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  2. Listening to radio from Thessaloniki, it seems a lot of people rate Insua and think we should've gone hard for him. Especially if we end up selling Giannoulis. Can't say I saw much of him except when we played them, he seemed okay nothing hugely impressive but again that's based off of a few games.
  3. Ninua has deleted all of his tweets since July 1st, probably because his agent slapped him. Here's another tweet to replace that:
  4. Congratuations to Tsimikas, for signing with Liverpool fc!
  5. Yesterday
  6. the PAOK FC tweet about this game is a s%$#! show of turkish propaganda. do these guys keep a massive folder of kemal pictures on hand or something? i especially like the tweets from some of them teasing us about them beating oly 4-1. they really don't understand greek football
  7. Watching Paok v Volos. Players dont seem to have a clear mind, i hope that due to it being early preseason and having heavy legs, & this is the reason not due to Ferriera not being able to speak clearly and players losing focus when he speaks! As this was evident in the documentary made shown on PAOK TV with all the dressing room footage shown. You could tell players were like wtf this guy on about. Have you heard the way he prenounces character? Like I have no issues with accents but F*** when its so bad the person doesnt know how to say the word, use a translator ffs. He cannot even say PAOK properly! Anyway Schwab looked good, Esiti looked good for me, so did Mihaj & Michailidis! I hooe Jaba can get back to were he was prior to injury. Balogiannis is for an OFH or mid table team no need to have him on squad.
  8. They all do, I believe all the big Turkish teams are under third party administration of their finances. The Turkish league is about to implode (which will make them extra desperate for this CL money, as it could make or break their season).
  9. Diaby, Boateng, Burak Yilmaz, Gonul, Erkin, Elneny. Apparently they have serious budget issues.
  10. We can't play any games at Toumba as the pitch is being replaced.
  11. If we play in Greece θα εχουμε επεισοδια win or lose. i see a euro-ban on the horizon.☠️☠️☠️ im hoping itll be played somewhere else. can we make some phone calls and get it played in like romania or serbia or something?
  12. During the last minutes of the game the reporter said PAOK want to play two more friendlies. And also that it is difficult to find opponents as 1. travelling abroad is difficult for us but also for foreign teams, and 2. most Greek teams are yet to start their pre season training.
  13. Saw a few retweets of Turkish sports sites saying there's a good chance that the game will be played on neutral ground, though a recent post by inPAOK seems to say otherwise. I guess we'll see.
  14. Who else do we play coming up in friendly matches?
  15. Doesn't UEFA's own TV deal preempt PAOKTV's ability to show this?
  16. Rumor is that the PAOK - Besiktas will take place on August 26 at 22:00 EEST. Also it's almost certain that it will be televised on PAOK TV.
  17. For sure, and against better competition. Sadly I can't see us finding someone from out of the country to play against. And you're right about Giannoulis - I bet they're safeguarding him in case of injury. Hope we make some good money off the kid
  18. Important game that we need to win just to secure EL group stage spot. Besiktas lost several key players in recent days. Also their first training session for next season was today, which should give us some advantage.
  19. The entrance of Matos made the difference in the 2nd half. I don't want to see Limnios playing that position again. Giannoulis was not even dressed to play. I have a feeling he has been sold. Need couple solid friendlies before the battle with Besiktas.
  20. Indeed. Whar I also like is the fact that ever since the goals of OFI in the first half we have played 6.5 games without conceeding a goal.
  21. Plays with confidence, I like what I see. The build up to the cross was pretty good, you must admit!
  22. Good goal Koutsias. Bad assist though. The kid is just 16 !!!
  23. Goal "Akpom," off a deflected shot by Esiti Pelkas finally coming on
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