season. Also news that Augusto had a very serious disease couple years ago. Hopefully the PAOK doctors know what they are doing.
  12. At the same time, others are saying Sliti: https://inpaok.com/574416/o-paok-kitai-ton-sliti/ We live in interesting times! I could see us moving for both if the Henrique rumors from earlier are true.
  13. Some sites even reporting its a done deal (regarding Stoch)
  14. E τότε είχε δίκιο ο Sadiq... Nα αυτονομηθεί το Λονδίνο (έτσι κι αλλιώς είναι μια παγκόσμια πόλη και οικονομικό κέντρο). Η δε Σκωτία να γίνει ανεξάρτητο κράτος και να μείνει στη ΕΕ, και η Αγγλία αφού θέλει να απομονωθεί, ας απομονωθεί εκεί στο νησάκι. Και καλά ξεμπερδέματα.
  15. Warda is removed from Egypts squad for the rest of the African cup of nations. He can not be replaced. Same old song and allegations. Gazokefte!
  16. I wonder if there's any software available that lets you map out the connections between various social media accounts. Saw someone early this morning post "hey, maybe Stoch will come back!" Every time I check back now, more and more accounts are saying we're linked with Stoch. BTW I like Stoch! -edit- these guys are saying a Slovak site is making the claim: https://inpaok.com/574399/konta-se-paok-o-stoch/
  17. I thought Karnezis maybe heading out to another Seria A team - but he did just renew with them...
  18. NAME: Zivko ZIVKOVIC POSITION: Goaltender JERSEY NUMBER: 88 BIRTHDAY: 14-April-1989 BIRTH PLACE: Uzice, Yugoslavia HEIGHT: 1.94 m PAOK DEBUT: NT DEBUT: PREVIOUS TEAMS: AO Xanthi, FK Teleoptik Zemun, FK Metalec Gorniji Milanovac, FK Teleoptik Zemun, FK Partizan Belgrade CONTRACT ENDS: 30-Jun-2022 SALARY: € per season
  19. In the 2019 European Games in Minsk, Anna Korakaki won Greece's first gold medal in the game with a new European Games record of 35 points in the 25 meter pistol. She won silver two days ago in the 10 meter air pistol. Well done!
  20. Practically confirmed Manolas heading to Napoli for €16m and Diawara. He will play alongside highly respected CB Koulibaly. Found an article quoting canavaro praising the two: https://app.football-italia.net/?referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.football-italia.net%2F139905%2Fcannavaro-manolas-koulibaly#article/footballitalia-139905 he seems very confident that with manolas the team can take the champions league trophy. Napoli have also recently acquired James Rodriguez (Colombia). And Karnezis is another player in Napoli although I’m pretty sure he is their third string keeper
  21. Breaking news (6/25)... Muller will testify in open session of a Congressional committee on July 17th. @Lazarus Muller has listed over 10 instances of conspiracy to obstruct and of obstruction of justice by president Trump. So, maybe technically you can still use the word "allegedly" but com'on, it's more than obvious. Trump himself and his WH counsel have basically admitted as much. (In the video above, the definition is at 3:30') Elections have big consequences, especially in times when the choices are stark, leaders and parties share little in common. We wouldn't have Congressional investigations of Trump if it weren't for the Dems winning the House in the last election. You know, this is "pride month". This marks the 50th anniversary (1969) of the Stonewall riots (NYC) that spurred the gay rights movement and the formation of dozens of new civil rights organizations opposing discrimination. The conservatives have always been against individual rights that they didn't like... and they trampled over civil liberties by whatever means they could. It was also in June of 2015, just 4 years ago, that the Supreme Court recognized the constitutional right of consenting adults to marry a person of their choice! The vote was by slim majority 5-4. Most likely today's high court would have ruled the opposite way. So, the question is, how are justices nominated and confirmed to the highest court of the land? Well, the simple answer is: elections! Electing a president and senators. With a Dem in the WH today, the S.C. would have had a solid liberal majority, and we wouldn't have to worry about regressive anti-choice laws, etc. Many of the freedoms and choices we enjoy today came via court rulings.
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