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  2. My state apparently will announce its second phase of reopening (retail locations allowing customers indoors, in limited numbers) on Saturday, with the earliest start date being the following Monday. I think we'll still see a bit spike in cases in another week or two, seeing as how tens of thousands of people are getting together and protesting. Color me worried!
  3. A Greek without a conspiracy theory is like a princess without a tiara.
  4. Yeah fan sites have never made up stuff about transfers during an active season before 😉
  5. The presence of Greek refs in the playoffs pretty much guarantees AEK the 2nd place. There is a reason why AEK and Olympiakos do not want foreign refs. It's easier to control the Greek refs than the foreign ones, since you don't have to resort to genitalia grabbing tactics. You just simply beat them up to a pulp to keep them in line. The other joke that came out today was that there will not be fans attending the first round of playoffs, but decision will be made in couple days about the rest of the games. Of course we know the reason why.
  6. Thank the lord games will be starting so we don’t have to read these pointless transfer rumours now that “journalists” will have something meaningful to write about.
  7. If a foreign referee makes an error, players, managers and fans get frustrated but accept it, and forget about it 2 minutes later. In other words, they behave like normal human beings. If a Greek referee makes an error, players carry on like pork chops, managers too, even team officials and owners. Conspiracy theories begin and never end. But this is because the history of Greek football has sufficient examples of said corruption so it’s easy to just say “the referee was paid” or find a photo that is 20 years old where the referee is wearing a jersey supporting some team when he was teenager. To be fair, most Greek referees are either not up to scratch or just can’t be bothered with the drama. It’s easier to take the path of least resistance and just favour the team whose owner won’t F*** up your life. Given the standings in the league I don’t really care if we have Greek referees or not for the play offs. The only interest is who takes 2nd place but if you’re into conspiracy theories that much it’s going to AEK all the way. In general though, foreign referees all the way. The Greek mentality, when it comes to football, is much too volatile to handle using Greek referees. One genuine big mistake in a critical game and all he’ll can break loose. Heck, even guns can appear on the pitch. 😀 What I am interested in seeing is the general level of fitness and play of the team. Abel hasn’t really come to grips with the team. I’m hoping this is the beginning of a change that will see the team begin next season on the front foot.
  8. Είμαι πολύ περίεργος σε τι κατάσταση θα είναι οι ομάδες μετά από αυτή την πρωτόγνωρη διακοπή.
  9. I don't think having Greek refs is the end of the world, it's not ideal though. Would you agree that having foreign refs has been mainly successful? They still do make mistakes (every ref does) but IMO it has for the most part kept the peace between teams and fans, at least on the pitch. Although foreign refs aren't immune to the off field m*****es present in Greek football, as we saw in the AEK-Aris match in the Cup.
  10. Possibly but team that finishes better will start Europe later than the other
  11. Last week
  12. A few rumors online about Werder Bremen being interested in Mihojevic. https://www.deichstube.de/news/werder-bremen-transfergeruechte-juventus-turins-eren-dinkci-wechsel-u19-talent-transfer-buli-zr-13233175.html They're damn right that it would be more expensive if they came sniffing.
  13. Futbol will be played again this weekend with the Aris - OFI game starting things off Saturday at 21:30 eet. Given that both teams will be playing in Europe next year, coupled with the covid 19 layoff, I expect to see a laid back affair. Clearly Aris will put all their efforts into winning the cup so we should not expect much during the 10 game playoff schedule.
  14. Have you not seen the extremely disturbing videos of how he touches and kisses little kids? He ain't your man, dude. In fact nobody is.
  15. What is even worse is that I heard the whole league is run by them too, can you imagine!
  16. My lineup for the game: ----------------- Paschalakis -------------- Matos - Varela - Mihaj - Vieirinha ----------- Misic ---------- Mauricio ---- Limnios ------------------- El Kaddouri ---------- Pelkas -- Swiderski ---------- Let's not forget there will be a 20-men squad and a possibility of 5 substitutions. The only bad thing is that there will be Greek refs.
  17. PAOK players agreed to approximate 12.5% wage cut due to Corona virus. However the wage cuts will be gradually eliminated if they reach several set goals (EL group stage, CL group stage).
  18. Joe Biden is an absolute rock star and I will FIGHT ANY OF YOU over that statement "Can I get a pic please?" "SURE YOU CAN, MAN!"
  19. Only ~9000 active cases in the UK total?? That seems so low to me, on the face of it.
  20. In the UK, someone who works for NHS posted in a chat room on Roylab Stats, last reported 220,376 recovered total. About less than 8,900 active cases.
  21. At least they attempt too, on this chart for the UK it just says N/A: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/?utm_campaign=homeAdvegas1?" \l "countries
  22. Why is Greece still not updating on recovered people? How are we going to know have many ACTIVE cases are remaining?
  23. Here's a pointless rumor: https://www.transfermarkt.com/andrei-chindris/profil/spieler/435731 So that means next year we could have...Varela, Crespo, Ingason, Mihaj, Mihojevic, and now this guy?? No way. I think the rumors are entirely because some Romanians would know our name due to Lucescu's stint here. They're just trying to lend it an air of plausibility, etc etc...
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