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  2. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Is Ange Postecoglou leaving the Socceroos?
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  4. Sl–R5: PAOK - PAS Giannina (24 Sep 17, 16:00 Eest)

    I have a feeling he will go with Leovac over Deligiannidis. Also, I think Vierinha will get a start over Mak.
  5. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    When Vellios was out here in Australia, he gave a great death-stare at one of the Socceroo players in one game That must count for something as it was world class. At the end of the day, he and Tziolara must join Mitro on his next trip to Mykonos. Those who want the 3 4 3 or 3 2 4 1 or 3 5 2 team structures, (Sokrati..Kyriak..Manolas at the back), it could well be coming to you next year. Ange will be available in the near future, to turn us into an attacking force with an abundance of flair! Fat Fetfa and Toro will become greyhounds from all the running up & down the sidelines.
  6. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    We told them 5 years ago that the day will come, when they will be begging for the CAPTAIN, KAPETANIO to SAVE THEM....Well the day has arrived. http://www.gazzetta.gr/football/article/1140474/giannakopoylos-kapetanios-poy-sashreiazetai-
  7. Campos and Crespo will not be included in the squat (injuries). Same with Leveque, which goes without saying. I don't think the full list of players has otherwise been announced, but I'm going to guess we'll see something like this, with a possibility of Pelkas or Cimirot starting over Shakhov: --Rey-- --Matos--Zambrano--Varela--Deligiannidis-- --Mauricio--Shakhov-- --Limnios--El Khaddouri--Mak-- --Prijovic--
  8. PAOK Players on Loan

    Henrique scored his first goal for Qarabag
  9. Former PAOK Players/Coaches

    Time flies when you're having fun.
  10. Unreal: Μια νέα εξέλιξη σημειώθηκε στο θέμα του φιλικού του Άρη με την Μπόκα Τζούνιορς. Σύμφωνα με τα όσα τονίζονται στην Αλκμήνης, οι Αργεντίνοι έστειλαν αίτημα στην ΠΑΕ Άρης για μετάθεση του φιλικού, μια εβδομάδα μετά τις 27 Σεπτεμβρίου που έχει αρχικά προγραμματιστεί και ενώ η κιτρινόμαυρη πλευρά έχει ήδη αποστείλει τα συμφωνηθέντα χρήματα και τα αεροπορικά εισιτήρια. Εδώ όμως προκύπτει άλλο θέμα μια και στις 4 Οκτωβρίου που ζητάει η Μπόκα για να μεταφερθεί η σέντρα του αγώνα, είναι προγραμματισμένο το παιχνίδι Κυπέλλου μπάσκετ ανάμεσα στον Άρη και τον ΠΑΟΚ. Οι δύο πλευρές βρίσκονται σε συνεχή επικοινωνία ώστε να λυθεί το ζήτημα που προέκυψε και εφόσον ο αγώνας αλλάξει, θα πρέπει να μετατεθεί για την Πέμπτη, 5 Οκτωβρίου.
  11. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    According to the Family, Alafouzos took over a 28 million debt....they claim the sheets are clean from their name. On the other hand, reports are coming out that more than 100 million went through Alafouzos hands. To note, the Family stated....they have no concerns of being audited. However Alafouzos, and whoever else associated could be facing jail time, if the books are to open....that's good news for PAO, because the people responsible will need to fix this. The report goes on that Alafouzos deceived the world....with motives. The worst thing that happen to PAO, is for Alafouzos to show up as the Messiah. Let's say he didn't take the team over....what would have been the worst thing that could happen? Going the AEK root? That was the time to do it....before the rules changed. The ship has sailed on that opportunity. So Alafouzos had motives for stepping in, and it was not for the betterment of the club. http://sportdog.gr/sports/podosfairo/article/413377/ependyths-ston-panathhna-ko-mesw-bardinogiannh
  12. We were missing Mitroglou and Papadopoulos which is easily a combined 30m. Sokratis is a little undervalued, probably due to his age. The Belgians are great but some of their price tags are a little inflated due to their club and country.
  13. Nice info; I can say that Δώνης is undervalued; Σάμαρης overvalued.
  14. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    I agree with most of what you're saying. But, even though Alafouzos was totally incompetent and failed in every single task, including the task he first claimed wanted to do--to get the club on sound fiscal state--PAO is in the same position as when Ala took over. Back then no big-money PAO person stepped in to save the club (SHAME to those who left the club in such a terrible shape), and I'm afraid no one will step in today. So, Ala just took everyone for a ride only to return the club to same horrible position. The new law does not allow a club to shed its debt, unless the club is dissolved, including giving up its symbols! Plus 3 years in amateur league, and another 3 to climb back to div 1..... that is, if they still can climb a division every year (doubtful)... So, 6 years, plus old debts... This is not good. But, once they get to div. 2, the debts are awaiting... So, PAO can't do what AEK did.. shed the debts and return in 3 years. Don't get me started with Gate 13...
  15. Other Greeks Abroad

    Was a nice goal though (@3:50):
  16. I just got to the bottom of this. I saw this on Agona Sports. He was voted MOTM by fans on Leverkusen's official twitter account. My bad, but Agona's misleading title is a little to blame. Nonetheless, he must have had a solid debut.
  17. Other Greeks Abroad

    Oh please...all coaches that have seen him have cut him, the kid is in tier two Spain and he's not even good enough to get a starters spot there! relaxxxxx js
  18. Where did you read that Argy? Bundesliga website says Kavin Volland was MOM:
  19. Official Super League Game Topic

    With his contract being relatively low, firing him will be easier than usual, I don't see what good it would do though, a new coach at this point would be a step backwards. IMO if you're gonna ax the man it would be best during a break, when the new coach would have a little bit of time to evaluate the squad and make whatever changes he may need to.
  20. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    Ο Κωνσταντινίδης θα έχει τους λόγους του που το έγραψε. Φυσικά και δεν έπρεπε να το κάνει, αλλά πιστεύω ότι είναι αγνό Παοκτσάκι επίσης. Είναι χρόνια στην ομάδα και δεν γουστάρω να παραγκωνίζουμε έτσι παίχτες. Και κυρίως τι έκανε ο ΠΑΟΚ για να αποτρέψει τέτοια πράγματα; Στις ακαδημίες πρέπει να δοθεί βάρος στο ήθος των παιχτών. Να αφήσουν στην άκρη τα social media και να κάνουν σωστά κι επαγγελματικά τη δουλειά τους. Κι επίσης στην πρώτη ομάδα κάποιος πρέπει να έχει έναν τέτοιο ρόλο. Ίσως ο Παντελής θα έπρεπε να το κάνει, αλλά το μόνο που κάνει χρόνια τώρα είναι να κρατάει το κινητό του και να το παίζει ομορφάντρας.
  21. Former PAOK Players/Coaches

    1976 as it was yesterday? That's over 41 years now Christo... :)
  22. Daily Team News [ 2017 ]

    Here's the new rules if PAO takes the AEK root to dissolve debts. At the moment Alafouzos has not dropped 20 million. If PAO goes bankrupt he will not be obligated to do so. That being said, it's Alafouzos who has sunk the boat and destroyed the club....he raised the debts by 30 million! And all along he was telling everyone he was reducing them....no mention of the current crisis. While this was going on....GATE 13 was singing, mono sti leoforo. And all along myself and thousands of supporters, maybe hundreds of thousands were warning that Alafouzos will eventually destroy PANATHINAIKOS! This historic club is on the verge of disappearing for good. With the new rules you can't take the AEK root. I HOPE YOU'RE SATISFIED GATE 13! MALAKES!!!
  23. Just thought this was entertaining from Gazetta.gr. The value of the players capped in Greece-Belgium on Sep 3: ΕΛΛΑΔΑ: Καρνέζης: 4 εκατ. ευρώ Μανιάτης: 1 εκατ. ευρώ Σωκράτης Παπασταθόπουλος: 28 Μανωλάς: 30 Τζαβέλλας: 1,75 Σάμαρης: 8 Ζέκα: 2,5 Τζιόλης: 800.000 Σταφυλίδης: 4,5 Φορτούνης: 9 Δώνης: 1,25 ΑΛΛΑΓΕΣ: Λυκογιάννης: 1,75 Μπακασέτας: 1 Βέλλιος: 1,25 ΣΥΝΟΛΟ: 94 ΕΚΑΤ. 800 ΧΙΛΙΑΔΕΣ ΕΥΡΩ ΒΕΛΓΙΟ: Κουρτουά: 40 εκατ. ευρώ Βερτόνγκεν: 28 Αλντερβάιρελντ: 35 Βερμάλεν: 3 Ντεμπελέ: 18 Μενιέ: 9 Φελαϊνί: 12 Καράσκο: 40 Ντε Μπρόινε: 65 Μερτένς: 28 Λουκάκου: 60 ΑΛΛΑΓΕΣ: Ντεντόνκερ: 15 Τσαντλί: 15 Εντέρ Αζάρ: 75 ΣΥΝΟΛΟ: 443 ΕΚΑΤ. ΕΥΡΩ
  24. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    What a shame with Vellios, went to Everton at 19, 6'4 striker all the promise in the world, but he just doesn't have the killer instinct.
  25. Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1901265150194751&id=1598480473806555 AEK have been doing a good job with playing Greek talent I'd like to see the other 3 big teams do the same.
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